Prayer and the Rosary: How to Pray the Rosary
Prayer and the Rosary: How to Pray the Rosary

Prayer and the Rosary: How to Pray the Rosary

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But what does praying really mean?

Some will say that prayer is the recitation of prayers to Jesus or Mary, but it is much more than that! Prayer through a rosary, for example, is a true movement of the soul tending towards spiritual communication with God.

Prayer is therefore a strong moment in the daily life of a Christian or a Catholic. But to pray we need an indispensable object of devotion: the rosary!

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How can I pray with my Rosary?

The rosary comes in many different forms in wood, rope, silver and sometimes even gold.

But how can I pray with a rosary? We are going to explain everything to you!

The rosary is of course to recite prayers but it must also be the means to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary (link article mystery of the rosary).

Let's now get to the heart of the matter. Here is how to pray your rosary: Your rosary must be composed of 5 tens, that is to say 5 groups of 10 beads. It is possible to pray with one decade rosary.

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1 - Hold the cross of your rosary and make the sign of the cross and recite while meditating on the prayer "I cross in God" also called the symbol of the apostles.

2- On your first pater it is the prayer of the Lord that will be recited.

3- The next three beads recite the Ave Maria prayer at each bead.

4- On your second pater recite the prayer of Glory to the Father.

5- Here we are in the centerpiece of the rosary! It is the prayer of the Lord that must be recited here.

6- Here is now the first ten, recite a Ave Maria for each bead.

7- Then the prayer of Glory be to the Father.

8- On the next father, recite the Lord again.

9- Then 10 Ave Maria

10- A prayer of Glory be to the Father and continue in this order.

Now the prayer of the Rosary has no more secrets for you. Do not forget! Do not be content with reciting these prayers, meditate, reflect on Christ's journey and his sacrifices for men. Pray for your neighbour, for God's love and for peace.

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