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Set of 5 torches for procession candle in French, Italian, Spanish

Set of 5 cardboard torches for procession candle available in French, Italian and Spanish. This set of torches fits procession candles up to 2.5cm diameter. Thanks to our torches protect the flame of your procession candle and recite the prayer of Hail Mary. Order this set of torches from our catholic shop online. The ones used during the processions in...

Souvenir bank note 2020 from Lourdes

For all requests for special issues or anniversary tickets click on this link and fill out the form: FORM Souvenir bank note from Lourdes. This souvenir note from Lourdes is decorated with the Basilica of Lourdes on the front as well as the Lourdes Apparition and representations of historic monuments at the back. A perfect souvenir from Lourdes. A replica...

Novena candle white

Buy this 17,5 cm high Novena candle. This quality novena candle is the perfect choice for a unique inner experience. Burning for 9 days, this candle will accompany you in your prayers. A symbol of piety, it will help you to obtain a particular grace or to honour God or a saint. Free delivery in France from 49€ purchase.

Prayer card, Lourdes Apparition, prayers and Lourdes water vial...

Prayer card picturing Our Lady Apparition in front of Our Lady in 1858 at the Grotto of Lourdes. This prayer card has the characteristic of featuring a 10 ml vial filled with precious Lourdes water graciously offered. Order and have this Lourdes original card shipped at home.

Large inscription for Cemetery headstone

Large inscription model to personalise your cemetery headstone. Browse our bronze effect plastic texts. The different messages of our texts will allow you to personalise a cemetery headstone and pay tribute to your deceased. We propose several texts, find them on our online shop from Lourdes, by clicking on the list below price.

Transparent case for souvenir bank note from Lourdes

Transparent plastic case measuring 13.9 cm long and 8.5 cm high. With this transparent case, you can store your souvenir bank note from Lourdes to protect it. This transparent case can also be very convenient to protect Lourdes pictures. An accessory for your souvenirs from Lourdes.

2 pieces set Lourdes mass cards in English

2 pieces set mass cards showing Lourdes Apparition and featuring a text in English. A batch of two lovely folding prayer cards, perfect to complete your gifts. The beautiful Lourdes Apparition picture and the sweet message in English will comfort you.Available  on our online religious shop from Lourdes - France.

Inscription small model for Cemetery headstone

Small inscription model for cemetery headstone. Thanks to these texts available for sale on our online religious shop, personalise a cemetery headstone in homage to your deceased. Our inscriptions are bronze effect plastic. We offer several texts, browse them by clicking on the list below the price, and they will be shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Outdoor red votive candle with a Lourdes Apparition 10 cm

Red votive candle measuring 10 cm high specially designed for exterior use and decorated with a Lourdes Apparition sticker. Our votive candle features a golden hat to protect the flame, thus extending your prayer requests.

Our Lady of Lourdes bright sticker

A lovely bright Lourdes sticker that you can stick anywhere you want. The modern reprsentation of Our Lady in a rosary drawing will prove your faith with tenderness. This sticker is a nice souvenir from Lourdes to have shipped at home or to offer.

10 Self-Lite Charcoal for religious incense

Pack of 10 religious incense Charcoal. Once lit and ignited, place the religious incense grains on the charcoal and enjoy the sweet smell of the incense. The charcoals are therefore essential for using your incense grains. With this set of 10 charcoals delivered in a hermetic bag you can burn religious incense.For sale on our religious giftshop from Lourdes.

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Miraculous Medal Card from Rue du Bac, Paris

Plastic-coated medal card of the real Miraculous Medal of the Rue du Bac. This image measures 6.5cm by 4cm. The Miraculous Medal represents Our Lady of Grace who appeared to Catherine Labouré in Paris. Keep always with you this medal card of Our Lady of Grace thanks to its small size. Buy this card shipped from Lourdes on our online religious shop.

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Batch of two Our Lady of Lourdes Apparition red votive candle 6.5 cm

Bacth of two red votive candle measuring 6,5 cm high decorated with a picture of Our Lady of Lourdes Apparition. With simplicity, this small votive candle honouring Lourdes Apparitions could be put anywhere you want. Perfect for your prayers, its will emit a benevolent light.

Miraculous Lady 20 religious incense sticks

Miraculous Lady religious incense consisting in 20 sticks. Thanks to this incense, call upon the Miraculous Lady to bring peace, assistance and well-being around you and to your loved ones. Diffuse this incense delicately at home.

