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    Miraculous Medal in silvery metal

    Miraculous Medal in silvery metal measuring 17mm. This medal made of high quality aluminium represents Our Lady of Grace. The Miraculous Medal of Rue du Bac is known for the power of its protection against evil spirits. Thanks to this medal Our Lady of Grace will protect you. Receive this medal from our stores in Lourdes when you buy from our online...

    Religious Bracelet Saints pictures on varnished wood beads,...

    Religious Bracelet entirely made of colour pictures of Saints, mounted on varnished wood beads. You will find religious pictures on this bracelet like Lourdes Apparition, Saint Bernadette, Pope John Paul II, Our Lady of Grace...Wear every day this nice religious bracelet that will make a powerful protector. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    Divine Mercy and Lourdes Apparition Medal diameter 3cm

    Silvery metal medallion of Divine Mercy on one side and Lourdes apparition on the other side 3cm diameter. With its nice embossed details, this round medal pictures Divine Mercy  and Lourdes Apparition . A symbol of indulgence, the mercy of Jesus is one of the most popular devotions. This medallion of Divine Mercy will bring you closer to Christ.

    Divine Mercy medal and Lourdes Apparition on reverse

    Divine Mercy medal and Lourdes Apparition on reverse diameter of 1.5cm. Real popular devotion to Christ, Mercy is a form of compassion for others notably associated with generosity leading to forgiving. Wear this medal of Divine Mercy to receive blessings. Order your religious jewels and gifts on our online catholic giftstore.All orders are shipped from...

    Rose-shaped metal medallion and Lourdes Apparition

    Resin religious picture frame measuring 4.5 x 6 cm and featuring the representation of Lourdes Apparition in silver metal. A lovely Lourdes religious picture frame made of hard resin and in beige colour. A nice souvenir of Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette.

    Religious Bracelet Saints pictures on square wood beads

    Fancy Stretch Bracelet made of square wood beads decorated with pictures of religious icons and alternating small wooden beads. You will find the picture of Our Lady, of Our Lady of Grace, of Pope and many others. This fancy religious bracelet will make a true protector. Wear every day this fancy religious bracelet for your complete well-being.

    Silver metal cross pendant

    Silver metal cross pendant, 2 cm high including the bow. This small cross-shaped pendant is discreet. Its low price will seduce you. Find this silvery cross pendant on our website. With Palais du Rosaire, the religious store of Lourdes, order online your souvenirs of Lourdes and religious items.

    Lourdes Apparition sequined silver metal medallion

    Blue colour silver metal medallion showing Lourdes Apparition. The sequined sidess and the blue colour of this metal medallion beautifully adorn the representation of Our Lady of Lourdes. A lovely Lourdes religious medallion that will charm you.

    Birth fancy necklace and genuine Crystal Angel

    Birth genuine crystal fancy necklace. A beautiful fancy necklace showing a precious and subtle little angel that will look upon you. The colour of the wings refer to each birth month. Offer this nice birth fancy necklace.

    Lourdes Cord rosary bracelet with a medallion

    Rosary bracelet made of colour roping knots alternating with 10 silvery squared pearls and w a nice rose-shaped medallion showing Lourdes Apparition. This classical rosary bracelet will help you to say with faith a dozen of prayers. With our religious online store, order this cord rosary bracelet sent from our shops in Lourdes.

    Saint Michael's medal in metal

    Medal of Saint Michael, silvery metal, 1.5cm in diameter. This round medal, made of silvery metal, represents Saint Michael, Prince of the Archangels and great defender of the Faith. Keep with you this beautiful medal of Saint Michael, pray to this archangel and ask for his protection and strength. Shipped from Lourdes, order on our religious online...

    Rosary bracelet glowing beads and Lourdes Apparition

    Rosary bracelet featuring rose-shaped and glowing beads as well as a medal picturing Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes and a nice cross. Wear this Lourdes glowing rosary bracelet every day and even say your night prayers with serenity.

    Silver metal chain 45 cm

    Silver metal chain measuring 45cm long. Classical metal chain that can fit with any kind of religious medallion or pendant. Thanks to the low price, complete your jewellery with this silver metal chain and a beautiful religious medallion or pendant.

