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Religious Bookshop

The Palais du Rosaire religious shop just a step away from the Grotto Massabielle has selected in this section all the articles of religious bookshop. Here you will find a wide range of novena booklets to accompany your prayers with your novena candles, high quality themed prayer books as well as our range of religious images bearing the effigy of Lourdes and the various Saints. The religious bookshop is the support of your daily prayers. An indispensable religious object, the religious bookshop will accompany you in your prayers.

Religious bookshop

Religious Bookshop, Subcategories

  • Religious book

    Indelible memory of the Catholic religion, religious books have made it possible to transmit the religious history of Christians. True witnesses of the Catholic faith, books and booklets are indispensable in the daily life of a Christian. Our religious shop, located just a stone's throw from the Grotto of Massabielle, has specially selected a range of religious books bearing the image of Lourdes and the Saints, as well as novena booklets to accompany your novena candles. Pray with these religious books shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

  • Prayer card

    Our Lourdes prayer cards will guide you in your religious life. These Lourdes prayer cards with the effigy of Our Lady Apparition will help you to stay close to God. Order your prayer cards and souvenirs of Lourdes thanks to our online shop of catholic gifts.

  • Bible

    The Bible is a collection of Catholic scriptures: the Old Testament and the New Testament, which recounts the life of Jesus Christ. The Bible in everyday French is intended for Christians who wish to pray to the Eternal. This book, the first printed literary work, contains the sacred texts since Abraham. The Old Testament consists of the Pentateuch, which in turn consists of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
    The New Testament contains the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

  • Virtual book

    Discover our exclusive collection of downloadable PDF virtual prayer books, specially designed to accompany you on your spiritual journey. These books are carefully crafted to offer you an inspiring prayer experience that's accessible wherever you are.

    Immerse yourself in our virtual prayer books and let yourself be guided by profound and comforting texts. Each book is a true source of inspiration, offering a variety of prayers to meet your specific spiritual needs. Whether you're looking for prayers for healing, inner peace, gratitude, protection or hope, you'll find resources to suit every situation.

    The great thing about virtual prayer books is that they're instantly accessible. Simply download the PDF file and enjoy instant access to a vast collection of powerful prayers. You can consult them from any device: your computer, your tablet or even your smartphone. So you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of prayer wherever you are and whenever it suits you.

  • Children's book

    Discover our collection of children's books on religion, carefully selected to introduce young minds to faith and spiritual teachings. These books are crafted to capture the attention of children while imparting valuable lessons and stories rich in meaning.

    Each book in our range is an invitation to explore different religious traditions and beliefs in an accessible and engaging way. From illustrated Bible stories to inspiring tales of saints, our books offer an engaging and educational approach to spirituality.

    Beyond enriching religious knowledge, our children's books are designed to stimulate imagination, encourage reflection, and promote tolerance and respect for differences. They are valuable tools for parents and educators wishing to support children on their faith journey.

    Browse our selection to find the children's book on religion that will spark curiosity and nourish the minds of young readers, helping them to understand and appreciate the richness of spiritual heritage.

  • Prayer box

    Explore our collection of prayer boxes, precious containers designed to hold dear words and prayers. These small boxes, true spiritual treasures, are intended to offer a space for reflection and personal connection with your faith.

    Each prayer box is meticulously crafted to become an intimate sanctuary where you can deposit your thoughts, wishes, and prayers. Available in a variety of styles and materials, they are perfect for placing on a bedside table, in a meditation space, or carrying with you as a daily source of inspiration.

    Beyond their spiritual function, our prayer boxes are also delicate pieces of art, adorned with motifs and symbols that reflect the depth and beauty of religious tradition. They make a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one, offering a refuge for the most intimate thoughts.

    Browse our selection to find the prayer box that resonates with your heart, and create a personal ritual of reflection and spirituality.

  • Novena booklet

    Explore our selection of novena booklets, spiritual guides designed to accompany your novena periods with devotion and focus. These booklets contain prayers, meditations, and reflections for each day of the novena, offering valuable support in your spiritual journey.

    Each novena booklet is an invitation to deepen your relationship with the divine through prayer and meditation. Whether seeking a grace, for a particular intention, or simply to strengthen your faith, our booklets are crafted to guide you day by day in this intense spiritual practice.

    Easy to use and richly elaborated, our novena booklets are suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or accustomed to devotional practices. They also make a wonderful gift to share the beauty and power of prayer with loved ones.

    Browse our collection to find the novena booklet that resonates with your spiritual needs, and begin your prayer journey with confidence and serenity.

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