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Proverbs of the New Testament
  • Proverbs of the New Testament
  • Proverbs of the New Testament
  • Proverbs of the New Testament
  • Proverbs of the New Testament
  • Proverbs of the New Testament

Proverbs of the New Testament

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New Testament Proverbs' brings together a selection of proverbs and wisdom from the Gospels and apostolic letters. These timeless teachings offer valuable advice and profound reflections to guide your spiritual and daily life. Ideal for meditation, Bible study or as a spiritual gift, this book is an indispensable tool for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the teachings of the New Testament. Order your copy today and enrich your spiritual journey with these words of wisdom.

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Book “”The Proverbs of the New Testament’

‘’The Proverbs of the New Testament‘’ is an enriching guide that invites you to (re)discover the proverbs and maxims contained in the New Testament. This book is both a cultural and spiritual tool, offering an original perspective on Scripture by highlighting the timeless wisdom of biblical sayings.

A comprehensive and detailed guide

This book lists over 350 proverbs and maxims from the New Testament, each carefully listed and explained. Among these proverbs you will find such well-known maxims as ‘’good wine is served first, when people are merry, the less good.‘’ Each proverb is accompanied by a detailed explanation, offering context and interpretation for better understanding.

A qualitative and quantitative spotting

This guide is designed to be a practical, easy-to-use tool. It offers a qualitative and quantitative mapping of the New Testament proverbs, allowing readers to navigate easily through the different teachings and integrate them into their daily lives.

An original way of reading the Scriptures

Reading the Scriptures through the prism of proverbs and maxims is an original and enriching way of approaching the Bible. This book offers a new perspective, highlighting the practical wisdom and moral teachings contained in the words of Jesus and the apostles.

A cultural and spiritual tool

Whether you are a theology student, a teacher, or simply a believer looking to deepen your faith, ‘’The Proverbs of the New Testament‘’ is an invaluable tool. It will enrich your understanding of Scripture and provide reflections and inspiration for your spiritual life.

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