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Discover our online religious goods shop and explore our wide selection of traditional Lourdes rosaries. We offer a variety of rosaries in materials such as Gold, Gold Plated, Silver, Wood, Rope and Glass. The rosary is an important symbol of devotion in the Christian religion and we offer a high quality selection shipped directly from our shops in Lourdes. Accompany your prayers with these traditional rosaries and find the largest selection of Lourdes rosaries at our online religious shop. Buy now to strengthen your spirituality and faith.

Traditional rosaries from Lourdes - Hand-made

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  • Stone rosary

    Our online store of catholic gifts offers you a selection of rosaries made of genuine or semiprecious stones. In this category, you will discover stone rosaries with several virtues. Pray and meditate with our stone rosaries. Buy rosaries of agate stone, hematite, turquoise, lapis lazuli and so much more on our online catholic store of Lourdes.

  • Glass rosary

    Discover our wide range of glass rosaries on our catholic online store of Lourdes. These rosaries are available in different colours and sizes. All our rosaries are shipped from our shops in Lourdes, located next to the Sanctuaries and the Grotto.

  • Wood rosary

    Find all our wood rosaries of Lourdes on our online store of catholic gifts. Discover our models of wood rosaries available in different types of wood, notably in olive wood. All our wood rosaries are shipped directly from our shops located in Lourdes.

  • Cord rosary

    Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes store online, offers a large range of cord rosaries. In this category, you will find a multitude of models of cord rosaries with the effigy of Lourdes, of Saints and of Our Lady. Share your religious faith with these Lourdes rosaries. All our rosaries are shipped from our catholic shops in Lourdes.

  • Metal rosary

    Resistant and elegant, our metal rosaries will guide you in all your prayers. Our online store of catholic gifts offers you a full range of metal rosaries. Like the Battle Rosary or even metal rosaries with the effigy of Lourdes Apparition. All our religious items are shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

  • Resin rosary

    Light and easy to carry, our resin rosaries of Lourdes will make very convenient worship fellows. We have selected models of resin rosaries for you. Find the rosary of your dreams! All our catholic gifts are shipped directly from our shops located in Lourdes.

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            How to pray with a traditional rosary

            Praying with a traditional rosary follows an age-old ritual, allowing you to meditate on the mysteries of the faith while reciting dedicated prayers. It's a way to focus, find inner peace and connect deeply with the divine.

            Offering a rosary as a spiritual gift

            Giving a traditional rosary is a deeply spiritual and personal gesture, ideal for marking special occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings or as support in times of challenge. It is a gift that carries with it wishes for peace, protection and spiritual guidance.

            Traditional Rosary Materials

            • Wood: A symbol of simplicity and connection with nature. Popular for its lightness and warm feel.
            • Stone: Offers a unique weight and texture, with each stone having its own symbolic properties.
            • Metal: Durable and elegant, often chosen for its ability to endure over time.
            • Rope: Represents humility and simplicity, easy to hold and handle when praying.
            • Resin: Allows for a wide variety of colours and shapes, often used to represent rosary beads.

            Choosing Your Traditional Rosary

            The choice of a rosary is based on personal comfort, the spiritual significance of the materials and the intended use. Consider durability if you use it daily and the significance of the materials for your spiritual journey.

            Use and Care

            Traditional rosaries require minimal maintenance, but beware of rosaries made from natural materials such as wood and stone which can be sensitive to moisture. Metal rosaries can be cleaned with a soft cloth to maintain their shine.