    Egyptian Cross 20mm

    This Egyptian cross is made of hematite and measures 20mm. It is an original cross, indeed the Egyptian cross, also called "cross of life" symbolizes eternal life, immortality. Wear this cross around your neck or give it to a loved one to wish him/her eternal life, in this world and in the next.

    Saint Rita metal Medal 15mm

    Saint Rita medal in metal measuring 15mm in diameter. This medal represents Saint Rita, patron saint of lost causes. This round medal at a low price will allow you to keep the spirit of Saint Rita close to you at all times. Shipped from our giftshops in Lourdes, buy this religious medal of Saint Rita on our online religious store.

    Saint Rita Necklace in rope with a prayer

    Saint Rita Necklace in adjustable rope. This rope necklace has a silver medal of Saint Rita. This religious necklace is accompanied by a picture and a prayer to Saint Rita. When praying Saint Rita you pray for desperate causes. This necklace will allow you to stay close to Saint Rita in all circumstances. Buy this necklace of Saint Rita on our online...

    Parchment-shaped and Lourdes Apparition silver metal medallion

    Parchment-shaped silver metal medallion showing the Apparition and the Basilica of Lourdes. This metal medallion with cured details gives us a nice picture of Lourdes Apparition and the Basilica. The parchment shape gives a genuine and a precious aspect.

    Silver ring with a cross

    Solid silver ring available in several sizes. This beautiful silver ring is beautifully decorated with a cross. Religious jewellery is a true testimony to your Christian devotion. Affirm your catholic faith with this silver dizainer ring on sale on our religious objects website, only a few steps away from the Massabielle grotto of Lourdes.

    Rosary necklace colour beads and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Rosary necklace made of colour beads and a centerpiece showing Lourdes. A lovely religious rosary necklace, mixing the aesthetic of a necklace with the authenticity of a rosary. Beautiful and discrete, here is jewellery that will charm you and will be easy to wear.

    Stone beads bracelet with cross

    This bracelet is made of synthetic stones with a marbled effect and comes with a coloured cross. This religious and discreet bracelet will be ideal around your wrist. The cross of Christ will accompany you in your daily prayers and in your faith. A Christian jewel from Lourdes, to offer or to offer yourself.

    Lourdes Apparition metal medallion and Bernadette portrait

    Metal medallion nicely decorated with a blue background and showing Lourdes Apparition as well as the portrait of Saint Bernadette at the back. This metal medallion perfectly represents the events of Lourdes and remains an essential piece of Lourdes religious jewellery. Get this Lourdes metal medallion.

    Golden metal pin Lourdes Apparition centerpiece and Our Lady portray

    Golden metal pin featuring a medallion picturing Lourdes Apparition on the front and Our Lady's portrait at the back. A safety pin will help you hang this metal pin. Keep the spirit of Lourdes with you thanks to this golden metal pin.

    Miraculous Medal glow in the dark in metal

    4 cm high metal Miraculous Medal, glows in the dark. This medal is perfect to pray and ask for Our Lady's graces and protection. Phosphorescent, this Miraculous medallion will bring you peace and guide you in your night prayers. Order this medallion on our online store of religious items.

    Golden metal chain with alternated mesh 50cm

    Here is a beautiful 50 cm long golden metal chain made of alternated meshes. With this chain, create your own set of jewellery by completing your purchase with a medal or a cross. Take advantage of this low cost golden metal chain. Order and receive at home this religious jewel. Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store.

    Blue metal pin of Our Lady and Lourdes Apparition

    Silvery metal pin of a double-sided colour medallion picturing Lourdes Apparition and at the back the portrait of Our Lady. This pin is available in blu. Wear this pin and the spirit of Lourdes will always be with you. Order and receive at home this nice pin of Lourdes.

    Round mother-of-pearl pendant with tree of life

    This necklace consists of a silver plated steel chain with a round mother of pearl pendant, which is accompanied by a silver plated tree of life. The tree of life is a Christian symbol, associated with God's love and protection. It also symbolises peace and harmony. Carrying this message, this necklace will be ideal to accompany you in your daily life.

