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Snow globe with the Apparition of Lourdes measuring 9cm high. This beautiful snow globe shows the statues of the Apparition of Lourdes and is beautifully decorated with roses. This snow globe will be an ideal decorative item for your Christmas parties. Beautify your home with this snow globe from Lourdes sold on our online religious shop and shipped from...

Lourdes Christmas ball decorated with several pictures showing the Apparition of Our Lady at the Grotto of Lourdes and the Basilica. With its flashy colours, this Christmas bauble of Lourdes will brighten up your Christmas tree for the end of year celebrations. Sent in its nice presentation carton box also decorated ,this Christmas bauble will make a...

Lourdes snow globe 7 cm in diameter. Nicely decorated, this snow ball displays inside the Basilica of Lourdes and outside Our Lady and Bernadette with a little sheep at her feet. This snow globe will make the perfect souvenir of Lourdes to decorate your home. Order and receive at home our Lourdes snow globe.

Christmas tree ball decorated with Our Lady in the rock of the Grotto of Lourdes. This Christmas tree ball picturing the Immaculate Conception will be sent to you in a beautiful presentation box decorated as well. Here is a souvenir of Lourdes that will make the perfect religious present for Christmas. Order with Palais du Rosaire, the online religious...

Lourdes Flashing Christmas ball. Decorate your Christmas tree with this nice Christmas bauble, available in several colours, and your Christmas tree will sparkle in thousands of lights. Decorated with the picture of Lourdes Apparition, this Christmas tree ball of Lourdes will make the perfect gift for your end of year festivities. With Palais du Rosaire,...

Metal Christmas nativity in a red velvet rose opening,4,5cm high. Here is a beautiful Christmas cot in a rose-shaped box. Representing the Holy Family and farm animals, this Christmas cot will nicely decorate your home for Christmas. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes, buy this pretty Christmas cot on our religious online giftshop.

Angel Statue in colour resin, 7cm high. This lovely statue,of an Angel with a halo and folded hands, is also decorated with characters of the Holy Family and nice golden details. This beautiful little Angel will be perfect to decorate your home during Christmas. Order at Palais du Rosaire, the online store of religious items.

Wooden Christmas star measuring 7cm. This beautiful Christmas star is decorated with an illustration of the Apparition of Lourdes. During the holiday seasons, decorate your Christmas tree with this Christmas star as a tibute to Our Lady of Lourdes. Shipped from our Lourdes shops, order this beautiful wooden Christmas star on our online catholic gifts shop..

Wood Christmas tree ball nicely decorated with a picture of the Nativity. Hang this decorative ball on your Christmas tree. Picturing the birth of Jesus surrounded with Our Lady and Saint Joseph on the 25th of December, this ball will perfectly decorate your Christmas tree. A souvenir from Lourdes to be used every year.

Christmas crib displaying the Holy Family in coloured resin 7cm high..The Nativity scene is one of the most symbolic time of Christian religion.Get this adorable little crib for your home so it will bring the Holy Family spirit to you for te Christmas holidays.Order your Christmas shopping on our christian website

Metal nativity set presented in a red rose-shaped velvet box. This beautiful metal nativity scene represents the Holy Family Jesus, Joseph and Mary and the farm animals. This finely crafted Christmas cot will be an ideal decorative object for your Christmas holidays. Shipped from Lourdes, order your Christmas cot from our catholic online gift shop.

9cm high Nativity scene in colour resin,.This nice little Christmas crib shows the characters of the Nativity on Christmas day:Mary and Joseph surrounding Baby Jesus, shown under the star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings to Jesus the day he was born. Order online this nice Christmas crib symbolizing the Holy Family the day of the Nativity.

Metal nativity scene presented in a red velvet star-shaped box measuring 6cm. When opening this star-shaped case, you will discover a metal cot of the Holy Family and the animals of the cot. This cot will be a lovely Christmas decoration. Symbol of the Nativity, receive this Christmas cot shipped from Lourdes on our online catholic gifts shop.

