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57cm long Lourdes rosary made with 8mm agate stone beads. This lovely Lourdes rosary is put on a sterling Silver chain and features a centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition. Praying with this rosary, you will enjoy the virtues of the agate stone to calm anxiety and get more confident. Order online this nice Lourdes rosary.

48 cm long Lourdes sterling silver rosary and mineral glass beads. This rosary, made of mineral glass and wood beads, is mounted on a 925/1000 Silver chain.This original Lourdes rosary will guide you in all your prayers. Its centerpiece picturing Our Lady and Lourdes Apparition will help you to ask for the protection of the Holy Virgin.

Lourdes rosary made of beads of lapis lazuli stone and paters of Turquoise and mounted on a 44cm long sterling Silver chain. The centerpiece and the cross are enamelled in blue. This Lourdes rosary will guide you in your prayers and help you find inner peace. Find all our rosaries on our online store of Lourdes religious items.

58cm long Mary Untier of Knots glass rosary.With this rosary, featuring a centerpiece showing Mary Untier of Knots and its Mater Dolorosa cross, you will recite your prayers so that Mary will help you untie the knots of your life by solving your problems. With Mater Dolorosa, reflect upon Mary's compassion at the time of the crucifixion of his son Jesus.

45 cm long blue glass Lourdes rosary. This Lourdes rosary features a centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition and Our Lady of Grace. Sent in a nice packaging, this glass rosary comes with a prayer in asmall booklet in different languages. Order online this blue Lourdes rosary with Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store.

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Lourdes rosary with Murano glass pearls with glittery patterns on a black background. This rosary also features a nice centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition with a drop of Lourdes water at the back. This Murano glass rosary is the perfect combination of Lourdes and Venise. Rosary shipped in its heart-shaped box from our shops in Lourdes.

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Divine Mercy glass rosary. Made of red and white beads, this glass rosary features a centerpiece with the picture of Merciful Jesus on the front and of Our Lady on the back. A symbol of the mercy of God, this glass rosary will prove your trust in Jesus and your faith. Rosary shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Lourdes rosary made of reconstructed turquoise pearls put together on a high quality golden chain, with a medallion centerpiece featuring Our Lady as well as a gold-plated cross with blue enamelled Christ. This modern style Lourdes rosary is the perfect accessory to recite your daily prayers. Order and have this beautiful Lourdes rosary shipped at home in...

Lourdes rosary made of Vallauris glass faceted beads with wonderful colours. Made on a golden chain, this glass rosary features a centerpiece which is golden as well, showing Lourdes Apparition and the portrait of Our Lady. This Lourdes rosary and its beads with gems effects will make a very refined prayer companion.

Glass rosary shipped with an egg-shaped case in transparent plastic, available in 5 colours. This glass rosary nicely stored in its genuine case will prove very practical for your travels. Carry this glass rosary everywhere with you.

Glass rosary made of beautiful heart-shaped beads and a centerpiece picturing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. Its heart-shaped beads remind us Our Lady's love of humans. This glass rosary will bring you love and comfort.

Glass rosary made of beautiful translucent beads with a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition. With its translucent beads glowing in daylight, this rosary will guide you in all your prayers. Say your prayers with this glass rosary.

Glass rosary made of beautiful faceted and enamelled beads with a nice picture of the Miraculous Lady. This lovely rosary will give you the graces of the Miraculous Lady. As a true protector, this glass rosary will be a perfect companion.

Glass rosary nicely made of translucent and slightly jeweled beads picturing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. This beautiful glass rosary available in yellow and pink will be perfect to say your prayers.

Glass rosary made of beautiful iridescent colour beads as well as rose-shaped paters. A subtle glass rosary available in different colours. The rose-shaped paters mirror the sweetness and tenderness of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Glass rosary featuring colour beads and a nice open centerpiecede featuring an embossed Lourdes Apparition picture. Available in several colours, this glass rosary will be perfect for your prayers. The heart-shaped centerpiece mirrors Our Lady's love.

Glass rosary made of white beads and drawings of beautiful roses. This rosary features a centerpiece picturing Lourdes. A true item of devotion, the rosary is the essential companion to say your prayers. With this glass rosary with nice details, you will be able to meditae.

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items