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Elevate your prayers with our devotional candles. In this section, explore our collection of candles specially designed to accompany your devotional moments. Whether you're looking to honour a particular saint, ask for specific intercession, or create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, our candles offer a glimmer of spirituality in your daily life. Illuminate your spiritual path with our quality candles, carriers of light and sacred meaning.

Lourdes candles from La Ciergerie Lourdaise

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Lourdes Genuine Candle 35 x 2.5 cm

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    LEd light Lourdes procession candle

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      Cierges de Lourdes - La Ciergerie Lourdaise

      Lourdes candles, made by La Ciergerie Lourdaise, are symbols of faith and devotion used by millions of pilgrims every year. These candles, available in different sizes and models, are essential to accompany your prayers and moments of meditation, bringing a sacred light to your spiritual life.

      A tradition of quality and devotion

      La Ciergerie Lourdaise, renowned for its craftsmanship, produces high-quality candles, renowned for their purity and regular burning. Each candle is made with care, using materials selected to guarantee a clear, long-lasting flame. This handcrafted tradition has been carried on for decades, ensuring that each Lourdes candle is a true testament to faith and devotion.

      A powerful symbol of prayer

      Lighting a Lourdes candle is much more than a simple gesture; it is a profound act of faith. Whether it's to ask for a grace, give thanks for a miracle received, or simply to meditate, each flame lit symbolises a prayer that rises to heaven. These candles are often used during processions and religious ceremonies in Lourdes, creating an intense and recollected spiritual atmosphere.

      Candles for every spiritual need

      The range of Lourdes candles includes votive candles, novena candles, and candles decorated with religious images, such as the Apparition of Our Lady to Saint Bernadette. Each type of candle is designed to meet different spiritual needs and prayer times. For example, novena candles are perfect for accompanying continuous prayers over a period of nine days, offering constant support in your spiritual endeavours.

      How to use Lourdes candles

      To get the most out of your Lourdes candles, place them in a safe, quiet place conducive to meditation and prayer. Light the candle with a clear intention and take the time to meditate. Let the flame burn until the end, symbolising the persistence of your prayer. You can also light several candles for specific intentions or for members of your family and friends, with each flame representing an individual prayer.

      Enrich your spiritual life

      Lourdes candles from La Ciergerie Lourdaise are available on our website in the Novena Candle category, where you'll also find other religious items to enrich your spiritual practice. Explore our collection and order today to bring the light of Lourdes into your home.