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    Mission Rosary multicoloured on rope

    This 46cm rosary is made up of wooden beads coloured in green, red, black, yellow and neutral, mounted on a white cord, ending with a light wood cross. It is a simple and discreet rosary that will accompany your prayers and your Christian faith on a daily basis.

    One-decade rosary rose-shaped beads and centerpiece Lourdes...

    One-decade rosary made of beautiful rose-shaped glass beads, symbolic of the mystery of the incarnation as well as a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. Recite your one-decade rosary anywhere and at any time thanks to its small size.

    Silicone rubber rosary multicolor

    Multicolor silicon rubber rosary made of a centerpiece picturing Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes. This original rosary with vivid colours is entirely made of silicone, giving it a unique, enjoyable and pleasant to the touch appearance.

    Batch of 4 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries

    Batch of 4 plastic glow-in-the-dark rosaries. The essential plastic glow-in-the-dark rosary, convenient, discret and cheap. It is mostly worn around the neck and will bring you all the necessary protection for your night prayers.

    Transparent rosary box with Apparition of Lourdes

    This transparent rosary box is illustrated with the Apparition of Lourdes on the front and the Basilica of Lourdes on the back. Order this original box to store your Lourdes rosary.

    Wooden mission rosary with coloured oval beads

    This rosary consists of coloured oval beads mounted on a white string. It is a mission rosary, which helps to gather the universal Church, around our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The beads are separated by 5 colours symbolising the 5 continents. Pray for the world and for Christ with this colourful mission rosary.

    One-decade rosary silvery beads centerpiece Lourdes Apparition

    One-decade rosary made of silver metal beads and a beautiful centerpiece with Lourdes Apparition on the front and a picture of Saint Bernadette at the back. This lovely one-decade rosary representing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes will be very practical to pray anywhere.

    Transparent square rosary box Lourdes Apparition

    Lovely square rosary box in transparent plastic and nicely decorated with a Lourdes Apparition picture. This rosary box will become essential to store and carry your rosary everywhere with you. It will also be a beautiful Lourdes joli souvenir.

    Lourdes rosary case in leather

    Genuine leather rosary case. This rosary case is beautifully decorated with the golden Basilica of Lourdes. Thanks to its pressure, this genuine leather case can be easily opened to keep your rosary. This rosary case is very useful to protect your rosary. Sent from our shops in Lourdes, receive this rosary case at home. It is for sale on our online...

    One-decade cord rosary, colour wood beads.

    Enjoyable one-decade rosary made of yellow, blue, natural, red and green wood beads and a light wood cross. This one-decade cord rosary very easy to carry will fit everywhere and follow you for all your prayers.

    Lourdes Rose-scented rosary with box and prayer

    This nice Lourdes rosary, made of rosewood and gently perfumed with the same flower, is sold in its presentation box with a prayer celebrating Our Lady. At the same time, this Lourdes rose-scented rosary will perfume your home with gentleness and guide you through your prayers.

    Rose-scented rosary in an oval case

    Rose-scented Lourdes rosary 35cm long in a 6cm transparent oval case. This Lourdes rosary is perfumed with the delicate scent of roses. Enjoy this Lourdes rosary during your prayers and get a smell of sweet rose scent. Buy this perfumed rosary on our online catholic shop, shipped from our giftshops in Lourdes .

    Wooden rosary with Our Lady of Lourdes engraved

    This rosary consists of a brown string with wooden beads on it. The heart of the rosary is engraved with the image of Our Lady of Lourdes and the cross is made of wood and has a shamrock tip. Take this rosary with you every day to feel the protection of the Saints and the Virgin Mary.

    One decade rosary of Lourdes with medal beads

    One decade rosary composed of grains in the shape of a medal. Measuring 15cm, this tenner with a clasp, has a center representing Lourdes and hands joined in prayer. The medal-shaped beads represent the Apparition of Lourdes and the portrait of Our Lady. For sale in our Christian giftshops, this Lourdes One decade rosary will accompany you in your prayers.

