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Saint Benedict Rosary

Our catholic gifstores in Lourdes offers a large selection of tSaint Benedict's famous rosary .Made with Saint Benedict medal , these rosaries will accompany you in all your spiritual battles. Invoke and ask for the protection of Saint Benedict with these rosaries prepared and shipped from our shops located at 100m from the Shrine of Lourdes. Find the rosary of Saint Benedict in many sizes, colours and materials.

Rosary of Saint Benedict - To answer your Christian prayer

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Saint Benedict Cord rosary wooden beads

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Rosary Saint Benedict in metal with carabiner

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Saint Benedict rosary with coloured beads

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Saint Benedict Wooden single decade rosary

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Saint Benedict rosary on cord and wooden beads

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The Rosary of Saint Benedict : Your Companion of Prayer and Protection

The Rosary of Saint Benedict is much more than a simple devotional object. Designed for those seeking to intensify their spiritual life and benefit from protection against evil, this rosary is a true source of strength and comfort.

Why choose the Rosary of Saint Benedict?

St Benedict, known for his intense prayer life and his fight against the forces of evil, is the patron saint of Western monks and a powerful protector against negative influences. To pray with a rosary of Saint Benedict is therefore to invoke his intercession for divine protection and wisdom in times of temptation and distress.

The Power of the Medal of Saint Benedict

St. Benedict rosaries often feature the Medal of St. Benedict, which is itself a powerful symbol of protection. This medal, with its special inscriptions, is known for its effectiveness in combating the forces of evil and is often used as a form of spiritual defence, recommended for those facing challenges or dangers.

A Variety of Materials for All Tastes

Our Saint Benedict rosaries are available in a variety of materials, from humble, natural wood to robust metal, elegant silver to luxurious gold-plated, and even bronze. Each material brings its own qualities and aesthetics, allowing each devotee to find the rosary that suits them best, while retaining the same promise of protection and devotion.

Why pray to Saint Benedict?

Praying Saint Benedict through his rosary is particularly effective for those seeking inner peace and strength in the fight against temptations. St Benedict, with his history of virtuous living and commitment to God, offers a model of sanctity and spiritual resilience. His influence is particularly powerful for those who aspire to a life of purity and religious commitment.