Our Lady of Grace Cord rosary measuring 32cm, combining wooden beads and rose-shaped golden pearls, as well as a centerpiece with the medallion of the Miraculous Lady. This rosary can also be worn around your neck thanks to the clasp. Symbolizing the protection and the graces of Our Lady, this beautiful cord rosay will be perfect to pray. Shipped from our...

56cm long Saint Benedict wooden rosary.This wooden rosary with a centerpiece shaped as an open booklet with the meanings of the acronyms of Saint Benedict and the medallion of Saint Benedict. Pray and wear this rosary of Saint Benedict, great patron against evil forces and dark spirits. Order online this wooden rosary of Saint Benedict.

51.5cm long Lourdes Water rosary made of wood. This rosary features wooden beads put on a cord, scattered with rose-shaped metal paters and a centerpiece with the medallion of Lourdes Apparition enamelled in blue with some drops of Lourdes Water on the back. Order online this beautiful Lourdes Water rosary made of wood, perfect for your prayers.

Wooden Christmas star 15cm in diameter. This beautiful Christmas star entirely made of wood is decorated with a statue of Our Lady adorned with nice white and blue small rhinestones. Hang on your Christmas tree this beautiful Lourdes star and the spirit of Our Lady will be with you for the holiday season. Order online at our online shop of religious items.

Silver Set made of a cross pendant with rhinestones, 1.8cm high including the bow, coming with a 50cm Silver chain. Here is a modern religious jewel to be worn or offered. With this nice set and its 925/1000 Silver cross pendant, show your faith every day. Order with Palais du Rosaire in Lourdes, the online shop of religious items.

Gold-Plated Lourdes rosary made of 4mm beads, 34cm long and featuring a clasp. This wonderful Gold-Plated rosary is put together with a centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition with the inscription Ave Maria. Have this precious Lourdes rosary shipped at home for your payers, to be worn or offered.

Statue of Baby Jesus in colour resin, 12cm long. This statue of Baby Jesus will be perfect to complete your Nativity scene under your Christmas tree. With its beautiful golden details, this statue of Baby Jesus will brighten up your Christmas tree. Order this statue for the holiday season at Palais du Rosaire, the religious online shop.

Wooden Christmas star of 15cm in diameter. This Christmas star, with nice white and blue rhinestones, is decorated with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. With this beautiful shining Christmas star, the spirit of Lourdes and Our Lady will be by your sde during the holiday season and more.. Order with Palais du Rosaire, the online shop of Lourdes, this...

Christmas religious gift box featuring religious jewels. This box features a set of 18-carat Gold-Plated jewels, including a cross pendant with zircons, 2.5cm high with bow, and a 45cm chain. This Christmas religious box is enhanced with a golden enamelled and colour bracelet and a cross pendant from Léo&Geo of Lourdes.

Christmas religious gift box: My Lourdes favorites for Christmas. This box features a blue rosary with a small container in the centerpiece with Lourdes water generously offered, 160g of fruit jelly Gave pebbles candy made by the sweet-maker Pailhasson of Lourdes, a selection of religious incense and a votive candle for your Christmas prayers.

Our Christmas religious gift box: My Gold-Plated Lourdes jewels features a set with a medallion with lace patterns of Our Lady 2cm diameter and a 50cm long golden chain. To complete this nice set of jewels, a golden bracet made of stainless steel of the Léo&Geo brand of Lourdes has been added to complete this Christmas religious gift box.

Holy Family Natural incense featuring 20 incense sticks. This lotus scents incense will provide a sweet perfume in your home. The Holy Family is symbolic of family love and of Our Lord Nativity. Here is a really appropriate incense to celebrate Christmas. Burn this incense and create a Christmas atmosphere. Order your incense online with Palais du Rosaire.

Silver-Plated 10 cm high Holy Family Statue. This wonderful statue shows the Holy Family: Jesus Christ and His parents. Standing on a nice base, this statue of the Holy Family is a very elegant religious item. A symbol of affection and love, this statue will recall the importance of family. Order on Palais du Rosaire.com, your online Christian store.

Lourdes Christmas ball decorated with several pictures showing the Apparition of Our Lady at the Grotto of Lourdes and the Basilica. With its flashy colours, this Christmas bauble of Lourdes will brighten up your Christmas tree for the end of year celebrations. Sent in its nice presentation carton box also decorated ,this Christmas bauble will make a...

9cm high Nativity scene in colour resin,.This nice little Christmas crib shows the characters of the Nativity on Christmas day:Mary and Joseph surrounding Baby Jesus, shown under the star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings to Jesus the day he was born. Order online this nice Christmas crib symbolizing the Holy Family the day of the Nativity.

Wooden Christmas star of 8.5cm in diameter for Christmas tree. This beautiful wooden Christmas tree star is adorned with a small Angel. With this lovely decoration, spirit of Angels will be with you for Christmas and New Year holidays. Order online your star for Christmas tree at Palais du Rosaire, the online shop of religious items.

Batch of 5 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries. The essential plastic glow-in-the-dark rosary, convenient, discret and cheap. It is mostly worn around the neck and will bring you all the necessary protection for your night prayers.

Wood religious frame measuring 5 x 7.5 cm featuring a nice drawing of Lourdes Apparition. This religious wood frame also features a lovely sweet rose-scented rosary. With this frame and rosary, say your prayers and be sure of Our Lady's protection.

40 g flat bag containing Malespine mints made with Lourdes water. Famous mints made in France with genuine Lourdes water. This mints with natural flavourings and icing sugar are decorated with Our Lady. Have this delicious Lourdes mints shipped at home.

Universal and simple, this batch of two red and multi-purpose votive candle can be set anywhere. Perfect for your prayers, its red transparent flame retardant plastic creates a benevolent light. Get your red votive candle to say your prayers.

This red votive candle showing Lourdes Apparition makes a perfect match to keep on praying or as a tomb decoration, Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette will guide your prayer requests through this multi-purpose votive candle.

Souvenir bank note from Lourdes measuring 13.5 cm long and 7.4 cm high. This souvenir note from Lourdes is decorated with the Basilica of Lourdes on the front as well as the Lourdes Apparition and representations of historic monuments at the back. A perfect souvenir from Lourdes. A replica of the 500 € bank note in the size of 20€. Each bank note has a...

Cord rosary made of colour wood beads. A little and simple rosary, genuine and with lovely colours. Highly resistant, it will guide your prayers at any time in any place. This cord rosary is the perfect companion to travel.

One-decade rosary made of silver metal beads and a beautiful centerpiece with Lourdes Apparition on the front and a picture of Saint Bernadette at the back. This lovely one-decade rosary representing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes will be very practical to pray anywhere.



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