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Saint Bernadette Rosary

Our catholic giftshop located in Lourdes offers rosaries of Saint Bernadette Soubirous. With Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, obtain graces for the poor and suffering. Pray and confide in Saint Bernadette with her special rosary to obtain her protection and to transmit a message to the Holy Virgin Mary. Made of wood,or rope, or resin, metal or glass, these rosaries will allow you to pray to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes with confidence.

Sainte Bernadette's rosary - Religious articles from Lourdes

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Saint Bernadette wood rosary with a box

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    St. Bernadette rosary in 8mm stone

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      Rosary of Saint Bernadette with its box

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      Saint Bernadette's Rosary: A Unique Link with Lourdes

      The Rosary of Saint Bernadette is a spiritual treasure for those seeking to deepen their Marian devotion and their connection with the shrine of Lourdes. This rosary stands out not only for its beauty and quality, but also for its profound religious and historical significance.

      A Symbol of Piety and Miracles

      Saint Bernadette Soubirous is famous for her visions of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, a place of pilgrimage renowned worldwide for its miracles and healings. Praying with a rosary dedicated to Saint Bernadette connects you directly to her legacy of faith and humility. It means choosing an instrument of prayer that embodies the purity and strength of faith in the face of trials.

      Why Choose the Rosary of Saint Bernadette?

      This rosary is more than just a devotional object. To choose this rosary over others is to embrace a part of the sacred history of Lourdes. For those looking for a deeper connection with the Marian apparitions and Our Lady's messages, this rosary is a privileged choice. What's more, some models even contain a drop of water from the Grotto of Lourdes, adding an extra dimension to your prayer and meditation practice.

      Variety and Quality

      Our collection includes wooden, metal, gold-plated, and even gold rosaries, each designed to meet the preferences and needs of the faithful. Whether you're looking for the simplicity and warmth of wood or the enduring elegance of gold, each rosary is carefully crafted to ensure durability and comfort during your prayers.