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Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and jewellery, has selected a wide range of religious jewellery like medallions, Gold, Silver, Gold-Plated and Metal cross pendants, religious bracelets and rings from its stores in Lourdes. You can also show your catholic faith thanks to religious jewellery. Thanks to our different religious jewels with a modern and refined style, you will wear jewellery with the effigy of Our Lady, of Christ or of the catholic religion with ease every day. Religious jewellery will be a way for you to keep a symbol or a representation of your catholic faith with you.

Bijoux Religieux de Lourdes - Spiritual elegance in gold and silver


  • Pendant and medal

    Palais du Rosaire, the religious online store of catholic jewellery, offers a wide selection of religious medallions and cross pendants. You will find here a wide range of Gold, Gold-Plated, Silver medallions and cross pendants. Discover these wonderful religious medallions and show your catholic devotion. These medallions are available in several sizes, colours and with different representations of Lourdes and of Our Lady. Our medallions and our cross pendants are shipped directly from our stores in Lourdes.

  • Necklace and Set

    Our Christian online store offers you a whole range of Gold, SilverGold-Plated and fancy necklaces and chains. Discover our selection of religious necklaces with the effigy of Our Lady, of Our Lady of Grace or even of Lourdes. Thanks to our different chains, make a nice set with a medallion or a cross pendant. Our online store of catholic jewellery has the greatest choice of religious chains and necklaces of Lourdes. These chains and necklaces are available in several sizes and colours. Assert your faith with our religious necklaces and our chains.

  • Bracelet

    Our catholic online store offers you a wide range of SilverGold-Plated and fancy catholic bracelets. Choose among different models of bracelets. These religious bracelets feature the symbols of the catholic religion. You will find the representations of Lourdes Apparition, of Our Lady of Grace, of Our Lady or even of famous Saints. Besides, Palais du Rosaire offers you decade rosaries to help you to say the rosary wherever you are. These religious bracelets are shipped from our stores in Lourdes. Show your catholic devotion while beautifying your outfits with our religious bracelets of Lourdes.

  • Ring

    Our online store of catholic jewellery offers you a selection of Gold-Plated, Silver and fancy rings. Discover several models of catholic rings with the effigy of the catholic religion. These rings are available in different sizes and come with a size guide. Our religious rings are shipped directly from our shops in Lourdes. Prayed with these religious rings and share your catholic devotion while beautifying your outfits with our catholic jewellery of Lourdes.

  • Chain

    Palais du Rosaire, your online destination for religious and spiritual items, is delighted to present its elegant selection of chains for necklaces. These chains, carefully selected for their quality and beauty, are perfect to accompany your medals, crosses and other religious pendants, allowing you to personalise your expression of faith. Our chains are available in a variety of lengths, styles and materials, including silver and metal, to ensure they match your personal preferences and budget. Whether you're looking for a delicate chain for everyday use or a sturdier option to hold your most treasured symbols of faith, you'll find the perfect choice in our collection to complement your outfit and wear your beliefs close to your heart.

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Blue enamelled Miraculous medal

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    Miraculous Medal in silvery metal

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    Silver metal cross pendant

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      Wood communion cross with cord 9.5 cm

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        3.2cm golden cross with Christ

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          The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Religious Jewellery

          In the world of religious jewellery, each piece has a unique story, meaning and purpose. Whether you're looking for spiritual protection, a statement of faith, or a gift for a loved one, understanding the value and symbolism of these jewels can enrich your experience.

          The Meaning of Religious Medals

          Religious medals are not just ornaments, they are symbols of faith, protection and blessing. For example, the Miraculous Medal is often worn to invoke the intercession of the Holy Mary. Each medal tells the story of a saint, an aspect of Jesus' life, or a Christian dogma, offering more than aesthetic beauty: a deep connection with your spirituality.

          Choosing a Religious Bracelet: More than an Accessory

          Religious bracelets, especially tenner bracelets, keep prayer and meditation close at hand. They serve as a constant reminder of God's presence and can be used to recite prayers throughout the day. Why not check out our article on how to pray a novena for a better understanding of how to incorporate these jewels into your spiritual practice?

          The Importance of Crosses and Crucifixes

          Crosses and crucifixes are at the heart of the Christian faith, symbolising Jesus' sacrifice and his unconditional love for humanity. Choosing a decorative crucifix or pendant cross is a powerful way of affirming your faith and reminding you daily of Christ's teachings. Each style and material, from wood to silver, carries with it a particular nuance of devotion and cultural heritage.

          Religious Rings: Daily Expressions of Faith

          Wearing a religious ring is a discreet but meaningful way of carrying your faith with you every day. Whether it's a silver ring engraved with a prayer or a dizainier ring, each piece serves as a reminder of your spiritual commitment. When choosing a ring, consider the holiness or values it represents to you, transforming a simple piece of jewellery into a personal spiritual companion.