    Saint Michael's rosary with wood beads

    Saint Michael Rosary measuring 37cm long made with oval wooden grains. This wooden rosary has a Saint Michael's medal and a center with the effigy of Lourdes. With this rosary, the Archangel Saint Michael will protect you. Pray to Saint Michael with this beautiful wooden rosary shipped from our shops in Lourdes and sold on our online catholic giftshop.

    Rose-scented rosary and Lourdes Apparition in a box

    This scented rosary is made of rosewood, which gives it a sweet rose scent. Our scented-rosary is sold in a nice box featuring a golden picture of Lourdes Apparition. The rose-scented rosaries are a symbol of wreaths of flowers once worn by young girls at religious celebrations.

    Luminous Lourdes rosary rose scented in a blister with prayer

    Luminous Lourdes rosary with rose scent 42cm. Once passed around the neck, enjoy the sweet scent of roses from this Lourdes rosary with a heart representing the Apparition of Lourdes. Delivered in a prayer case available in several languages, find the list of the Mysteries of the Rosary. A beautiful rosary on sale in our religious shop just a stone's...

    Saint Michael Cord rosary with pictures on paters

    Cord rosary made of wood beads and paters portraying Saint Michael, the leader of heaven's forces. An Envoy of God and Archangel, Saint Michael on this cord rosary will protect you against evil forces and sin. Say your prayers guided by Saint Michael's spirit.

    Missions Rosary in a candy-shaped box

    16cm long wooden mission rosary. This mission rosary is supplied in a candy box. This rosary has a Saint Benedict's cross. Symbol of the 5 continents, the mission rosary represents the universality of the Catholic Church. Sent from Lourdes, buy this missionary rosary in its candy box on our online catholic articles store.

    Rosary case black neoprene and golden Lourdes Basilica

    Rosary case made of black neoprene and nicely decorated with a golden picture of the Basilica of the Shrine and of the word Lourdes. With this rosary case, store and carry your rosary everywhere with you and get a beautiful Lourdes souvenir.

    Rose-scented one-decade rosary and mini rose box

    Sweet rose-scented one-decade rosary. This lovely one-decade rosay is shipped in its rose-shaped mini box in transparent plastic. This scented rosary will be easy to carry to say your prayers wherever you want.

    Glow-in-the-dark rosary Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    This glow-in-the-dark rosary will shed light on your prayers at night. It features a nice detailed cross and a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition that you are bound to enjoy. Choose this glow-in-the-dark rosary as a guide for your night meditations.

    Saint Michael Cord rosary wood beads

    Cord rosary made of wood beads available in 2 colours, and of 2 silvery medallions portraying Saint Michael the Archangel. The leader of heaven's forces, Saint Michael is the defender of the Faith and Good. This Saint Michael rosary will protect you from evil.

    Car Saint Christopher's Decade Rosary Pendant and Saint Benedict...

    This rosary is a religious pendant made of wooden beads, a cross and a medal of Saint Christopher, mounted on a string. The Patron Saint of travel will protect your journeys by placing this pendant in your vehicle, or by taking it on a trip.

    3 tones Lourdes Wooden rosary with a box

    This 3 tone wooden rosary with oval beads shows a representation of Our Lady of Lourdes in its center. Order on our religious website this Lourdes rosary coming in a box representing the Apparition of Lourdes and receive it directly at home from our shops in Lourdes.

    Lourdes plexiglass rosary case

    Clear plexiglass rosary box size 6cm by 6cm wide and 3cm high. Keep even a large rosary in this transparent case beautifully decorated with the Lourdes Apparition and the Basilica. Its sturdy plastic will allow you to transport it safely. Buy this rosary case from our online religious giftshop from Lourdes. It will allow you to protect your rosary.All...

    Multicolor cord rosary bracelet

    Multicolor cord rosary bracelet. Here is a convenient and original rosary bracelet. Entirely made of cord with amazing colours, it will guide your prayers all day long. Have this multicolor cord rosary bracelet shipped at home.Order this bracelet on our site of religious objects shipped from Lourdes.

