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Religious ornament

Palais du Rosaire, the online store of Lourdes souvenirs and catholic gifts, offers a wide selection of catholic gifts. Discover our holy water fonts nicely decorated with the effigy of Lourdes Apparition. These holy water fonts are available in several sizes and several materials. Discover also our pyxes that will allow you to store your Hosts. Our catholic online store has a wide choice of holy water fonts and pyxes directly shipped from our shops located in Lourdes, right next to the Grotto. Order our different holy water fonts and pyxes and have them sent at home for your Christian life.

Other religious items - Palais du Rosaire

Religious ornament, Subcategories

  • Religious framework

    Show your religious faith with our religious frames of Lourdes, wall-mounted or free-standing. On our online store of catholic gifts, you can choose one of our religious frames of Lourdes portraying Our Lady. All our catholic gifts are shipped from shops in Lourdes, located right next to the Shrine

  • Water Font

    Holy water fonts are catholic gifts that can be found in Catholic churches. Here is a selection of Lourdes holy water fonts on sale on our online store of catholic gifts. Pray with a Lourdes holy water font filled with blessed water. All our holy water fonts are shipped from our shops in Lourdes located right next to the Grotto.

  • Custody

    Essential to the life of a believer, pyxes are religious items that are widely used by Christians. Our pyxes of Lourdes are decorated with Saints and symbols of the Catholic religion. Our catholic online store offers you a wide selection of pyxes of Lourdes to store your altar breads. Order your catholic gifts online.

  • Ex-voto

    Explore our collection of ex-votos, sacred objects expressing devotion and gratitude towards the divine. Traditionally offered in thanks for a received grace or an answered prayer, ex-votos are tangible testimonies of faith and hope.

    Each ex-voto in our selection is imbued with history and spirituality. These delicate items are not only personal expressions of belief but also standalone pieces of art, enriching any space with their meaningful presence.

    Ideal for decorating a home altar, a prayer space, or as part of a personal collection, our ex-votos are chosen for their beauty and authenticity. They serve as a constant reminder of the power of prayer and the depth of human gratitude towards the sacred.

    Browse our collection to find the ex-voto that resonates with your personal story of faith and thankfulness, adding an additional dimension to your spiritual practice.

  • Wall medal

    Explore our selection of religious wall medals, spiritual decor pieces designed to bring protection, blessing, and inspiration into your home. Each medal is an expression of faith and art, carefully representing sacred figures and symbols.

    Each wall medal is selected for its beauty and profound message, offering an elegant and meaningful way to decorate your living spaces while maintaining a spiritual connection. Whether depicting the Virgin Mary, protective saints, or other religious icons, our wall medals are perfect for enriching any home environment or place of worship.

    Crafted with high-quality materials, our religious wall medals are durable and designed to be admired for years. They make an ideal gift for special occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, or simply to express your devotion.

    Browse our collection to find the religious wall medal that resonates with your beliefs and will beautify your space with a touch of grace and spirituality.

  • Cradle medal

    Explore our selection of religious crib medals, symbols of protection and blessing intended to accompany newborns in their sleep. These medals, imbued with spirituality, are offered as a sign of divine goodwill, watching over the rest and tranquility of the little ones.

    Each crib medal is carefully selected for its quality and deep meaning, featuring sacred figures such as guardian angels, the Virgin Mary, or Saint Joseph. Crafted with premium materials, our medals combine durability with a delicate aesthetic, perfectly fitting a child's environment.

    Ideal for a birth gift, baptism, or simply to express your love and spiritual protection, religious crib medals are a meaningful addition to a child's room, reminding of faith and hope values from the very first days of life.

    Browse our collection to find the religious crib medal that best symbolizes your wishes for happiness and divine protection for the newest members of your family or community.

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