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Pink fabric cradle and heart medal
  • Pink fabric cradle and heart medal
  • Pink fabric cradle and heart medal
  • Pink fabric cradle and heart medal
  • Pink fabric cradle and heart medal

Pink fabric cradle and heart medal

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Our Lady of Lourdes natural grain incense is an invitation to meditation and prayer. Each 50g box includes a special prayer, strengthening your spiritual connection. Ideal for prayer sessions and moments of reflection, this incense emits a fragrance that purifies the space and soothes the spirit.

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Sacred Incense of Our Lady of Lourdes

Experience the tranquillity and sanctification of space with our natural grain incense dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. Each 50g box comes with a specially chosen prayer to enrich your devotional moments.

Spiritual and Meditative use

Use this incense to purify your meditation space, bring inner peace and facilitate a deeper connection during your prayers. Its subtle aroma helps to create an atmosphere of calm and concentration.

Inspiring Fragrance

The fragrance of this incense has been chosen for its power to inspire and uplift the spirit. It is ideally suited to spiritual rituals and prayer sessions, promoting a sense of well-being and renewed spirituality.

How to Use Your Incense

Place a small amount of grains on a glowing coal in a secure censer. Let the smoke embalm your prayer space, focusing on the devotional intentions of the prayer provided.

Order for Deepened Religious Practice

Order today to incorporate this enriching incense into your religious practice. Visit our religious items section for more products dedicated to spirituality.


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