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Rosary box measuring 6 x 3 cm nicely decorated with a two-dimensional picture of Lourdes Apparition and the Miraculous Lady. Simply move the box to reveal its two images one by one. This beautiful rosary box will prove very practical to store your rosary and carry it everywhere with you.

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Wood religious frame measuring 5 x 7.5 cm featuring a nice drawing of Lourdes Apparition. This religious wood frame also features a lovely sweet rose-scented rosary. With this frame and rosary, say your prayers and be sure of Our Lady's protection.

Batch of 5 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries. The essential plastic glow-in-the-dark rosary, convenient, discret and cheap. It is mostly worn around the neck and will bring you all the necessary protection for your night prayers.

40 g flat bag containing Malespine mints made with Lourdes water. Famous mints made in France with genuine Lourdes water. This mints with natural flavourings and icing sugar are decorated with Our Lady. Have this delicious Lourdes mints shipped at home.

Universal and simple, this batch of two red and multi-purpose votive candle can be set anywhere. Perfect for your prayers, its red transparent flame retardant plastic creates a benevolent light. Get your red votive candle to say your prayers.

This red votive candle showing Lourdes Apparition makes a perfect match to keep on praying or as a tomb decoration, Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette will guide your prayer requests through this multi-purpose votive candle.

One-decade rosary made of silver metal beads and a beautiful centerpiece with Lourdes Apparition on the front and a picture of Saint Bernadette at the back. This lovely one-decade rosary representing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes will be very practical to pray anywhere.

Religious wood communion cross featuring a tether cord and measuring 9.5 cm high. This cross will nicely adorn your alb during religious events like the first communion, the act of faith or the communion. Wear this alb cross around your neck thanks to the cord.

Saint Benedict rosary on cord 52cm long, featuring massive wooden beads and paters showing the medal of Saint Benedict. This medal recognized by Church is carrying great power of liberation against evil forces. This Saint Benedict rosary, a religious item of great protection, will help you every day. Rosary shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

8 cm high Alpha and Omega Bronze cross. The Alpha Omega cross is reminiscent of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition.Those two Greek letters symbolizing Christ's eternity. Here is a Bronze crucifix adorned with powerful symbols of Christianity. Order and receive this Bronze cross directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes

16cm Bronze Glorious Christ olive wood crucifix with enamel colours .This Glorious Christ crucifix in wood portrays Christ during the Last Judgment,.This depiction of Christ is a particular subject of Christian iconography. This olive wood crucifix to hang will fit perfectly into your home.

Pyx for altar breads 5 cm in diameter and nicely surmounted with the JHS inscription on lid, standing for the name of Jesus. This pyx will be perfect to carry communion wafers. The JHS inscription perfectly suits this pyx as the communion wafers it will contain symbolize the body of Christ. Order and receive at home this nice pyx. Directly shipped from...

Lourdes 925/1000 silver medallion 1.2cm in diameter showsLourdes Apparition. This nice Lourdes medallion with diamond finish edges glitters in the light. To complete your purchase, choose one of our beautiful Silver chains, to get a beautifull Silver jewels adornment. This Silver medallion is shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Silver gilt Bracelet featuring several enamelled and colour medallions, portraying Our lady of Grace. Here is a beautiful religious bracelet to wear on your wrist. By wearing this Miraculous medallions, you can seek the graces and the protection of Our Lady. Order and receive at home this nice religious bracelet shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Lourdes snowglobe nicely decorated with a picture of Lourdes Apparition and the text "At the Blessed Grotto, I prayed for you" written in several languages. Made in France, this beautiful snowglobe will make an outstanding decorative item for Christmas holidays. Snowglobe directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

18 cm high wooden cross nicely decorated with a colourfull illustration of Noah's Ark with all the animals. This nice and colourful religious cross will seduce all ages. Offer this cross of Noah's Ark as a religious gift. Order and receive at home this beautiful cross directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Our Lady of Lourdes religious statue with an antique style measuring 30 cm high. A beautiful Our Lady of Lourdes with nice and refined colours. The antique style finishing gives a unique atmoshpere to it that will bring you joy and comfort every day.

Novena candle measuring 17.5 cm high and showing Lourdes Apparition. This novena candle makes a perfect item for a unique interior experience. Burning for 9 days, this candle with Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes will guide your prayers.

Sterling Silver medal of Our Lady's portrait with a shiny edge diameter 2 cm. Here is a beautiful Silver medal of Our Lady, perfect as a gift for a christening or a communion. The embossed portrait of Our Lady gives a splendid style to this medal. With this Silver medal, Our Lady will be by your side and will protect you.

Metal box of Lourdes containing 100g of water mints. An adaptation of the Vichy mint for the shops of Lourdes by Elie Pierre Malespine. Made in France, these mints are produced with genuine water from the Grotto of Lourdes. This metal box will perfectly preserve your mints.

240 ml plastic bottle in the shape of Lourdes Apparition with the inscription "I am the Immaculate Conception"in french. This bottle is filled with genuine Lourdes water collected by our care at the Grotto of Lourdes. Have this nicely decorated bottle of Lourdes water shipped at home. With Lourdes water, fight against all diseases and pain.

Mary Undoer of Knots religious incense made of 20 sticks with a precious and natural scent. Get this incense in a box featuring a prayer to Our Lady. Our Lady will help you undo the knots of your life. Diffuse thi incense at home.

Dark wooden crucifix adorned with the crucified Christ in silver metal with cured details. This crucifix is 10.5 cm high and evokes the altruism and love of the Christ for humans through his sacrifice. A symbol for Christianism, the crucifix is an item of contemplation.

Statue showing the Apparition at the Grotto of Lourdes. With its stunning details, this colour resin statue is an accurate representation of Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette at the Grotto of Lourdes. Get at home this nice statue of the Apparition.



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