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This small stylized nativity scene is composed of dozens of resin subjects. The nativity scene is faithfully represented. Joseph and Mary will be around baby Jesus, in the company of a shepherd and his animals, the three Wize Men and the angel. The pastel colours of these resin figurines bring out the golden on each character of this nativity...

This crucifix of the Glorious Christ is 14cm high and 11cm wide. The Glorious Christ is depicted in bronze at the Last Judgement. This olive wood crucifix can be hung and will look great in your home. This crucifix Christ Glorious will accompany you during your daily prayers.

Gold plated rosary of the Apparition of Lourdes, 38cm long with 5mm beads. This rosary will allow you to invoke Our Lady during your religious prayers. It can be worn around the neck thanks to its integrated clasp. This Lourdes rosary is composed of a centerpiece representing the Apparition of Lourdes in 1858 and a cross of Christ with an engraving...

Buy this 39cm long silver Lourdes rosary. It is made of Swarovski beads measuring 5mm. It has a centerpiece of the Apparition of Lourdes and Ave Maria on the back. You can wear this beautiful rosary of the Blessed Virgin around your neck thanks to its clasp. With this rosary of the Apparition of Lourdes, pray to Our lady Shipped from Lourdes.

Wear this beautiful and discreet gold-plated chain measuring 44 cm long every day. The set consists of a 1.5cm pendant with a cross and a dove, a symbol of peace and hope. With this gold-plated set, express your Christian faith. Buy this elegant, easy-to-wear set online. Shipped from our shop in Lourdes.

This small nativity scene is depicted in an opening egg. When closed, the egg represents a village and its inhabitants, with the three Wise Men in the middle. When it is opened, Mary and Joseph are shown kneeling around the cradle of baby Jesus, and the ox and donkey are also present in the stable. This little Christmas cot is something special.

This small miniature nativity scene depicts the nativity in Bethlehem. The Judean palms surrounding the stable provide a beautiful additional background. In the centre of the crib is the baby Jesus lying down surrounded by Joseph holding a lantern and the Holy Mother kneeling and praying under a golden veil.Although this Christmas nativity scene is small,...

To hang on the Christmas tree or on a door, this wooden suspension will make a beautiful Christmas decoration. It represents the Holy Family, carved in wood by Italian craftsmen, all surrounded by a fir tree decoration with the Star of Bethlehem on top. This wooden sculpture is an original work illustrating our Catholic religion.

Buy this 17.5 cm high Novena candle representing the 7 Archangels. The Archangels are very powerful spiritual beings. They can help you whenever you call them and can help you to fulfil your wishes. The 7 Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Azrael and Chamuel. With this novena candle, pray to the 7 Archangels for 9 days.

This small Christmas decoration accessory will easily find its place on your Christmas tree. Each side of this hanging decoration is full of colourful details. On one side you can see the Holy Family, with Joseph and the Virgin Mary around baby Jesus. On the other, a large flower, all in the shape of a house with the Star of Bethlehem above it.

Gold-plated necklace and medal depicting Our lady of Grace. This medal measures 1.6 cm and the necklace 44cm. On the front of the Miraculous Medal you can see the Blessed Virgin standing and crushing a snake which represents the devil. Our lady of Grace has Her hands open and Her arms detached from Her body, representing a gesture of openness and giving....

Offer this Catholic bracelet, made from natural stones and decorated with a metal medal of Our Lady of Lourdes. This religious jewel is mounted on a stretch wire for easy wearing on the wrist. The light colours of the aquamarine beads range from turquoise to pink. It is adorned with a blue metal medal with the face of Our Lady.

This complete Christmas Nativity scene set represents the birth of Our Lord. It consists of 11 resin figures, created with great finesse. Each of the figures is very colourful and has many details. The Virgin Mary kneels before the baby Jesus, surrounded by Joseph. The Three Wise Men, Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspard, are accompanied by a shepherd and...

Complete your Christmas decoration with this resin figurine of a winged angel holding a Christian cross in his hands. The angel is dressed with a long robe covered with arabesques in addition to the Holy Family scene. This angel statue can be placed on a Christmas table or hung in a Christmas tree. It was designed by the artist Jim Shore.

This angel figurine will have a great place in your Christmas decoration. This statue, designed by Jim Shore, can be placed on your Christmas table or hung in the Christmas tree. His wings and clothes are decorated with colourful shapes. On his dress there is a dove, and underneath is an inscription "Until we meet again". This resin statue measures 10,5cm.

To have on a Christmas table or to hang in the Christmas tree, this large Christian Christmas angel statue is a beautiful decorative item. Designed by Jim Shore, this guardian angel figurine has lots of detail and colours. The Holy Christian Family can be seen on the dress. The wings of this angel are covered with arabesques as well as the dress.

We suggest this beautiful and playful Christian cross for your child. It will be perfect on a shelf in the room. Your child will be able to pray in front of this Catholic cross, full of details. The base and the cross are covered with leaves and flowers, like a tree. Birds, a squirrel, a rabbit and a fox complete this design made by artist Jim Shore.

For Christmas decoration, to have on your Christmas table or to hang in your Christmas tree, this Christian statue of an angel will be perfect. Designed by Jim Shore, this guardian angel figurine has lots of detail and colours. The Holy Christian Family can be seen on his robe. The wings of this angel are covered with arabesques as well as his dress.

Buy this resin Christmas angel statue to decorate your home. The wings, the dress and the bouquet of roses have colours between blue and white. It is a creation of Jim Shore, who has drawn every detail with great precision. It is hand-painted. Moreover, the facial features are carefully traced. This gives it a soothing atmosphere.

This coloured resin statue of Saint Christopher and the Child Jesus is 20cm high.According to the legend, St Christopher crossed a long river and carried the baby Jesus on his shoulder. Since then, the patron saint of travellers has been depicted with a walking stick in his left hand and the Child Jesus on his right shoulder. This Saint Christopher statue...

For your shopping in your favourite Christian shop, buy online this leatherette Lourdes coin purse. It is illustrated with the Apparition of Lourdes, Saint Bernadette kneeling in front of Our Lady. It also shows the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and a prayer. This coin purse closes with a zip and a key ring.

Ask for the protection of the Holy Mother of God with this beautiful silvery frame of the Virgin of Kazan. Measuring 11x15cm, it will accompany you during your prayers and embellish your prayer space with its sublime details. This bizantin style Virgin Mary is represented with baby Jesus on her right side and the hand of Christ in blessing.

This Infant of Prague religious incense is composed of 20 sticks with a relaxing fragrance. The box comes with a prayer to invoke the protection of Jesus Child. Use this Catholic incense to perfume your home during all your Christian prayers.

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items