Reopening of the Sanctuaries of Lourdes

Reopening of the Sanctuaries of Lourdes

Published : 2020-05-19 16:18:35
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Sanctuaries open these gates

The Shrines of Lourdes have opened their gates again, after two months of closure without visitors and pilgrims. This closure has been exceptional and historic since its creation in 1858. For us, the religious shop of Lourdes, which welcomes many pilgrims at this time, we have witnessed to our greatest despair the inanimate and deserted city of Lourdes. To tell you the truth, we found it sad.

May 17, the day of the opening of the Shrine, but also the most important day for all the Christians who have had to be patient so far. If the Heavens and those living within a perimeter of less than 100 km can go to the Sanctuaries for water from the Grotto or to deposit an offering or a candle, this is not the case for other Christians in the world and in France who still have to be patient. However, when it comes to reopening, there is security. Ground markings have been placed in some places with a distance of one metre and visits are only made in small groups of ten people.

Lourdes water, its big comeback!

This water from Lourdes, is not like the others and you probably know it better than we do. Described as "miraculous", this water of Lourdes finds its source at the foot of the Grotto of Massabielle. The fame of this Water of Lourdes comes from the fact that it has cured many sick people whose medicine could do nothing more.

     The Sanctuaries being reopened, the Lourdes Water is once again accessible on our online religious shop. As you know, we fetch the water ourselves from the Grotto every day. So we were the first Saturday to enter the Sanctuaries.

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