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57cm long Lourdes rosary made with 8mm agate stone beads. This lovely Lourdes rosary is put on a sterling Silver chain and features a centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition. Praying with this rosary, you will enjoy the virtues of the agate stone to calm anxiety and get more confident. Order online this nice Lourdes rosary.

48 cm long Lourdes sterling silver rosary and mineral glass beads. This rosary, made of mineral glass and wood beads, is mounted on a 925/1000 Silver chain.This original Lourdes rosary will guide you in all your prayers. Its centerpiece picturing Our Lady and Lourdes Apparition will help you to ask for the protection of the Holy Virgin.

Lourdes rosary made of beads of lapis lazuli stone and paters of Turquoise and mounted on a 44cm long sterling Silver chain. The centerpiece and the cross are enamelled in blue. This Lourdes rosary will guide you in your prayers and help you find inner peace. Find all our rosaries on our online store of Lourdes religious items.

40cm long Lourdes rosary. This rosary is made with genuine olive wood beads, its centerpiece and its cross are in bronzed effect metal. The centerpiece of this Lourdes rosary pictures Lourdes Apparition on the front side and on the reverse side ,Our Lady with Child Jesus on her lap. A symbol of peace, this olive wood rosary will guide you in your prayers.

Sacred Heart of Jesus incense. The fragrance of this natural incense with a sweet scent of Copal will guide you in your prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thus, your devotion to the Sacred Heart will bring you closer to the loving Heart of Jesus, caring and merciful. This incense, sold in boxes of 20 sticks, will help you create a true atmosphere of...

1,8 cm high Lourdes Apparition wafer pyx diameter of 5.5 cm. This beautiful pyx is decorated with a medallion picturing Lourdes Apparition and nicely enamelled in blue. Here is a nice religious item to keep your wafers in a safe place. Order this Lourdes pyx online on our website of Lourdes religious items.

925/1000 sterling Silver cross pendant of the Holy Spirit, 4cm high including the bow. This sweet Silver cross pendant is decorated with a dove standing for the Holy Spirit as well as three olive branches. This Silver open cross pendant will make the perfect present as a symbol of protection of the Holy Spirit, giving you strength and confidence in times...

925/1000 Silver cross pendant, 2.7cm high including bow. This nice open cross pendant adorned with a Christ features faceted edges glistening in the light. This beautiful religious jewel will allow you to assert your faith with style. Order this Silver cross pendant on our onlineshop of Lourdes and religious items.

925/1000 Silver heart-shaped medallion, 2cm high including bow. This Silver medallion is adorned with a small white rhinestone cross. Complete your purchase with a Silver chain to get a nice set. Assert your faith with this fine Silver religious jewel. Order this heart-shaped medallion on our online religious store.

Silvery metal medallion of Merciful Jesus and Lourdes apparition 3cm diameter. With its nice embossed details, this round medallion pictures Merciful Jesus on the front and Lourdes Apparition on the reverse side. A symbol of indulgence, the mercy of Jesus is one of the most popular devotions. This medallion of Merciful Jesus will bring you closer to Christ.

Silvery metal medallion of Saint Benedict of diameter 3cm. This round medallion with its gentle embossed details pictures the cross of Saint Benedict. Worn with faith and prayed with devotion, this medallion will help you get the graces of Saint Benedict and his protections against evil forces. Order from Lourdes on our online store of religious items...

Lourdes Metal key ring, picturing the Basilica of Lourdes and also a medallion of the Apparition of Our Lady to Saint Bernadette. As an item to wear or to offer, this key ring is discrete and very convenient. With this nice key ring of the Basilica of Lourdes, the spirit of Our Lady will be with you. Order with Palais du Rosaire, the online store of...

Lourdes rosary 39cm long made with genuine Swarovski blue cristal beads .This rosary is mounted on a sterling silver chain and also has a silver centerpiece showing the portrait of Our Lady of Lourdes. You will see on the reverse of the crucifix the inscription "Lourdes". Order online this gorgeous Swarovsky cristal rosary on our christian website.

Round medallion made of genuine Mother-of-pearl diameter of 1.5cm and adorned with a solid gold Angel. This stunning medallion will make the perfect religious jewel for a special occasion like a baptism, a communion or a birthday.. With this medallion and its solid gold Angel, get the protection of the Angels sent by God. Order with us, at Palais du...

9 carats round gold medal measuring 1,8cm diameter and 2,22g. This beautiful gold medal shows embossed the Holy Family Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus are the threepeople of the Holy Family. This medal will bring you peacecoming from this Holy Family. Order online this gorgeous gold medal of the Holy Family.

9 Carats gold medal, round, diameter 1,5cm and weight 1,62g. This is a superb gold medal of the Madonna and Child nicely embossed. This religious medal is the symbol of maternal love from Mary to Her son Jesus and Her devotion to Him. Order on our website ofreligious gifts this outstanding gold medal of the Madonna and Child.

Sterling silver necklace in between 45cm and 50cm long. This fine and beautiful necklace features a Miraculous medallion and a cross-shaped pendant. Providing graces of Our Lady, this Miraculous medallion of the necklace will be a guidancee and a protection for you in your everyday life. With this Silver necklace, keep the spirit of the Miraculous Lady...

Sterling Silver Scapular medal neclace 60cm long.This outstanding silver necklace is composed of two medals one showing Our Lady of Mount Carmel ant the other one with the Sacred heart of Jesus. Wear this religious necklace on your neck and on your back. This is a superb religious jewel that you can order at Palais du Rosaire the online religious shop.

Sterling Silver bracelet showing a Miraculous Medal and a pretty cross pendant. Requested by Our Lady Herself this miraculous medal is a way for who is wearing it to be under Our Lady protection and to pray and be filled with thanks.With this beautiful silver bracelet of Our Lady of Grace be under Her divine protection.

Christmas crib displaying the Holy Family in coloured resin 7cm high..The Nativity scene is one of the most symbolic time of Christian religion.Get this adorable little crib for your home so it will bring the Holy Family spirit to you for te Christmas holidays.Order your Christmas shopping on our christian website

Christmas rosary made of colourful red and green beads and size 49cm long. It displays metal centerpiece and paters showing the Nativity scene of Jesus.This gorgeous christmas rosary will be the good company for the holidays season to say your prayers. Coming in a decorated box order your Christmas rosary on our website.

Showing 1 - 21 of 810 items