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Children's book of 31 pages telling the Bernadette of Lourdes story. Beautifully illustrated, this book tells the famous story of little Bernadette who received the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes. With this book your children will be able to learn the story of Saint Bernadette and leaf through her illustrations. Available in several languages,...

Lourdes book relating the story of Lourdes and Bernadette. Through this beautiful Lourdes book, you will travel to a time of mysteries and wonders. The story of Bernadette, of the Sanctuaries, the most famous places in Lourdes, featuring remarkable pictures to take you on one reading-lasting trip.

Lourdes book "Bernadette recounts her Apparitions". This book, written by Antonio Bernardo, relates Bernadette's life and tells us about  her Apparitions. Nicely illustrated, it is based on authentic texts by Bernadette Soubirous.This book aims at producing Bernadette's accounts in the way she left them for us. With this book, re-experience these...

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Prayer book of the Saints. This pocket-sized book contains 30 prayers of saints: St. Michael, St. Anthony, St. Benedict and many others. With this book, you will discover and learn the prayers dedicated to each Saint, while contemplating the beautiful pictorial representation of the Saint. Order this prayer book of the Saints, shipped from Lourdes, on our...

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Novena Booklet to Merciful Jesus in french. Prayer booklet to accompany your Novena to Merciful Jesus candle. Find in this pocket-size novena booklet, 9 prayers of Merciful Jesus. With this booklet invoke Divine Mercy. Buy online on our catholic giftshop this booklet of novena to Divine Mercy shipped from our Lourdes shops.

Novena Booklet to Saint Anthony of Padua in french. This novena booklet will accompany you during the 9 days that the novena candle burns to Saint Anthony of Padua. Burn a novena candle of Saint Anthony and find in this booklet the 9 prayers to be addressed to Saint Anthony. Buy this Novena Booklet to Saint Anthony of Padua shipped from Lourdes from our...

Guardian Angel Novena Booklet in french. This novena booklet contains 9 prayers to the Guardian Angel. This prayer booklet will accompany a novena candle and will guide you to pray your Guardian Angels. Its pocket size makes it easy to carry this novena booklet with you. On sale on our online catholic shop and shippedt from Lourdes, receive at home this...

Novena Booklet to Saint Joseph in french. This pocket-size booklet contains 9 days of prayer and a picture of Saint Joseph. Accompany your Saint Joseph novena candle with this prayer booklet. Discover 9 prayers to recite to Saint Joseph. Order this booklet of novena to Saint Josepho on our catholic giftshop,shipped from our shops in Lourdes

Novena Booklet to Saint Bernadette Soubirous Prayer booklet to accompany a novena candle to Saint Bernadette. This novena booklet is composed of 9 prayers corresponding to the 9 days of a novena candle. Burn a novena candle to Saint Bernadette and pray with this novena booklet. Order this novena booklet to Saint Bernadette on our catholic gift shop....

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Lourdes books

Our Lourdes book will allow you to know all the secrets and miracles of Lourdes! Become an expert in the Sanctuaries history and the life of Bernadette Soubirous thanks to our Lourdes books. Order our Lourdes books now on our online shop of catholic gifts.