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Lourdes box of the e-pilgrimage. We have composed a religious box with the essentials of Lourdes for your e-pilgrimages. In this Lourdes box, you will find a rosary of Lourdes in rope, a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, candles and a bottle filled with Lourdes water. Here is a Lourdes indispensable for your pilgrimages. Buy this box on our online religious...

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Special edition Lourdes box set, real value of 19€. This Lourdes box set is composed of unpublished Lourdes souvenirs. You will find a wooden Lourdes rosary, a Lourdes candle, a vial of Lourdes Water in a beautiful wooden package and a picture of Lourdes. Buy this box of Lourdes on our online religious shop and receive the Lourdes essentials for your...

Medal of Madonna and Child in 18 karats Gold Plated and of 1,8cm diameter. The Madonna and Child is the symbol of maternal love. This beautiful gold plated medal of French manufacture will be an ideal religious gift for you loved ones.. You also have the possibility to engrave the back of this beautiful medal. Let yourself be seduced by this beautiful...

Double-sided medal of the Crowned Madonna in 18 carat Gold Plated, 1.8cm diameter. This gold plated medal represents on the front the crowned Virgin Mary and on the back the Apparition of Lourdes. Made in France this medal with its remarkable details will be an ideal religious gift for special occasion like Baptism or a Communion. Buy this beautiful medal...

Saint Michael medal measuring 2cm in diameter and made in France with an exceptional medal strike. Saint Michael, cheaf of Celestial Militia and Prince of all Archangels is known for his powerful protection. With this medal of Saint Michael ensure you a protection against the evil spirits. Buy this Saint Michael's medal on our online catholic giftshop...

Medal of Saint Rita measuring 1.5 cm in diameter. With the inscription written in french "I entrust you my fate" this medal will help you to invoke Saint Rita, patron saint of desperate cases. Made in France, this medal of Saint Rita is a very beautiful workmanship with many details. Buy this silver plated medal of Saint Rita on our online religious...

46cm long Our Lady of Grace Rosary that can be worn around the neck. This Our Lady of Grace rosary is made with glass beads coloured in different shades of blue. This is a beautiful Our Lady of Grace rosary coming in a decorated box with a picture of Our Lady shipped directly from our stores in Lourdes. Buy this rosary from our religious online store or...

Lourdes mask in antibacterial fabric guaranteed up to 50 washes. This fabric mask is made up of three layers of fabric treated with an antimicrobial agent resistant to all atmospheric components present in the air that are in direct contact with the skin. Our Lourdes fabric mask guaranteed up to 50 washes will protect you against bacteria and viruses.

"Combat" also called Battle rosary featuring a centerpiece with the medallion of the Miraculous Lady, another medallion of Saint Michael, Patron Saint of paratroopers and of the Pardon Cross. Once distributed to soldiers during WW1, this particular rosary is said to have saved lives of many. With this combat rosary, ask Jesus through Mary to overcome...

THE SHRINE IS OPEN ! WATER IS AVAILABLE AGAIN. 1L plastic blue bottle containing precious Lourdes water graciously offered and collected by our care at the source of the Grotto of Lourdes. This plastic bottle is nicely decorated with a sticker picturing Lourdes Apparition. Have this Lourdes water shipped at home.

Religious incense in 20 sticks of the Archangel Saint Michael, chief of celestial milittias of angels. Shipped in a box decorated with a prayer to Saint Michael, this religious incense will bring you the protection of the famous Archangel. Get this religious incense to perfume your home delicately.

Silvery metal medal showing représentant Saint Benedict of Nursia. This metal medal displays symbols and texts referring to the life of Saint Benedict. A true protector against Satan and the spiritual and physical dangers, this metal medal will be your allied against evil forces.

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18-carat Gold-Plated medal of Our Lady portrait diameter 3 cm. This wonderful round and lacy medal features a blue background, perfectly highlighting the portrait of Our Lady. Embellish this medal by buying a Gold-Plated chain and this lacy medal will make a highly appreciated religious present for a communion or a christening.

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Round sterling Silver medal of Saint Benedict diameter 1 cm. Symbolic of the protection against evil forces, the Saint Benedict medal will protect anyone wearing it against evil spirits. Embellish this item with a Silver chain. This Saint Benedict medal will make a highly appreciated religious present for a christening or a communion.

A lovely Lourdes rosary made of rosewood beads put together on a silver-plated chain. Finished with a cross, the centerpiece of this Lourdes rosary is a small medallion portraying Our Lady. Made in France, this wonderful rosewood Lourdes rosary will be perfect to recite all your prayers. Order and have this Lourdes rosary directly shipped at home.

18cm high Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes made of colour resin. Here is a beautiful representation of Our Lady on Massabielle rock of Lourdes. With its angelic face, this statue of the Holy Mother perfectly represents kindness and purity embodied by Our Lady. Order online this statue and have it directly shipped at your home.

Genuine cord rosary made of wood beads and a wood cross with the word Lourdes. This little rosary is simple, genuine and lovely at the same time. Highly resistant, it will guide your prayers at any time and will make a beautiful Lourdes souvenir.

Batch of 5 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries. The essential plastic glow-in-the-dark rosary, convenient, discret and cheap. It is mostly worn around the neck and will bring you all the necessary protection for your night prayers.

40 g flat bag containing Malespine mints made with Lourdes water. Famous mints made in France with genuine Lourdes water. This mints with natural flavourings and icing sugar are decorated with Our Lady. Have this delicious Lourdes mints shipped at home.

Multicolor cord rosary bracelet. Here is a convenient and original rosary bracelet. Entirely made of cord with amazing colours, it will guide your prayers all day long. Have this multicolor cord rosary bracelet shipped at home.

One-decade rosary made of beautiful rose-shaped glass beads, symbolic of the mystery of the incarnation as well as a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. Recite your one-decade rosary anywhere and at any time thanks to its small size.

For all requests for special issues or anniversary tickets click on this link and fill out the form: FORM Souvenir bank note from Lourdes. This souvenir note from Lourdes is decorated with the Basilica of Lourdes on the front as well as the Lourdes Apparition and representations of historic monuments at the back. A perfect souvenir from Lourdes. A replica...

THE SHRINE IS OPEN ! WATER IS AVAILABLE AGAIN. 1L plastic blue bottle containing precious Lourdes water graciously offered and collected by our care at the source of the Grotto of Lourdes. This plastic bottle is nicely decorated with a sticker picturing Lourdes Apparition. Have this Lourdes water shipped at home.

Wood religious frame measuring 5 x 7.5 cm featuring a nice drawing of Lourdes Apparition. This religious wood frame also features a lovely sweet rose-scented rosary. With this frame and rosary, say your prayers and be sure of Our Lady's protection.

E-pilgrim's Lourdes
box set


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E-pilgrim's Lourdes
box set

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