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Our online store of catholic jewellery offers you a selection of Gold-Plated, Silver and fancy rings. Discover several models of catholic rings with the effigy of the catholic religion. These rings are available in different sizes and come with a size guide. Our religious rings are shipped directly from our shops in Lourdes. Prayed with these religious rings and share your catholic devotion while beautifying your outfits with our catholic jewellery of Lourdes.

Religious Rings - Rosary Rings in Gold, Silver and Gold Plated

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  • Gold ring

    Palais du Rosaire, your trusted online shop for quality jewellery and religious items, is delighted to offer you an exclusive selection of gold rings. Each ring in our collection is carefully chosen for its elegance, quality and spiritual significance, offering the faithful a precious way to manifest their faith and devotion. Our gold rings are available in a variety of designs, from classic, understated styles to more ornate creations featuring religious symbols such as the cross, the Sacred Heart or the Virgin Mary. Made with the utmost care in yellow, white or rose gold, these rings are designed to last and be cherished for years to come.

  • Gold-plated ring

    Our elegant and catholic Gold-Plated rings of Lourdes will follow you in your believer's daily life. Order the Gold-Plated catholic ring of Lourdes that best suits you thanks to our catholic online store. All our religious jewels are shipped from our stores in Lourdes.

  • Silver ring

    Our catholic Silver rings of Lourdes will allow you to assert your catholic faith. Order these religious Silver rings of Lourdes on our catholic online store. All our religious jewels of Lourdes are shipped from our catholic stores in Lourdes, right next to the Basilica of Our Lady.

  • Metal ring

    The finest religious rings of Lourdes in metal have been selected by your online store of Lourdes catholic gifts. Do not wait any longer and order your religious ring of Lourdes in metal ! All our catholic jewels of Lourdes are shipped from our shops in Lourdes, right next to the Sanctuaries.

  • Rosary ring

    Our rosary rings will allow you to pray the rosary wherever you are. Our catholic online store of Lourdes catholic gifts has a wide range of metal, Gold, Gold-Plated as well as Silver rosary rings. Order your religious jewellery of Lourdes thanks to our catholic online shop.

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Silver-plated metal adjustable rosary ring

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Silver ring with a cross

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    Gold-plated ring and strass cross

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    Gold-plated rosary ring

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    Virgin Mary Gold Plated Ring with rhinestones

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    Silver ring and cross of life

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    Gold plated ring with a cross and a zirconia

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    Silver Ring with a rhinestone cross

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    Gold miraculous medal ring

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      Explore Our Rosary Ring Collection

      The Rosary Rings offer a discreet and elegant way to always keep a symbol of your faith with you. Available in gold, silver and gold-plated, these rings are designed to combine spirituality with style. Whether you're looking for a ring for yourself or to give as a gift, our collection will meet your expectations with elegance and piety.

      Golden Rosary Rings: Symbol of Eternity

      The gold rings in our collection are not just jewellery, but devotional pieces. Gold, a precious and durable metal, is often chosen for its ability to symbolise eternity and purity. Each ring is finely crafted to include ten small beads representing a decade of the rosary, allowing you to pray or meditate wherever you are.

      Elegance and Finesse with Silver Rosary Rings

      Silver, with its luminous shine, is another popular option for our rosary rings. This metal reflects the light of faith and brings a touch of serenity to the wearer. Our silver rings are appreciated for their understated style and exceptional quality, ideal for believers of all ages.

      The Modernity of Gold Plating

      For those seeking the beauty of gold at a more affordable price, gold-plated rings are a wonderful alternative. They offer the same rich look as pure gold, while being available at a more moderate cost. This allows everyone to wear a symbol of their faith without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

      How to Choose Your Rosary Ring

      Choosing the right rosary ring can be a personal and spiritual experience. Consider the type of metal that suits your preferences or those of the person you are giving it to. Also consider the size and comfort of the ring, especially if it is to be worn daily. Our advisors are on hand to help you make the choice that best suits your faith journey.

      Commitment and Quality

      Each ring in our collection is carefully designed to ensure durability and comfort. We are committed to offering jewellery that not only respects, but celebrates your religious devotion. Browse our religious jewellery collection to discover the variety and beauty of our rosary rings.

      Visit our online shop to find the rosary ring that will accompany you in your prayer and daily life, or to discover a meaningful and spiritual gift for your loved ones.