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Keyring with Bible

This key ring has a silver metal ring and a Bible pendant. This original key ring offers a small, easy-to-read Bible that you can take everywhere with you. It is the true Gospel, according to St. Mark or St. John, which you can read at any time of the day. The key ring Bible is decorated with a black dove on a gold background.

Lot de 12 neuvaines blanches

Nous vous livrons ce lot de 12 Bougies Neuvaines de 17,5 cm de hauteur. Cette bougie neuvaine de qualité est à privilégier pour une expérience intérieure unique. En brûlant pendant 9 jours, cette bougie vous accompagnera dans vos prières. Symbole de piété, elle vous aidera à obtenir une grâce particulière ou à honorer Dieu ou un Saint. Livraison gratuite...

Saint Therese of Lisieux Pack

This Saint Therese of Lisieux pack includes 3 products dedicated to the Patron of the missions. Buy the incense of the Little Therese, the novena and the prayer booklet, all on special offer.

Set of 20 white novenas candles

Buy these 20 Novena candles of 17,5 cm height. This quality novena candle is the perfect choice for a unique inner experience. This candle will accompany you in your prayers as it burns for 9 days. A symbol of piety, it will help you to obtain a particular grace or to honour God or a saint. Free delivery in France for orders over 49€.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items