Holy Family Natural incense featuring 20 incense sticks. This lotus scents incense will provide a sweet perfume in your home. The Holy Family is symbolic of family love and of Our Lord Nativity. Here is a really appropriate incense to celebrate Christmas. Burn this incense and create a Christmas atmosphere. Order your incense online with Palais du Rosaire.

Statue of Baby Jesus in colour resin, 12cm long. This statue of Baby Jesus will be perfect to complete your Nativity scene under your Christmas tree. With its beautiful golden details, this statue of Baby Jesus will brighten up your Christmas tree. Order this statue for the holiday season at Palais du Rosaire, the religious online shop.

6,5 cm high green velvet tree-shaped Christmas decoration. Here is an original Christmas decoration: by opening this small tree, you will discover a tiny silvery metal Nativity scene showing Jesus Birth with His parents. Hang this nice decoration in your Christmas tree for end of year celebrations. Order on Palais du, your favorite online...

Christmas crib shown in a grottomade of resin, 5.5cm high. The characters of this nice small Nativity scene are made of silvery metal and show the Holy Family the day of the Nativity. Saint Francis of Assisi was the first to represent the Nativity scene in 1223 in Greccio in Italy. Since then, the Nativity scene has been the symbol of Christmas. Order...

Christmas crib inside a resin book that can be opened measuring 10cm high. When opening this beautiful book, you can discover the Holy Family with Baby Jesus and the three Kings. This is an highly original representation of a Christmas crib. This crib will make a perfect Christmas decoration. Order online on our catholic giftstore this Christmas crib...

Christmas rosary made of colourful red and green beads and size 49cm long. It displays metal centerpiece and paters showing the Nativity scene of Jesus.This gorgeous christmas rosary will be the good company for the holidays season to say your prayers. Coming in a decorated box order your Christmas rosary on our website.

3D Christmas Advent Calendar made by Maite Roche, a famous illustrator for children. This advent calendar 40cm long and 30cm high will please your children and family everyday when discovering a new characterof the nativity. On Christmas day you will finally see a beautiful Nativity scene with Jesus birth.

4cm high Christmas crib showing the Nativity scene in a metal sliding egg. This nice Christmas religious item finely reveals the scene of the birth of Christ on Christmas Day. Its modern style will be perfect to beautify your home for the Christmas holidays. Order this nice Nativity scene on our Lourdes online shop.

Holy Family Statue in coloured resin measuring 20cm high. This lovely statue represents Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. Receive at homet the famous representation of the Holy Family .You will surely be pleased by this beautiful statue of the Holy Family shipped from our shops in Lourdes and on sale on our catholic giftshop online.

Statue of Child Jesus in colour resin, 32cm long. This statue with beautiful golden details portrays Baby Jesus at his birth. Put this statue of the Holy child in your Christmas crib at the time of Nativiy to celebrate the birth of Our Lord. Order this statue online with Palais du Rosaire, Lourdes online shop.

Statue of Baby Jesus,lyin In colour resin 4cm long,.This little statue of Newborn Jesus will perfectly complete your Christmas crib, symbol of the Nativity of Baby Jesus among men. Order this statue of Jesus Christ at Palais du Rosaire in Lourdes, the online shop, and customize your Christmas crib.

Wooden Christmas star of 15cm in diameter. This Christmas star, with nice white and blue rhinestones, is decorated with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. With this beautiful shining Christmas star, the spirit of Lourdes and Our Lady will be by your sde during the holiday season and more.. Order with Palais du Rosaire, the online shop of Lourdes, this...

Sleeping Saint Joseph statue. 30 cm high colour resin. Like Pope Francis, get the sleeping Saint Joseph statue too and put all your problems under him, because while sleeping, his soul is praying and meditating. Dreams help Joseph receive and understand the act of God.