    Communion rosary white heart-shaped beads

    Perfect for a communion present. This communion rosary is made of white heart-shaped beads with mother-of-pearl pigments. Celebrating this holy feast, a chalice is pictured at the centerpiece. The communion is a symbol for the the last supper of Christ with his disciples.

    Saint Bernadette wood rosary with its box

    A rosary like that of Saint Bernadette with 6 decades, made of wood beads and silver-coloured mesh. The centerpiece of this rosary is a representation of Saint Bernadette. This wood rosary is sold in a box, also decorated with the image of Bernadette. As a religious gift or for daily use, this wood rosary will make the ideal companion.

    Our Lady of Graces Rosary with a box

    Our Lady of Graces Rosary coming in a box. This 43cm long rosary is made of blue glass beads and a center representing the image of Our Lady of Graces. You can easily wear this rosary around your neck and ask for the graces and protection of the Virgin Mary. Order online on our religious gift shop this beautiful rosary of Our Lady of Graces shipped from...

    Glow-in-the-dark rosary cube-shaped beads and Lourdes Apparition...

    Big glow-in-the-dark rosary to hang measuring 1.52 m, made of cube-shaped beads with several Lourdes pictures and a silver metal open centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. This glow-in-the-dark rosary to hang at home will be a source of light to say your prayers.

    Watermarked Rosary box with Lourdes Apparition image

    A lovely and beautiful rosary box neatly decorated with a Lourdes Apparition watermarked image and nice silver details. This rosary box will prove very practical to bring your rosary everywhere with you. Store and carry your rosary easily thanks to this box.

    Cord rosary real stone beads and cross-shaped paters

    This unique cord rosary is made of real stone beads. The 5 decades are nicely separated by cross-shaped paters and still in real stone. The cord and the stone turn this rosary into a very authentic religious companion.

    Cord Saint Benedict Battle rosary with a forgiveness cross

    Cord Saint Benedict Battle rosary with a forgiveness cross and silvery beads measuring 23cm to the centre and 37cm in its entirety. This Saint Benedict Battle rosary has a center with a Miraculous Medal and a St Benedict medal with a Cross of Forgiveness. This is a powerful prayer companion. Buy this new Battle rosary shipped from Lourdes from our...

    Cord rosary heart-shaped wood beads and Lourdes Apparition and...

    Cord rosary made of heart-shaped wood beads all decorated with Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes and Saint Bernadette colour picture. This cord rosary and its wood beads will be a beautiful Lourdes Souvenir to say your prayers.

    Silver rosary with the Apparition of Lourdes

    This bagged rosary is made up of 10 mm beige beads mounted on a silver metal chain. The heart of the rosary illustrates the profile of the Virgin Mary and the Apparition. The cloverleaf cross gives the rosary an original and modern look. Pray to the Virgin Mary and attract her powerful protection with this rosary.

    Rose-scented rosary, rose-shaped paters and case

    With this lovely scented rosary, rose is in the spotlight. A mesmerizing rose scent and paters featuring this beautiful flower. A ravishing little souvenir in its nice case. Have this scented-rosary shipped at home to say your prayers.

    Glass rosary iridescent beads and rose-shaped paters

    Glass rosary made of beautiful iridescent colour beads as well as rose-shaped paters. A subtle glass rosary available in different colours. The rose-shaped paters mirror the sweetness and tenderness of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    Rosary Jesus in box

    For your Christian prayers, use this Rosary of Merciful Jesus sold with its box. All our glass rosaries are made with finesse. Half of the beads are red, the other half are transparent. The heart of the rosary represents the merciful Jesus. These glass rosaries can be sent to you by recorded delivery from our religious shop in Lourdes.

    Corded Rosary of Lourdes with 20 decades

    Rosary of Lourdes composed of 20 decades mounted on a cord, 90cm long. Pray the Rosary with this special Rosary which is easily worn around the neck. Essential catholic articles for your prayers, this Rosary will allow you to pray the mysteries of the Rosary . Directly shipped from our stores in Lourdes, buy your Rosary on our Lourdes shop online.

