Communion articles not to be missed at the Rosary Palace

Communion articles not to be missed at the Rosary Palace

Communion, what's that?

Communion, unlike Baptism, is a choice of the child and not of the parents. Communion is a ceremony performed after the age of six years in children because they have to assimilate a lot of religious information. Communion most often occurs after the catechism.

Indeed, communion is an important Catholic religious act for every Christian, it allows him to demonstrate his faith.

If the child wishes to take communion, he must be able to distinguish between bread and a consecrated host, but he must also know the Mass with these different prayers as well as the story of Jesus and believe firmly in Christ.

Communion as opposed to baptism requires more preparation, our online religious shop is there to help you choose the right religious articles for your first communion. Moreover, it is also the time to offer a First Communion gift, to enjoy a meal with family and friends with small treats from our store in Lourdes.

A bit of history, communion and its origins:

It was in the Churches of the East that communion began. It was celebrated at the same time as baptism in the form of wine. Only in the twelfth century, communion through wine in the West separated from baptism.

A little later, it was recommended that children should be between ten and sixteen years of age in order to receive communion. But Anthony of Florence recommended, as a difference, that boys should be at least ten and a half years old, as opposed to nine and a half years old for girls.

Communion called "solemn" was invented in 17th century France by Vincent de Paul. Today, solemn communion no longer exists, it has been replaced by the profession of faith where one takes up these commitments at one's baptism.

The communion formerly called solemn could be carried out from the age of twelve. Vincent de Paul had established rules to be respected in order to be able to carry out his communion under the right conditions :

  1. Wear white garments to show that you are pure,
  2. use a candle,
  3. renounce Satan,
  4. make his or her profession of faith (open and public declaration to believers).

Thanks to Vincent de Paul, we know the first rules established to make a communion. Rules that have not really changed since then, except with a few adjustments over the years. It was in 1910, that Pope Pius X asked children who wish to take communion from the age of seven to be able to distinguish between ordinary and Eucharistic bread but also to believe in God.

Steps in the preparation of one's communion

In order to prepare a communion, it is imperative to draw up a guest list. You can very well perform the communion ceremony in a small group with only your family members and your godparent and then have a meal, this time inviting friends and other people who are unable to attend during communion at the church. Or bring everyone together during the church fellowship.

It is also important to invite your godfather and godmother during communion, you can have them wear a special garment so that they are recognizable or even a small badge or pin with a white dove accompanied by its medal of the apparition of Lourdes which you can of course find on our online religious shop. You should also not forget to give a gift to your godfather and godmother to thank them for having been present, listening and giving good advice since the baptism.

After communion, the parents as well as the communicant should offer the guests gifts like sugared almonds to thank them for their presence during this moment, this important day in the life of every Christian.

To decorate the cake or the communion table, you can use a religious statue of a communicant (girl or boy) available at our religious shop in Lourdes.

For communion day, communicants should dress in white clothing to show their purity. Girls usually wear a white dress or white outfit and boys may wear a black suit, but it is imperative that they bring a touch of white to show their purity, so they are asked to wear a white armband.

They may also wear religious jewellery such as communion beads. In communion rosary, you can find those made of wood with a chalice as an ornament for the heart, angel wings with always a cross. A religious necklace with a Gold or Plated medal or a pendant with a cross, an angel, a communion rosary... Religious bracelets are also accepted.

During communion, the priest gives the Host to the communicant who receives the body of Christ by this gesture. The chalice that once contained the blood of Christ is no longer used as such. Nowadays, priests put the Hosts in the chalice to give them to the communicant. The chalice is originally a symbolic object and although it remains so in the eyes of believers, it plays a double role during communion.

The communicant may bring his own custodian for the day of communion so that the priest may place the host in it during the celebration. The custode is recovered at the end of communion. If you wish to provide yourself with a custodian, you can find one in our online religious shop with different models.

Religious articles of communions to offer

After Baptism, many children wish to achieve communion once they have completed their catechism classes.

It is crucial that communion be a real religious act, one should not realize one's communion in the hope of being offered the newest technology in fashion. A gift of first communion is a symbolic gift and our religious shop offers a multitude of religious articles to offer for communion. Starting with the great classics that we find for baptismal gifts such as bracelets that are timeless as well as religious medals in gold or gold-plated. However, if the Virgin Mary is very present on baptismal medals, we can add for communions, Saint Benedict protecting from evil and spirits their bearer.

In religious jewelry, you can also find on our Christian online store Christian necklaces and Christian bracelets in gold or gold-plated gold ideal to offer them as gifts. Of course, you can also offer more fancy religious jewellery if it is about a communicating child. For example, you can offer her a communion bracelet with a mother-of-pearl pendant with the Virgin Mary, a cross or even an angel. As for religious necklaces, you can offer a religious necklace with a gold or gold-plated cross. This type of religious jewelry will allow the communicant to wear his religious jewelry even as an adult without being afraid that it is too small or that it no longer corresponds to the tastes of a child.

If you wish to offer a beautiful religious jewel to the communicant, you can also offer him a Swarovski crystal rosary to accompany him in his prayers when he goes to mass or even if he prays alone. Our online religious store features many Swarovski religious jewels.

You can also offer a fancy necklace of the Miraculous Virgin with beautiful faceted beads for children, it could also be a great gift. You have the same in bracelets and others identical but this time it is Our Lady of Mount Carmel that are represented.

As for the Communion images, you can, if you wish, offer a religious image or even an image of communion to show your congratulations to her on her official entry into the Christian religion.

Communion images or first communion cards are most often accompanied by a small religious jewel.

Our religious store also offers communion crosses for girls and boys to give as gifts or to use to decorate the dining room after the communicant has taken communion in church. You also have small prayer books can be a great idea. The prayer book will allow the communicant to carry all the prayers with him/her and therefore not to forget them.

On our religious shop, you can of course offer as gifts, statues of the Virgin Mary or even religious bracelets or necklaces made of dozeniers.

Prayer for Communion

Lord Jesus, I thank you for inviting me to this table of communion.

I acknowledge that I am a sinner and I need your forgiveness.

I believe that you are the Son of God, dead for my sins and risen for my eternal life.

I want to live for you and follow you with all my heart.

I now receive your body and blood as food for my soul. Renew your Spirit in me, strengthen my faith and my love for you.

Help me to live at all times in union with you and to witness your love around me.

I thank you for the eternity you have given me.


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