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This nice Lourdes rosary, made of rosewood and gently perfumed with the same flower, is sold in its presentation box with a prayer celebrating Our Lady. At the same time, this Lourdes rose-scented rosary will perfume your home with gentleness and guide you through your prayers.

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This scented rosary is made of rosewood, which gives it a sweet rose scent. Our scented-rosary is sold in a nice box featuring a golden picture of Lourdes Apparition. The rose-scented rosaries are a symbol of wreaths of flowers once worn by young girls at religious celebrations.

This sented-rosary is made of rosewood beads, which give a sweet rose petal perfume. Shipped in its box neatly decorated with a Lourdes Apparition picture comprising light gold sidess, it contributes to keep the sweet rose petal perfume of your scented-rosary.

Rose-scented rosary featuring a centerpiece with Lourdes Apparition on the front and Bernadette's portrait at the back. The 5 decades are separated by small orange roses. This scented-rosary is sold in a glass bottle with Lourdes Apparition sculptured on its cap.

With this lovely scented rosary, rose is in the spotlight. A mesmerizing rose scent and paters featuring this beautiful flower. A ravishing little souvenir in its nice case. Have this scented-rosary shipped at home to say your prayers.

This rosary is made of gently rose-scented wood. It is sold in a beautiful box on which there is a little prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes and its image. Have this scented-rosary shipped and its nicely decorated box at home for your prayers.

Sweet rose-scented one-decade rosary. This lovely one-decade rosay is shipped in its rose-shaped mini box in transparent plastic. This scented rosary will be easy to carry to say your prayers wherever you want.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Scented rosaries
Order on our catholic online store our Lourdes rosaries scented with the sweet fragrance of rose petals, a true symbol of Our Lady. In this section, discover all our rose-scented rosaries. Rosaries as a tribute to Our Lady. Have your scented rosary directly sent at homefrom Lourdes.