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Rosary box

In this category, you will find all our rosary boxes with the effigy of Lourdes to protect your rosary during all your travels. All our rosary boxes are shipped directly from our stores in Lourdes, located right next to the Grotto and the Shrine of Lourdes.

Rosary box - Palais du Rosaire

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Lourdes Silvery rosary box with Divine Mercy

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Box for Rosary with Sacred Representations

The Rosary Box is an essential accessory for any believer wishing to keep their rosary in a case that respects and reflects the sacredness of this object of prayer. Available in plastic, metal or wood, these boxes are adorned with beautiful representations of Catholic saints or the apparition of Lourdes, making them more than just storage, a true object of devotion.

Quality materials and detailed finishes

Whether you choose a sturdy wooden, finely crafted metal or durable lightweight plastic version, each rosary box is designed to effectively protect your rosary. The detailed finishes and sacred images that adorn these boxes make them unique and personal.

Spirituality and Tradition

Each box is a celebration of the Catholic faith, whether through the peaceful figure of the Blessed Virgin in the apparition at Lourdes or through the inspiring images of the saints. Using these boxes to store your rosary can enrich your prayer practice and remind you of the teachings and miracles of these spiritual figures.

Discover our selection of RAPARY BOXES in our online shop. You'll find models that meet not only your conservation needs but also your desire for beauty and spiritual meaning.

Order your rosary box now and give your rosary a shrine worthy of your devotion and piety.