    Rubber fancy necklace and hematite cross pendant

    Religious fancy necklace made of a rubber necklace and a cross-shaped pendant. This beautiful cross, modern and discrete, is made of hematite stone, which gives it all its charm. A religious fancy necklace that will prove your faith with subtlety.

    2 pieces set Miraculous medals in golden metal

    2 pieces set golden metal medallions showing Our Lady of Grace. Two nice golden medallions picturing the Miraculous Lady, who appeared to Catherine Labouré in 1830. Wear these 2 medallions of confidence and you will be under the protection of Our Lady.

    Our Lady and Lourdes Apparition Two-sides golden metal pin

    Golden metal pin made of a round double-sided medallion showing on one side the portrait of Our Lady and on the other side Lourdes Apparition. Wear this nice pin on your clothes every day and the spirit of Our Lady will protect you. Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store.

    Gold metal chain 50 cm, forçat-link

    Gold metal chain measuring 50 cm long. This gold metal chain has forçat-link. With this metal chain wear all yours religious medals and pendants. This chain will be an essential element to make a beautilful jewellery. Receive directly to your home this religious jewellery come from our shops.

    Silvery metal chain and alternate mesh 50cm

    50 cm long silvery metal chain. This silvery metal chain is made of an alternate mesh. Order and receive this metal chain to make a set of jewelry with a medallion and a cross pendant. The classic style of this silvery metal chain will fit all medallion and pendant types.

    Orthodox cross in golden metal 18mm

    This orthodox cross is made of golden metal and measures 18mm. The cross is adorned with silver rhinestones. It is therefore a bright, original cross with religious symbolism. Wear it and feel the power of the Christian faith. This cross will accompany all your prayers to the Lord.

    Silvery metal medallion blue enamelled double-sided Miraculous Lady

    Silvery metal medallion and blue enamelled showing the Miraculous Lady on both sides. As a tribute to Our Lady Apparition to Catherine Labouré in 1830, this Miraculous medallion worn with confidence will protect you and bring you Our Lady's graces.

    Cord and wood rosary bracelet and Tau cross

    Cord and wood rosary bracelet featuring a Tau cross, sign of the Franciscans and symbolof peace and blessing. People wearing a sign of Tau recognize being saved. So wear this rosary bracelet with the Tau crosses to say your saving prayers.

    Big Saint Benedict medal in metal 4,8cm

    Big Silvery metal medal showing  Saint Benedict  in a size of4.8 cm. This metal medal displays symbols and texts referring to the life of Saint Benedict. A true protector against Satan and the spiritual and physical dangers, this metal medal will be your allied against evil forces.It will be shipped from our religious giftstores from Lourdes.

    Silver-plated metal adjustable rosary ring

    Silver-plated metal rosary ring fully adjustable by spreading effect. To show your faith, wear this nice rosary ring every day and recite your prayers ,any place and any time. Order and receive at home this rosary ring shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    Saint Michael Necklace with a prayer

    Adjustable rope necklace with a silvery Saint Michael medal. This necklace is sent with a prayer card to Saint Michael. This religious necklace will accompany you in your daily life and will make you benefit of Saint Michael support, leader of the Archangel's militia. Buy online on our religious giftshop and receive this necklace of Saint Michael, sent...

    Stretch Bracelet with golden pearls and genuine stones

    Religious Bracelet featuring golden pearls alternating with pearls made of genuine colour stones. Elastically mounted, this religious bracelet is very easy to wear. The different shades of the stones bring a contrast of beautiful colours enhanced by the golden pearls. Order and receive at home this lovely religious bracelet directly shipped from our shops...

    Rosary bracelet silvery medals Louirdes Apparition and Our Lady

    Rigid rosary bracelet featuring silvery medals picturing Lourdes Apparition and Our Lady. This Lourdes rosary bracelet will help you get Our Lady's protection and always keep Lourdes spirit with you. Have this rosary bracely shipped at home.