Mary Undoer of Knots 20 religious incense sticks

Mary Undoer of Knots religious incense made of 20 sticks with a precious and natural scent. Get this incense in a box featuring a prayer to Our Lady. Our Lady will help you undo the knots of your life. Diffuse thi incense at home.

Wood Lourdes' Religious frame with gilding 10x15cm

Religious frame of Lourdes in wood measuring 10x15cm. This wooden frame is decorated with the image of the Apparition of Lourdes. With its golden outlines, this beautiful frame will embellish your home or your prayer space. On sale in our religious shop located just a stone's throw from the Sanctuary of Lourdes, receive this Lourdes religious frame...

Saint Rita 20 religious incense sticks

Saint Rita religious incense consisting in 20 sticks. Saint Rita, advocate of the impossible cases, will follow you in your quest for solutions. Diffuse this Saint Rita incense et get all her help. A nice prauer to her is written on the presentation box.

Lourdes prayer card and a vial of Lourdes water

Religious prayer card picturing Lourdes Apparition with a vial of precious and graciously offered Lourdes water. This religious card features a beautiful prayer on the back as well as nice golden details. Take it everywhere with you and the spirit of Lourdes will follow you. This religious card is shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Our Lady of Lourdes 20 religious incense sticks

Our Lady of Lourdes religious incense consisting in 20 sticks. Called upon for the healing of the body and mind, this Our Lady of Lourdes incense will lead you to the way to recovery. Diffuse with this sweetness this incense and get it inside a box featuring a prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Divine Mercy 20 religious incense sticks

Divine Mercy religious incense made of 20 sticks with a delicate and 100% natural scent. This Divine Mercy incense will help you trust in Jesus Christ and express your mercy and prayers. The packing box feature a nice prayer. Diffuse this religious incense at home.Shipped from our catholic gift stores in Lourdes.

Lourdes Genuine Candle 35 x 2.5 cm

Order on our website the genuine Lourdes candle used in the light chapels of the Sanctuaries of Lourdes. Receive directly at home this white and blue candle and make it burn while praying. This candle is directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.It will extend your prayers.

Saint Michael 20 religious incense sticks

Religious incense in 20 sticks of the Archangel Saint Michael, chief of celestial milittias of angels. Shipped in a box decorated with a prayer to Saint Michael, this religious incense will bring you the protection of the famous Archangel. Get this religious incense to perfume your home delicately.

Set of 5 Lourdes genuine Procession Candle

The genuine candle of the procession of Lourdes used by pilgrims coming to the Sanctuaries of Lourdes. Make these white and blue end candles burn at home. You cannot make the trip to Lourdes? So order online these 5 Lourdes candles .IThey will accompanies your prayers at home. These candles is directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Batch of two red votive candle 4 cm

Universal and simple, this batch of two red and multi-purpose votive candle can be set anywhere. Perfect for your prayers, its red transparent flame retardant plastic creates a benevolent light. Get your red votive candle to say your prayers.

Lourdes Apparition religious colour cross 13.5 cm

Religious cross measuring 13.5 cm high revealing a cute and lovely representation of Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. The amazing colours and the golden details will beautify your home. This Lourdes religious cross will protect you.

Lourdes book "Lourdes Bernadette"

Lourdes book relating the story of Lourdes and Bernadette. Through this beautiful Lourdes book, you will travel to a time of mysteries and wonders. The story of Bernadette, of the Sanctuaries, the most famous places in Lourdes, featuring remarkable pictures to take you on one reading-lasting trip.

Dark wood Crucifix to hang 13cm

13 cm dark wood crucifix. A true devotion item, this crucifix is reminiscent of the death of Christ on the cross, to save mankind. You will easily hang this wood crucifix on the wall with the attachment ring. Show your faith by buying and displaying this crucifix. Shipped from our gift stores in Lourdes buy from Palais du Rosaire's online religious...

Golden metal crucifix and Lourdes Apparition 11.5 cm

Golden colour metal crucifix measuring 11.5cm high and decorated with a nice picture of the representation of Our Lady Apparition in front of Saint Bernadette in Lourdes in 1858. Wear or take everywhere with you this Lourdes metal crucifix.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Religious incense 20 sticks

Sacred Heart of Jesus incense. The fragrance of this natural incense with a sweet scent of Copal will guide you in your prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thus, your devotion to the Sacred Heart will bring you closer to the loving Heart of Jesus, caring and merciful. This incense, sold in boxes of 20 sticks, will help you create a true atmosphere of...