    Lourdes water rosary glowing beads

    Rosary made of a centerpiece featuring Lourdes water and glowing beads. Thanks to its centerpiece containing water from the Grotto of Massabielle, this rosary will be a lovely Lourdes souvenir. At night, it will glow with a lovely light for your prayers.

    Glass rosary of the Precious Blood with decorated box

    This illustrated box contains a rosary made of red glass beads and white paters mounted on a silver chain. The heart represents the Merciful Christ before concluding with a silver cross. The rosary of the precious blood consists of 33 beads symbolising the 33 years of Jesus' life before his death and resurrection. Pray to Christ with this rosary of the...

    Communion rosary with pearly beads in a box

    Communion rosary made with imitation mother of pearl beads. This is a beautiful communion rosary with a double-sided centepiece representing the Apparition of Lourdes and the symbols of Communion. This rosary for sale on our online catholic giftstore is shipped from Lourdes in a box depicting Communion. This rosary will be a wonderful religious gift for...

    Silver metal rosary blue enamelled Lourdes Apparition beads

    Silver metal rosary made of beads decorated with a blue picture of Lourdes Apparition on the front and the portrait of Bernadette at the back. This metal rosary features a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition on the front and Our Lady portrait at the back. Say your prayers with this metal rosary.

    Lourdes water rosary, glass beads and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Rosary made of a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition and a vial containing graciously offered Lourdes water. Its beads with nice degraded colours, its stylish paters turn this Lourdes water rosary into a lovely guide for your prayers.

    Lourdes Silvery rosary box with Divine Mercy

    Silver rosary box measuring 5.5cm in size and 2.5cm in height. This box is decorated with the image of the Merciful Christ and the Apparition of Lourdes. Store and carry your favourite rosaries in this sturdy silver box. Christ and Our Lady will accompany you. Available for sale in our Lourdes religious shop, receive this rosary box at home.

    Glass rosary with coloured beads and variegated cross

    This glass rosary is made up of coloured beads and a pretty, colourful cross, mounted on an elastic cord. The Our Father beads are larger and more pronounced than the Hail Mary beads, making it easier to say the rosary. Find the right rosary for you from our range of colours.

    Communion rosary with chalice-shaped centerpiece in its box

    Communion rosary made of white beads with mother-of-pearl effect, a chalice-shaped centerpiece as well as golden-coloured chain and cross. This communion rosary is sent in a nice box decorated with a colour chalice. Offer this communion rosary as a religious present for your communions.

    Rosary Wooden case with the Apparition of Lourdes glittery...

    Rosary Wooden case with the Apparition of Lourdes on a glittery background. This beautiful wooden case is beautifully decorated with the Apparition of Lourdes on a coloured and glittery background. Store and carry your rosary in this wooden case of the Apparition of Lourdes. Available on our online religious giftstore receive from Lourdes this wooden...

    Glass rosary with heart and golden cross

    Choose this large glass and gold metal devotional rosary to pray the 100 Requiems. This rosary will be delivered to you from our religious store located in Lourdes in front of the Sanctuary.

    Saint Benedict's Metal Rosary with a box

    St. Benedict's Rosary in metal, 46cm long. This rosary of Saint Benedict is proposed with its box decorated with the cross of Saint Benedict. Easiy to carry with its box, this metal rosary of Saint Benedict will become your prayer companion and your faithful protector. Order and receive your rosaries from Lourdes through our religious online webstore.

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    Palais du Rosaire, the online Lourdes store, offers a wide selection of traditional and original rosaries, directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes. In this section, you will find rosaries made with different materials: Silver, Gold-Plated, Gold, Cord, Wood, Crystal Rosaries among many others. True items of devotion of the Catholic religion, r...

    Palais du Rosaire, the online Lourdes store, offers a wide selection of traditional and original rosaries, directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes. In this section, you will find rosaries made with different materials: Silver, Gold-Plated, Gold, Cord, Wood, Crystal Rosaries among many others. True items of devotion of the Catholic religion, rosaries will guide your prayers. The first rosary would have appeared in the hands of Saint Dominic, who received a rosary, symbol of the crowns of roses given to Our Lady. Pray the rosary would therefore be like offering roses to Our Lady