    Apparition and Lourdes water silver metal medallion

    Silver metal medal picturing Lourdes Apparition with a small blue detail and featuring a small vial containing precious Lourdes water. Keep this metal medal close to you and Our Lady will protect you from evil spirits.

    Saint Anthony medal rope Necklace with a prayer

    Saint Anthony Necklace composed of an adjustable cord and a beautiful silvery medal of Saint Anthony. This pretty religious necklace comes with a beautiful picture of Saint Anthony and a prayer. Doctor of Catholic Church, Saint Anthony will help you find all sorts of healings. Get this Saint Anthony necklace on our catholic shop online, We will ship it to...

    Cradle cross medallion and Lourdes Apparition flower 11 x 17 cm

    Cradle medallion measuring 11 x 17 cm and showing a picture of Lourdes Apparition and a benevolent angel with sweet colours. This cradle medallion is a traditional decoration to hang on a child's cradle to get the protection of Our Lady and the Angels.

    Our Lady of Grace Golden metal pin

    Our Lady of Grace Golden metal pin This pin is made of a safety pin and of a 1.5 cm high Miraculous medallion. With Our Lady of Grace's pin with nice details, you will get protection and graces from Our Lady. Wear this beautiful pin of Our Lady of Grace. Order your religious jewels on our online Christian store.

    Silver medal of the Apparition of Lourdes of 20mm and 0,87g

    For your prayers, buy this Silver medal of the Apparition of Lourdes of 20mm and 0,87g. This Medals and Cross Metal is made to accompany you in your Christian prayers and to bring you divine protection.Buy online this Silver medal of the Apparition of Lourdes of 20mm and 0,87g. Fast shipping of this Medals and Silver Cross from our Catholic gift shop in...

    Saint Christopher Silver round medal 20mm

    Sterling Silver Saint Christopher medal diameter 2 cm. Saint Christopher is the protector of travelers. Saint Christopher will protect anyone wearing this Silver medal during their trips but also for life. Offer this beautiful medal as a religious present for a christening or a communion.

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    Genuine colour stone rosary bracelet

    Rosary bracelet made of genuine stone with nice colours. A lovely rosary bracelet with many colours, beautiful genuine stone and cured details. This discrete rosary bracelet is easy to wear and will guide your prayers. Have this rosary bracelet shipped at home.

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    Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal 20mm

    Silver 925/1000 Medallion of Our Lady of Grace 2.5cm high including the fastening ring. This mat Silver medallion featured very nice details such as the date 1830 and the inscription "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee". With this beautiful Silver medal, get the graces of Our Lady. Medallion shipped from our shops in...

    Silver cross in stainless steel 5 cm

    For your prayers, buy this Silver cross in stainless steel 5 cm. This Necklaces and gold chains is made to accompany you in your Christian prayers and to bring you divine protection.Buy online this Silver cross in stainless steel 5 cm. Fast shipping of this Necklaces and gold chains from our Catholic gift shop in Lourdes, France.

    Lourdes cross pendant Silvery metal 6.5cm

    Cross pendant of Lourdes,in Silvery metal 6.5cm high including the bow. This cross pendant is decorated with the Basilica of Lourdes, Lourdes Apparition, the portrait of Our Lady and of the Holy Spirit. These powerful religious symbols turn this cross pendant into a unique religious jewel. Order this cross pendant on our online store of Lourdes.

    Showing 1 - 50 of 420 items


    Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and jewellery, has selected a wide range of religious jewellery like medallions, Gold, Silver, Gold-Plated and Metal cross pendants, religious bracelets and rings from its stores in Lourdes. You can also show your catholic faith thanks to religious jewellery. Thanks to our different religious...

    Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and jewellery, has selected a wide range of religious jewellery like medallions, Gold, Silver, Gold-Plated and Metal cross pendants, religious bracelets and rings from its stores in Lourdes. You can also show your catholic faith thanks to religious jewellery. Thanks to our different religious jewels with a modern and refined style, you will wear jewellery with the effigy of Our Lady, of Christ or of the catholic religion with ease every day. Religious jewellery will be a way for you to keep a symbol or a representation of your catholic faith with you.