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Come and discover our wide selection of religious articles for Communion. Whether it is the first communion, the profession of faith or the confirmation, the Communion is an essential religious event in the life of a Christian. Indeed, Communion symbolizes the passion and commemoration of Christ, and a bond is created by receiving his body and blood. In order to keep a memorable souvenir of this religious event and to help you in your search for the ideal communion gift, our online religious shop offers you a selection of communion articles. Receive all your religious Communion gifts directly from our shops in Lourdes.

What to give as a communion gift? 

Communion is a religious event, but it is also an opportunity to offer gifts according to the communion tradition. But choosing the right gift for this religious celebration is not always easy, so we have some ideas for gifts for communion. The gift chosen will be a symbolic gift, which the communicant will keep throughout his life, so it is necessary to choose a symbolic and unique gift.

What gift for a boy's communion? What to give to a boy's communion?

Communion is an important event in a young boy's life, and a gift that reflects his Christian faith and religious commitment will show your encouragement. For example, giving Holy Family resin statue  or a statue of a Saint he likes, Golden-Plated cross pendant  or an original Creative Communion box  containing several religious objects. 

What to give for a girl's communion? What to give to a girl's communion?

Communion is also a very important step in a girl's life. A symbolic gift will show the importance of this event and the attachment you have for the communicant. For example, One-decade silver rosary with a cross and a Miraculous medal  or a Medal of Our Lady of Graces in gold plated l recalling the baptism, or a finely crafted and Genuine mother-of-pearl rosary with silvery chain 

What kind of Communion jewellery to offer?

A piece of jewellery is a symbolic gift that will mark the Communion. For your communion jewels, we propose miraculous medals, metal medals in silver or gold plated, find a vast choice of religious medals to offer for a communion. For example, this Mother-of-pearl and solid gold Angel medallion , representing a pensive angel, is an ideal communion gift.

Rosaries Communion  

Offer a unique and symbolic Lourdes rosary to accompany the prayers of the recipient. A rosary will be a useful and symbolic gift that will act as a reminder of Communion. For example, this Communion Rosary crystal glass beads , will be a unique gift for a communion.

Communion Candles and Candleholders 

As a souvenir decoration or by burning them to symbolize the successful completion of Communion, a Communion candle is an important element in this religious celebration. For example, this Communion Candle with coloured ribbon 40cm , will act as a symbolic souvenir of the communion.

Communion Boxes 

Choose a pre-designed box or create your own communion box. With a wide range of items available, design your own box with communion wafers, a sample of Lourdes water or a beautiful crucifix to show your encouragement to the person receiving communion. For example, this Communion dragee box with a cross pendant necklace  will be an original gift for a communion.

Communion Cross 

The cross represents the love of God, the Christian passion and eternal life. The communion cross is a strong symbol and will make a memorable souvenir. Our communion crosses also have souvenir certificates to mark the date of Communion. For example, Girl Communion cross with a souvenir certificate or Boy Communion cross with a souvenir certificate contain a souvenir certificate to keep a written record of the Communion.

Catholic Gifts for Communion

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