Resumption of Masses in Lourdes

Resumption of Masses in Lourdes

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The return of believers to the churches

Since May 11th, active life has resumed its course. Little by little, all the closed signs are reopening in turn. If the shops had been able to welcome the public since May 11th, it was not the same in Lourdes where the religious shops are still closed as well as the churches, where you had to follow the masses online.

It is only recently, since 25 May, that the churches have been able to welcome their faithful again and resume their prayers together. However, Masses and church visits will no longer take place in the same way as before. The use of masks, hydroalcoholic gel and social distancing are still recommended, in addition to respecting floor markings and positioning every other seat. Churches can no longer welcome as many faithful as before. Each church must adopt strict rules to protect its faithful and priests. In the churches of Lourdes a maximum number of faithful has been restricted. The Sacré-Cœur, will only be able to welcome 50 people, Saint-Jean-Baptiste 60 people and the church of Sainte Bernadette 30 people maximum. However, to compensate for this lack of faithful, there have been increased services at different times to enable all believers to attend Mass.

The upcoming opening and the resumption of activities in Lourdes

Since June 2, the Prime Minister also announced that the 100 km rule not to exceed 100 km around his home was over. Religious shops in Lourdes will be able to open. Hotels will be able to welcome new customers from 15 June. Life in Loudes will be able to resume its course and welcome its visitors and Christians.

The Palace of the Rosary will even accompany you to the church.

Because we want to support you in this period of COVID-19, our online religious shop offers a new religious item that will allow you to go to Mass safely. Indeed, we have decided to offer you Lourdes masks made of antibacterial fabric. They are not just any masks since they are guaranteed 50 washes with three layers of fabric. To support the activity of Lourdes, we have committed to donate 1€ to the Sanctuaries of Lourdes for each mask sold.

A rosary to accompany you

Moreover, to accompany you in your masses why not let yourself be tempted by a traditional or original rosary with its small case so that you can store it so that it does not get damaged when the mass ends.

Let yourself be tempted by a wooden rosary or a Rosary made of rosewood which are the most requested religious articles at the moment. The Rosary made of rosewood will give you a pleasant scent during your prayers. The wooden rosary or the olive wood rosary will be perfect if you want to be closer to nature.

The Silver Rosary is also a very beautiful religious jewel with its Lapis Lazuli stone or crystal beads.

The crystal rosary has the virtue of amplifying, emitting and receiving, which is excellent when you wish to address a particular prayer. The virtues of the stone rosary of Lapis Lazuli allow you to keep a clear mind, to think and act with greater wisdom. This rosary will be perfect to help you make great decisions.

Finally, concerning the rosary cases, you will find four kinds on our religious online shop: those made of fabric, wood, plastic or metal. However, we recommend the cloth cases decorated by the Basilica of Lourdes. More pleasant to carry, you can store different rosaries inside and above all, it will also be more visible in your handbag for you ladies. And for you gentlemen, the perfect case will be the purse-shaped case with the Apparition of Lourdes that you can hang on your belt. Thanks to our cases never lose your rosary beads and even your children's beads.

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