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Our Lourdes souvenirs online shop offers you a selection of Lourdes souvenirs. Discover a wide selection of Lourdes souvenirs such as books, postcards, mugstasty presents and many more souvenirs that will charm you and your relatives. Remember those moments spent in Lourdes or get carried away with our souvenirs bearing the effigy of the city and its symbols. All our gifts are shipped from our stores located in Lourdes, right next to the Sanctuaries. Please your loved ones, offer them a souvenir of Lourdes to make them want to come and see the wonders of Lourdes for themselves.

Lourdes books cards and souvenirs - Palais du Rosaire

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  • Lourdes calendar

    These Lourdes religious calendars will help you to remember every significant religious holiday! Our Lourdes calendars are decorated with beautiful pictures of the city of Lourdes and its catholic symbols. Order and receive at home our Lourdes calendars thanks to our Lourdes online shop.

  • Postcard from Lourdes

    Our postcards are decorated with pictures of Lourdes and of its religious symbols. Palais du Rosaire has selected for you the most beautiful postcards of Lourdes, Lourdes souvenirs "par excellence". Order your Lourdes postcards as soon as now on our online shop of catholic gifts.

  • Pen

    Take your Lourdes pen decorated with religious symbols of Lourdes everywhere with you. Our online store of catholic gifts and Lourdes souvenirs offers you a wide range of pens. All our souvenirs of Lourdes are shipped from our stores, located right next to the Grotto.

  • Bookmark

    Explore our selection of bookmarks, essential accessories for every reading enthusiast. Each bookmark in our collection is designed to mark your progress in your readings while adding a touch of elegance to your book.

    Whether you're looking for a classic metal bookmark finely engraved, an artistic bookmark adorned with inspiring illustrations or patterns, our range offers a variety of styles to suit every personality and preference.

    Our bookmarks are selected for their quality craftsmanship and unique design, providing not just a practical way to resume your reading where you left off, but also a collectible item that beautifies your library.

    Browse our selection to find the bookmark that will ignite your passion for reading, serving as both an aesthetic and functional companion to your literary adventures.

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Lourdes Calendar 2025

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    4 colour pens with the Apparition of Lourdes

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    (2 reviews)
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    Pop up Advent calendar in 3D

    €15.75 -20%
    (1 review)
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    Postcard of the Nativity 10x15cm

    (1 review)