Explore our exclusive selection of Lourdes bags, designed for those looking to carry a symbol of their faith and devotion with them. Inspired by the spiritual sanctuary of Lourdes, these bags are perfect for pilgrims and anyone wishing to maintain a physical closeness to this holy place.

Each bag is meticulously crafted to combine aesthetics with functionality, offering ample space for your personal belongings while featuring iconic religious motifs and symbols. Whether for daily use or special pilgrimage occasions, our Lourdes bags serve as a constant reminder of faith and hope.

Our Lourdes bags come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit everyone's needs. Made with quality materials, they are built to last and to accompany the faithful on their spiritual journey.

Browse our collection to find the Lourdes bag that will accompany you in moments of prayer and reflection, offering practicality and style in your daily life.

Shopping bag featuring Lourdes and the Virgin Mary

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Lourdes shopping bag with sepia images

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Explore our unique collection of running bags featuring Lourdes and the Virgin Mary

Discover our exclusive range of running bags featuring the effigy of Lourdes and the Virgin Mary, specially designed for those who wish to carry their faith and devotion into their daily activities. These bags are not just practical accessories, they are also symbols of peace and spirituality that go everywhere with you.

Why choose a bag with the Lourdes effigy?

Running bags adorned with images of the Virgin Mary and the holy places of Lourdes are more than a practical choice; they are a way of expressing your faith and keeping a visual reminder of the Virgin's protection. Using a Lourdes effigy bag in your daily activities can serve as a conversation starter, allowing you to share your beliefs and inspire others with the beauty and message it conveys.

Features of our religious running bags

Our bags are designed to combine durability and comfort. Made from quality materials, they stand up well to everyday wear and tear and are roomy enough to carry your purchases, books, or even religious objects on pilgrimages or church visits. Each bag is adorned with inspiring images of the Virgin Mary or iconic scenes from Lourdes, printed using techniques that guarantee long-lasting colour and fine detail.

How to incorporate Lourdes-printed shopping bags into your daily life


Whether for going to the market, as a handbag for your daily commute, or as a meaningful gift for a loved one, these bags bring a touch of faith and elegance. They are particularly popular when visiting holy sites, as a way to carry your personal belongings and religious items with style and devotion.

Visit our bags category to see the entire collection and choose the bag that will speak to you most. Every purchase supports our mission to share the beauty and spirituality of Lourdes with the world.

Order now to add a practical element of faith to your daily life and celebrate the continuing presence of the Virgin Mary in your life through these beautiful Lourdes-printed running bags.