How to prepare my child's baptism

How to prepare my child's baptism

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The baptism, what is it?

In the Catholic religion, it is essential to have your child or newborn baptized in a Catholic church. Baptism is considered as a ceremony, rite or religious sacrament in order to experience a kind of rebirth. This rebirth is actually the new life of the Christian believer because one is not born a Christian, one becomes one.

By carrying out this baptism, this child, this newborn Christian will learn the values and morals of the faith, to later adhere to it once he is old enough to make his decision.

During the baptism of the child or newborn, the priest pours holy water on the head of the child or baby while reciting the blessing.

The godparents designated at the ceremony have an important role to play with their godchild. Indeed, they must ensure a good religious education as well as being a moral support and an attentive ear to their godchild.

Baptism is also the time to offer religious gifts. But it is also the time when you will need advice on the choice of religious articles to offer.

Why get baptized?

Christ is the one who created baptism for the purpose of having disciples. These disciples are then born again and are washed of all sin so that they can live in faith and by the Spirit of God.

Baptism takes on its full meaning when: "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" is pronounced.

Just like godparents, the almonds have an important role in baptism.

In the 10th century or so, the almonds were thrown by the godfather on the baptism. These dragees are actually almonds and hazelnuts. If it was decided that it would be these fruits and not others, it is for the simple reason that they have a meaning. The almond symbolizes fertility and life.

These fruits that were once thrown on the child after its baptism informed of its entry into Christianity. Today, however, sugared almonds have become an essential religious item to celebrate baptism.

Steps to a successful baptism

First of all, before getting down to the organization and preparation of the baptism, it is important to contact the parish near you to make an appointment in order to set a date for your child's big day.

Of course, during this appointment, you will be asked to take into account one criterion: the age of your child to be baptized.

A different baptism for each age :

Indeed, the organization of the baptism will not be the same according to the age of the child.

If the child is less than two years old, the parents will have to be present at several appointments with their church. The purpose of these various meetings is to accompany the parents in their dealings with a priest, lay people and especially the meaning of the word baptism and the expectations of the parents.

If the child is between two and seven years old, the parents as well as the child will prepare the baptism ceremony together. Of course, it is important to explain the reasons for his baptism and the invitation of his family during the rite. It is equally fundamental that the child understands and is also the "actor" of the ceremony.

Finally, if the child is more than seven years old, the preparation for baptism is done at the same time as the catechesis, which is the teaching of the principles of faith.

Steps during baptisms

1 - Welcome: Parents and child welcome the guests invited for the ceremony. The parents answer questions about the baptism and its meaning.

2 - Liturgy of the Word: is nothing other than listening to the speeches and reading the biblical religious texts evoking the Old and New Testament.

3 - At the Baptistery: The parents, the godfather and godmother accompany the child to the baptismal fountain. Then the blessing with holy water continues, then the godfather and godmother must affirm to renounce their sins and Satan. The parents are asked for a new confirmation concerning the baptism of their child. Once the confirmation is obtained, holy water is poured on the child's forehead three times in the shape of a cross and then on the forehead with the phrase: I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit".

On the forehead of the child is poured an anointing called: the holy chrism. This anointing is a gift of the Holy Spirit as well as the power of Christ.

4 - At the altar: once the Our Father has been recited, the parents as well as the godparents sign a document to make the child's baptism official.

What religious gifts to give for a Baptism?

For the baptism of your child or baby, as a religious shop located in Lourdes, we know the essential religious gifts to offer during a baptism. These different gifts that you will offer to your child, godchild or baby will remain beautiful souvenirs for this very special day.

Religious jewellery :

Gold or gold-plated medals

As far as medals are concerned, we advise you to choose gold or gold-plated medals rather than silver as a gift for your child or baby. There are different medals of the Virgin Mary available on our online religious shop :

The Medal of the Miraculous Virgin or Miraculous Medal: on the gold medals is represented the Virgin Mary standing on half a globe and crushing a snake which is associated with evil and Satan. It is obvious that the Miraculous Virgin fights evil to protect the children who prayed to her. The phrase "O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you" found all around the Miraculous Medal is none other than the prayer to be recited.

On the other side of this religious jewel, you will see twelve stars representing the apostles of the Church and symbols of Christ's love for Mary. Offer as religious gifts, this miraculous medal which will be a true protection in the life of your child.

The Virgin and Child Medal: On the medals is represented the motherly love of the Virgin Mary for her child Jesus. This love of a mother given to her child, is an eternal love that watches over and protects her child. The medal of the Virgin and Child is a religious jewel appropriate for a baptism since it represents maternal love.

The Medal of the Virgin Mary with the veil symbolizes motherly love and protection with an additional devotion to the nativity of her child. The religious gold medal of the Virgin with the veil will be a beautiful symbol of nativity also represented during baptism.

The Gold Medal of the Praying Virgin Mary appears in full prayer, eyes closed and hands clasped to demonstrate her Christian devotion. Baptism is the beginning of a child's Christian life, therefore this religious jewel of the Praying Virgin will be a beautiful affirmation of your child's Catholic devotion.

This type of medal of the Virgin Mary can be suitable for both boys and girls. Although decisions are often made on aesthetics, the choice of a medal adorned with the Virgin Mary is a religious initiative that should not be overlooked. These religious gifts ideal for a baptism can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet with a medal.

Religious bracelets

In religious jewellery, you can also find the bracelets which are religious items that the child can always keep with him or her once an adult. The bracelet is the religious bracelet par excellence for a baptism. You will be able to write on one side the name of the child and on the other side his date of birth or a small sentence in order to give him confidence and protection.

You will find different types of bracelets: The bracelets come in the form of a bracelet with a plate either in Gold, Silver or Steel... You can even find leather bracelets. There are some for all tastes.

You can also offer your godchild a religious bracelet with the cross of Christ, the medal of the Virgin Mary or an Angel. You will find Christian bracelets in Gold, Gold Plated or Silver with small beads around the bracelet making this religious jewelry whimsical.

Religious Images

Baptismal images are also interesting religious gifts to offer. They can be accompanied by a small note from a loved one or family member. The religious images you can offer your child are those with the consecration to Mary, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, the hand of God, the Angels, or images with the Holy Family. Your child will always be able to keep this protective religious image close by.

Religious crosses

For a child, wishing to start in the Catholic religion, our online religious store offers children's crosses, rather fanciful, colorful and soft to the eye. These crosses will be mostly composed of Angels, Doves or even baptismal.

The goal in this choice of religious gifts is, as we said, to gently rock the child in Christianity and that they can understand.

Statues of angels

The religious statues of angels who are God's envoys are powerful protectors but they also bring good omens. They can be displayed above the child's bed or cradle or in a place in the room. By offering a religious statue of Angel for the baptism of a child, you are not only offering him a statue to be placed in his room but you are allowing him to benefit from the protection of Angels throughout his life as a Christian. This religious article is one of the most recommended for a child because we know how important the protection of a child or a newborn is.

Prayer for Baptism

Lord God, we pray to you for this child we present today for baptism.

We thank you for the life and gift of this child. We entrust to you his education, growth and formation.

We ask you to protect and bless him throughout his life, and grant him the grace of faith, hope and love.

Guide him on the path of your truth and justice.

Help him to grow in the knowledge and love of you, our God, and of your Son Jesus Christ.

Give him the strength to live according to your will and to witness to your glory.

All this we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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