The Cross of Forgiveness: Source of Indulgences and Spiritual Protection

The Cross of Forgiveness: Source of Indulgences and Spiritual Protection

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The Pardon Cross is a unique cross, attached to special indulgences when kissed. Consecrated in 1905, this cross still offers these indulgences today, but it remains little known, particularly among French-speaking Catholics.

Understanding the Indulgence

The term ‘indulgence’ refers to kindness or a favour. In Latin, it also implies the forgiveness of a debt or punishment. In a religious context, an indulgence is the remission of temporal punishment for sins already forgiven. The indulgence pronounced for the Cross of Forgiveness in 1905 by Pope Pius X remains valid today and offers remission of temporal punishment for those who wear and embrace this cross with devotion.

Conditions for Receiving the Indulgence

  1. To carry the Cross of Forgiveness upon oneself.
  2. Devoutly embrace the Cross to obtain the indulgence.
  3. Say the invocation, ‘Father, forgive me my trespasses, as I also forgive those who trespass against me,’ while asking for Our Lady's intercession.
  4. Fulfill the conditions for Confession and Holy Communion, especially on special feasts such as the Feast of the Precious Blood of Our Lord (1 July), the Feast of the Glorious Cross (14 September), Good Friday, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (8 December), and the Feast of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows (15 September).
  5. At the hour of death, embracing the Cross of Forgiveness with contrition and asking God for forgiveness, while forgiving others, earns a plenary indulgence.

Historical and Spiritual Perspectives

Abbe Lemann, in 1905, recommended aiming at several intentions when kissing the Cross of Forgiveness: expressing love for Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, praying for the Pope, asking for the remission of sins, freeing souls in Purgatory, encouraging the return to the Faith and the unity of Christians. Pope Pius X declared that the indulgence associated with this cross is applicable to souls in Purgatory.

A Spiritual Combat

Mysterious events surrounded the making of the Cross of Forgiveness. For example, a steel mould, designed to last for years, broke after only 200 copies were made. This highlights the intense spiritual struggle and the need for collective prayer for the distribution of these crosses, in order to save souls from the clutches of the devil.

The Use of the Cross of Forgiveness

It is crucial to understand that the Forgiveness Cross is not a magical object, but a sacramental designed to encourage a life of holiness. It can be a powerful gift, particularly for those at the end of life, offering spiritual preparation for the afterlife. Health professionals and military personnel benefit greatly from wearing this cross to be instruments of peace and conversion.

The Cross of Forgiveness can also be a powerful means of preparing to go to Heaven. It is therefore particularly recommended for emergency workers, firefighters, nurses, doctors or military personnel in the field, who can thus be instruments of peace and conversion around them.

The Cross of Forgiveness can also be a powerful means of preparing for Heaven.

An Extraordinary Gift!

In fact, the plenary indulgence can be received throughout the year on various feasts such as the Glorious Cross or Good Friday. It is an instrument of salvation for souls and a means of receiving graces of a spiritual and sometimes temporal nature.

The Medals on the Cross of Forgiveness

Medal of Saint Benedict

The medal of Saint Benedict is a very ancient sacramental, powerful against the attacks of the devil and approved by the Catholic Church. Saint Benedict promises his assistance at the hour of death for those who venerate this medal. It must be blessed with exorcisms to offer maximum spiritual protection. The Saint Benedict medal is often used to protect against temptation and illness. It can be worn on one's person or fixed to the door of houses for protection.

St Michael medal

Saint Michael is the archangel who engages the devil and expels him from God's presence. Chosen as the patron saint of the armed forces, the Saint Michael medal is also popular with the general public. Wearing this medal protects against evil spirits and symbolises faith in the divine power of protection. The Saint Michael medal is particularly venerated by those who work for peace and security, such as soldiers, police officers and carers.

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