Prayer book in french "Mon écrin de prières" of 100 pages. This prayer book gathers the most beautiful Christian prayers as well as the daily prayers that cannot be ignored, such as the Avé Maria. Illustrated with beautiful religious images, this prayer book will introduce you to new texts. Sent from our century-old religious giftshop in Lourdes. Receive...

Kneeling angel statue in resin measuring 7cm high.. This lovely statuette is delicately decorated with pink and comes with a rhinestone cross. Përfect to decorate your home, this little Angel will protect your home and your family. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes, order this lovely statue from our Catholic online giftstore and receive this Angel at home.

Religious necklace with adjustable cord up to 43cm long with a beautiful openwork olive wood cross representing the silhouette of Jesus Christ . This modern religious symbol will allow you to affirm your devotion to Christ and the Catholic religion. Now available on our Lourdes online Christian this religious necklace with an olive wood cross...

Reusable Lourdes shopping bag decorated with sepia images of Lourdes. Measuring 37x43x15cm this bag specially made for Palais du Rosaire will be practical for all your shopping. With this shopping bag, keep the spirit of Lourdes close to you. Buy this bag online on our religious giftshop located just a few steps from the Sanctuary of Lourdes. Receive this...

Our Lady of Graces Rosary coming in a box. This 43cm long rosary is made of blue glass beads and a center representing the image of Our Lady of Graces. You can easily wear this rosary around your neck and ask for the graces and protection of the Virgin Mary. Order online on our religious gift shop this beautiful rosary of Our Lady of Graces shipped from...

Saint Rita Religious necklace with a medal measuring from 35 to 45cm. This beautiful necklace is composed of a golden chain and a modern style medal representing Saint Rita on a blue background. This modern religious jewellery will allow you to affirm your Christian faith with elegance. Buy this Saint Rita necklace shipped from our Lourdes shops on our...

Lourdes 3-material rosary made of hematite, wood and metal beads. Measuring 44cm long, this rosary displays a center of the Apparition of Lourdes. Say your prayers with this rosary to be worn around the neck. For sale on our religious giftshop, and now available online order this Lourdes rosary at a low price shipped from our 100 year old shops in Lourdes.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel stretch bracelet adjustable to your wrist . This religious bracelet is made of black rope with golden and white beads and a beautiful modern medal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Wear this religious bracelet every day and affirm your Catholic faith. Receive this bracelet at home from our religious giftshop in Lourdes.

Girl's first Communion cross measuring 15cm. This beautiful cross is decorated with many different symbols of the sacrament of Communion: a dove, a chalice, the grape of reason and a host. This cross with a Communion certificate will be an ideal gift for a girl on that special day.Sold on our catholic website receive from Lourdes this Communion cross

Boy's first Communion cross measuring 15cm. This beautiful communion cross illustrates the sacrament of Communion and comes with a souvenir certificate for the communicant. Decorated with the symbols of Communion this catholic cross will make an ideal Communion gift. Buy this cross shipped from our shops in Lourdes on our online religious giftshop.

Beautiful 9.5 cm high light wood cross for your communions. This communion cross is nicely decorated with a colour chalice and the letters JHS. It can be worn around the neck thanks to its white ribbon cord. The ideal religious present to offer for a communion.

Baptismal garment in polyester size 36cm by 35cm. This beautiful white christening garment is beautifully embroidered with a candle showing gold details. Dress your newborn baby with this tunic to celebrate the religious baptism. Baptism is the first step into the life of a Christian. Buy this baptismal garment on our online religious store shipped from...

Wooden crib, in the shape of a dove 10cm high. This crib medal representing a dove will be a adorable gift for a baptism or a birth. The dove symbol of the Holy Spirit will protect the newborn or baptized.This is an original religious gift for a baptism. Find all your ideas for religious gifts on our online religious gift store.All our religious gifts...

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9 Carats gold medal, round, diameter 1,5cm and weight 1,62g. This is a superb gold medal of the Madonna and Child nicely embossed. This religious medal is the symbol of maternal love from Mary to Her son Jesus and Her devotion to Him. Order on our website ofreligious gifts this outstanding gold medal of the Madonna and Child.

