Merciful Jesus

The Palais du Rosaire is proud to present our collection dedicated to the Merciful Jesus, a powerful expression of divine compassion and forgiveness. These statues captivate with their depiction of Jesus with his hands raised in blessing and the rays of light emanating from his heart, symbolising the grace that flows to all who ask for mercy. Carefully crafted from resin, metal or wood, our Merciful Jesus statues are available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any prayer environment, whether at home, in church or in a communal space. Each statue is an invitation to reflect on God's infinite mercy and to make it present in our daily lives. They are a constant reminder of the promise of peace and comfort for those who seek to deepen their faith and live in the hope of divine love.

Statues of the Merciful Jesus - Palais du Rosaire

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Christ with cross Resin statue 30cm

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