Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and Lourdes souvenirs, offers you in the religious items section a multitude of catholic gifts like religious candles, religious frames, crucifixes, religious incense and many other things. In this category, you will find essential religious items for your Christian life. These catholic gifts will help you to show your faith every day and will guide you in your prayers. All our catholic gifts are shipped from our shops in Lourdes. Order and have your much-needed catholic gifts sent at home.

Unique Religious Objects to Maintain Your Christian Faith

RELIGIOUS ITEMS, Subcategories

  • Religious candle

    Introduce sacred light into your prayer space with our religious candles, mainly produced by Ciergerie Lourdaise. Each Novena candle or candle in plant wax is an offering of purity for your moments of contemplation, providing a stable and serene flame for your meditations or rituals.

    Whether you wish to honour a tradition, celebrate a sacrament or simply embellish your daily meditation, our candles, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, are here to accompany you. Visit our selection to find the candle that resonates with your faith and spiritual practices.

  • Religious incense

    Send your prayers thanks to our religious incense. Palais du Rosaire offers you a very wide choice of incense with the effigy of saints and iconic figures of the Catholic religion. Choose among our selection of incense and order your religious incense on our website of catholic gifts.

  • Well-being

    Discover our wellness category, a unique selection of products designed to enrich your spiritual journey while promoting relaxation and serenity. Each of our products, from religious essential oils to scented lotions and soaps, is inspired by saints of the Christian religion and aims to assist you in your quest for physical and spiritual well-being.

    Our religious essential oils are infused with essences chosen for their connection to holy figures and their soothing properties, offering a deeply spiritual way to reconnect and find inner peace.

    The scented lotions, enriched with fragrances inspired by holy places and spiritual figures, are formulated to harmonize body and spirit, wrapping you in an aura of tranquility and faith.

    Our soaps, made with natural ingredients, transform your personal care routine into an act of purification and devotion, helping you feel renewed and blessed.

    Browse our wellness category selection to find products that will help you cultivate a sense of calm and spiritual connection, while honoring the saints and teachings of the Christian religion.

  • Religious Bookshop

    The Palais du Rosaire religious shop just a step away from the Grotto Massabielle has selected in this section all the articles of religious bookshop. Here you will find a wide range of novena booklets to accompany your prayers with your novena candles, high quality themed prayer books as well as our range of religious images bearing the effigy of Lourdes and the various Saints. The religious bookshop is the support of your daily prayers. An indispensable religious object, the religious bookshop will accompany you in your prayers.

  • Decorative cross and...

    Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store, offers a wide range of religious crosses and crucifixes. Crucifixes are the representaion of Christ crucified on the cross. Discover our crosses and crucifixes in different materials, colours and sizes to suit all tastes. Our catholic online store offers religious crucifixes and crosses made of wood, metal or resin. As a symbol of crucifixion and religious devotion, crucifixes often hang on walls of houses. You can also get a crucifix or a cross and benefit from God's grace in your home.

  • Religious ornament

    Palais du Rosaire, the online store of Lourdes souvenirs and catholic gifts, offers a wide selection of catholic gifts. Discover our holy water fonts nicely decorated with the effigy of Lourdes Apparition. These holy water fonts are available in several sizes and several materials. Discover also our pyxes that will allow you to store your Hosts. Our catholic online store has a wide choice of holy water fonts and pyxes directly shipped from our shops located in Lourdes, right next to the Grotto. Order our different holy water fonts and pyxes and have them sent at home for your Christian life.

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              All you need to know about Religious Objects

              Religious objects play a crucial role in the spiritual life of believers. But how do you choose the right object for your spiritual and practical needs? Discover our guide to making informed choices.

              What religious objects to reinforce my prayer practice?

              Prayer is a moment of intimate communication with the divine. Objects such as candles and incense can create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and meditation. Candles symbolise God's light, while incense represents our prayers ascending to heaven.

              How can I incorporate religious oils and lotions into my faith life?

              The religious oils are often used for anointing during personal prayers, asking for protection and blessing. The scented lotions, meanwhile, can be applied daily as a constant reminder of God's presence in our lives.

              What religious literature can I use to deepen my faith?

              Choosing the right book can be crucial to nurturing your faith. Whether you're looking for guidance in prayer, deepening your knowledge of Scripture or inspiration to live a more godly life, our religious bookshop offers a wide range of books to suit every stage of your spiritual journey.

              How to choose a crucifix or cross

              The crucifix represents the sacrificial love of Christ and is a constant reminder of our faith. Depending on your home's tradition, you can choose between a crucifix (a cross with the body of Christ) and a simple cross. Think about where you will place it to choose its size and style.