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Solid Sterling Silver bracelet made with a central gilded Silver medal shape of an Angelwith the inscription "Angel of God, protect me". This bracelet is a protective religious jewel and will be an ideal religious gift for a baptism or a communion. Shop online at our catholic shop this Silver bracelet with an Angel shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Communion rosary made with imitation mother of pearl beads. This is a beautiful communion rosary with a double-sided centepiece representing the Apparition of Lourdes and the symbols of Communion. This rosary for sale on our online catholic giftstore is shipped from Lourdes in a box depicting Communion. This rosary will be a wonderful religious gift for...

Genuine cord rosary made of wood beads and a wood cross with the word Lourdes. This little rosary is simple, genuine and lovely at the same time. Highly resistant, it will guide your prayers at any time and will make a beautiful Lourdes souvenir.

Batch of 5 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries. The essential plastic glow-in-the-dark rosary, convenient, discret and cheap. It is mostly worn around the neck and will bring you all the necessary protection for your night prayers.

THE SHRINE IS OPEN ! WATER IS AVAILABLE AGAIN. 1L plastic blue bottle containing precious Lourdes water graciously offered and collected by our care at the source of the Grotto of Lourdes. This plastic bottle is nicely decorated with a sticker picturing Lourdes Apparition. Have this Lourdes water shipped at home.

Enjoyable one-decade rosary made of yellow, blue, natural, red and green wood beads and a light wood cross. This one-decade cord rosary very easy to carry will fit everywhere and follow you for all your prayers.

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One-decade rosary made of beautiful rose-shaped glass beads, symbolic of the mystery of the incarnation as well as a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. Recite your one-decade rosary anywhere and at any time thanks to its small size.

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40 g flat bag containing Malespine mints made with Lourdes water. Famous mints made in France with genuine Lourdes water. This mints with natural flavourings and icing sugar are decorated with Our Lady. Have this delicious Lourdes mints shipped at home.

THE SHRINE IS OPEN! WATER AVAILABLE 100ml Our Lady shaped decorated plastic bottle containing precious Lourdes water graciously offered. This Our Lady shaped bottle is directly filled by our care at the source of the Grotto of Lourdes. Have Lourdes water shipped at home.

Cord rosary made of colour wood beads. A little and simple rosary, genuine and with lovely colours. Highly resistant, it will guide your prayers at any time in any place. This cord rosary is the perfect companion to travel.

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Palais du Rosaire : Catholic Shop Online in Lourdes

Discover the history of our catholic shops in Lourdes, which have existed for over 100 years. Religious shops that have been around for over 100 years and have become a must in Lourdes. Thanks to our online Lourdes shop, we ship Lourdes souvenirs and religious items all over the world. Receive at home the catholic gifts sold in our Lourdes shops.


Palais du Rosaire : Your catholic shop online

Originally a century-old religious shop in Lourdes, the Palais du Rosaire team is pleased to welcome you to its online religious shop since 2019. As in our shops, find a multitude of religious objects and souvenirs of Lourdes.

Creation of our religious items website

Existing since 1914, our shops have met over the years many people on pilgrimage to Lourdes. All of them liked to leave with a catholic items or a souvenir of Lourdes. Aware that a trip to Lourdes is not possible for everyone, our idea was to allow as many people as possible to receive a religious item at the best price from our religious shops located just a stone's throw from the Sanctuaries of Lourdes.

The only religious shop truly located in Lourdes

The Palais du Rosaire has two shops in Lourdes. The first is located on Boulevard de la Grotte, a few metres from the Saint Michel gate of the Sanctuaries, and the second on Avenue Bernadette Soubirous near the Saint Joseph gate, the closest entrance to the Basilica of Lourdes.

Sometimes confused with other religious articles websites, is the only online catholic shop to be truly located in Lourdes. All religious items ordered on our website are prepared and shipped from our first shop on Boulevard de la Grotte.

The priority of our Christian shop: Your satisfaction

For over 100 years we have been selling religious items to pilgrims from all over the world. We know the customs and preferences of each person. We are therefore positioned as experts in religious articles. In our catholic shop you will regularly find unique devotional items as well as must-have items such as rosaries, statues of the Virgin Mary and the saints, religious incense and the real Lourdes water, which we collect daily from the source of the Massabielle grotto.

We make it a point of honour to pack your orders perfectly so that they can withstand the hazards of delivery. As in our shops, we include a small gift in each package for your pleasure, for which we often receive your warm messages of thanks, which delight our entire team.

More than a religious shop on the internet, sends a little bit of Lourdes to your home every day.

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