Wooden Christmas star 15cm in diameter. This beautiful Christmas star entirely made of wood is decorated with a statue of Our Lady adorned with nice white and blue small rhinestones. Hang on your Christmas tree this beautiful Lourdes star and the spirit of Our Lady will be with you for the holiday season. Order online at our online shop of religious items.

Silver-Plated 10 cm high Holy Family Statue. This wonderful statue shows the Holy Family: Jesus Christ and His parents. Standing on a nice base, this statue of the Holy Family is a very elegant religious item. A symbol of affection and love, this statue will recall the importance of family. Order on Palais du, your online Christian store.

Set of 5 religious figures in coloured wood, 8cm high. Create your Christmas crib, with all the essential characters: the Holy Family with Mary, Saint Joseph and the baby Jesus and the farm animals.You will like the modern style of these subjects to create your Christmas crib. Buy now online these subjects for your Christmas Nativity on our catholic...

Christmas star picturing Jesus Christ birth. This 12 cm large resin star is decorated with an embossed and colour Nativity scene portraying Jesus, his parents, the wise men, shepherds, with sheep and a guardian Angel . This beautiful Christmas star will perfectly decorate your Christmas tree for the end of year celebrations. Order it at Palais du Rosaire,...

A wonderful 12 cm resin angel for your Christmas tree. Thanks to the cord, you will easily hang this beautiful Angel to your Christmas tree. Decorated with an embossed colour Nativity scene, this Angel representing Jesus Christ birth will make a very nice decoration for end of year celebrations. Order this Angel online and receive it directly at home.

20 cm long and 20cm high resin Christmas crib. Nicely decorated, this Nativity scene shows Jesus Christ on the day of His birth, surrounded with His parents Mary and Joseph under a beautiful shooting star. This Nativity scene will make the perfect decoration for your Christmas tree as you will continue the Christian tradition of the Birth of the Christ....

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Lourdes snowglobe nicely decorated with a picture of Lourdes Apparition and the text "At the Blessed Grotto, I prayed for you" written in several languages. Made in France, this beautiful snowglobe will make an outstanding decorative item for Christmas holidays. Snowglobe directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

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Transparent glass Christmas tree in a shape of a 10cm high bulb. This nice Christmas tree ball represents a small statue of Our Lady. Hang this beautiful Christmas bauble to your Christmas tree for the end of year festivities. Order online this Christmas tree ball with Palais du Rosaire, the religious store.

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11 cm high magnet of Child Christmas, featuring a prayer evoking Advent and Christmas time. This magnet shows Jesus the day he was born in the stable. This symbol of Nativity through the Birth of the holy Child Jesus is a fundamental event of the Christian religion. Recite this Christmas prayer by watching this Christmas magnet and get ready for this...

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Wooden Christmas star of 8.5cm in diameter for Christmas tree. This beautiful wooden Christmas tree star is adorned with a small Angel. With this lovely decoration, spirit of Angels will be with you for Christmas and New Year holidays. Order online your star for Christmas tree at Palais du Rosaire, the online shop of religious items.

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Set of 11 christmas scene figures composing a beautiful Christmas Nativity in coloured resin. These 11 Christmas Nativity figures, with an average height of 12cm, will be perfect to create your Christmas crib. You will find the Holy Family, the Three Kings, the Farm animals and many others. These are some religious Christmas items on sale on our catholic...

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Coloured resin angel measuring 14cm holding a dog in his arms and beautifully decorated with meticulous details. Sent by God and protectors of mankind, Angels are the symbol of Paradise. With this angel hanging on your Christmas tree, a cosy atmosphere will be in your home for the Christmas holidays. Order this angel shipped from Lourdes on our online...

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Catholic Christmas Gifts

Our Christmas catholic gifts will beautify your festive season and your Christmas tree. Order your decorations and Christmas religious items thanks to our online store of Christmas catholic gifts. All our Christmas religious decorations are shipped from our shops in Lourdes, located right next to the Grotto.