How to create a prayer corner at home?

How to create a prayer corner at home?

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Do you want to create a prayer space where you can be one-on-one with God? We have a few tips.

Why have a prayer space at home

Having a prayer space at home allows you to rest, to set yourself apart and to break away from the rhythm of everyday life. Prayer brings us the inner peace we need to defend ourselves and to carry on our daily lives. It puts us in an attitude of trust and helps us to refocus on what is essential.

Prayer also allows us to distance ourselves from our problems and to see them in a different light.

Our tips to help you pray

Finding the right place for your prayer space

First of all, you should choose a place where you will not be disturbed, where you can pray without interruption and express yourself with confidence. Avoid busy places where there is always movement and choose a quiet place that is accessible to all.

This space can be in the corner of your room, in the living room or in a privileged place in your house. Keep it simple. The prayer space should look like you.

Decorate your prayer space with religious objects

In order to get closer to God, here are the 3 religious objects to have at home.

  • A bible or prayer books to meditate on the Word of God.

  • A candle, symbol of God's presence.

  • A picture, statue or crucifix that recalls Christ and/or the Virgin Mary.

How to approach your prayer time?

First you can dim the lights to enter into prayer with the Lord, then if you wish you can put on some religious music.

Then light a candle and find the right position to pray: kneeling, sitting, standing…

You can then start to pray. To do this :

  • Make the sign of the cross

  • Read a passage from the Bible, from a religious booklet or from the gospel of the day.

  • Take a short time of silence to listen to what God is saying.

  • Say your prayer

  • Make the sign of the cross to close your prayer.

In prayer we can talk to God naturally and spontaneously. We can tell him all our worries and hopes.

When we speak to God, we must be confident and hopeful. By praying in this way, we open ourselves to God's welcome and to his graces and goodness.

Moreover, we must remain humble. When we pray, we must recognise that we are sinners and ask for God's mercy.

We must also be patient and persevering. We cannot force God's hand. When we ask him for something, we must persevere in patience and faithfulness.

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How to run a prayer corner

In order to attract the youngest to pray, we have selected 2 ideas that will make your prayer space come alive.

The prayer box

Put a small box in your prayer corner in which each member of your family can place a prayer intention. If you wish, you can read out the prayer intentions of the whole family during family prayer.

The thread of praise to thank the Lord

Hang a thread above your prayer space. Each family member can hang a piece of paper with a pin at any time. These papers can start with "Thank you for..." This teaches children to thank the Lord for the beautiful things in life.

The prayer corner at the Palais du Rosaire

At the Palais du Rosaire, we have many religious objects and to give you ideas of religious items to install in your prayer space at home, we have selected some devotional objects that we think are ideal for your daily Christian life. It consists of :

  • A candle and a booklet Novena of Saint Joseph, patron saint of families and workers.

  • A crucifix of Saint Benedict, who protects us from evil spirits.

  • A statue of the Virgin Mary, a benevolent and protective mother.

  • A rosary of the Miraculous Virgin, symbol of protection and graces.

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