Lourdes Apparition and prayer votive candle 10 cm

Votive candle measuring 10 cm high. This vorive candle is decorated with Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. This votive candle also features a lovely prayer as a tribute to Our Lady. Pray with this candle and its religious flame.

Olive wood crucifix and silvery Christ 10.5 cm

Light olive wooden crucifix measuring 10.5cm high. This olive wooden crucifix and his Christ with meticulous details will help you contemplate. This nice curicifix is a remider of the love of Jesus for humans. Get this wooden crucifix in a convenient pocket size.

Lourdes candle with a luminous rosary in a case

This small set of religious objects is an ideal Christian gift. It consists of two complementary religious objects for your prayers. A white candle, illustrated with a picture of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes. The second item is a fluorescent rosary mounted on a wire, all in a case.

Saint Anthony 20 religious incense sticks

Saint Anthony religious incense made of 20 sticks with an enchanting scent. Nicely stored in abox, the Saint Anthony incense will help you reconnect with lost objects and loved ones. The box features a prayer to Saint Anthony. Use this incense to perfume your home.

Saint Benedict 20 religious incense sticks

Saint Benedict religious incense consisting in 20 sticks. Be protected from evil influences and diseases with this Saint Benedict incense. The presentation box features a prayer to Saint Benedict to call upon him. Perfume your home delicately thanks to this incense.

Wooden Crucifix with Christ's image 10cm

Wooden crucifix decorated with the image of Christ measuring 10cm high. Delivered with a 10cm high ribbon this wooden crucifix cut in a modern shape will be an ideal catholic object for your prayer space. This wooden crucifix is an indispensable devotional object for your Christian daily life and will accompany you in your prayers. Sent from our shops in...

Guardian Angel religious colour cross 13.5 cm

Religious cross measuring 13.5 cm high and nicely decorated with a Guardian Angel. With this nice Angel religious cross with beautiful colour, protect yourself from bad spirits. The Guardian Angel on this cross will watch over you and your loved ones.

Holy Family Religioux incense 20 sticks

Holy Family Natural incense featuring 20 incense sticks. This lotus scents incense will provide a sweet perfume in your home. The Holy Family is symbolic of family love and of Our Lord Nativity. Here is a really appropriate incense to celebrate Christmas. Burn this incense and create a Christmas atmosphere. Order your incense online with Palais du Rosaire.

Lourdes Apparition silvery square religious candle 6 cm

Square religious candle measuring 6 cm high and nicely adorned with a picture of Lourdes Apparition and a beautiful silvery rose. Pray with this lovely Lourdes Apparition religious candle, its golden details will charm you.

Bougie de Noël 6,5cm

Bougie veilleuse de Noël mesurant 6,5cm de hauteur. Cette bougie blanche est décorée de l'image de la Nativité et des inscription Noël et Le Sauveur est Né. Cette jolie petite bougie se révelera parfaite pour agrémenter vos tables de Noël et vos moments de prières. Allumez cette bougie de Noël le 24 décembre à minuit et célébrez la naissance du Christ.

Religious candle Lourdes Apparition subjects 11 cm

Religious candle measuring 11 cm high ornated with Lourdes Apparition subjects. This Lourdes candle will prove very convenient to say all your prayers but also to nicely decorate your home. Have this religious candle shipped at home.

Saint Joseph prayer card with a medal

Saint Joseph prayer card with a medal 9 by 5.5cm. Depicting St Joseph,Jesus adoptive father, this Saint Joseph prayer card comes with a medal of St Joseph. With this Saint Joseph prayer card near you, Saint Joseph will accompany and protect you. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes, buy this Saint Joseph prayer card with a medal from our religious giftshop.

Leather Bookmark of Lourdes

Lourdes bookmark in brown genuine leather. This bookmark is beautifully decorated with a golden Apparition of Lourdes. Very practical, this souvenir of Lourdes will allow you not to lose the page of your catholic reading. This bookmark in soft genuine leather is sent from our catholic shop in Lourdes. This genuine leather bookmark with the effigy of...

Bernadette of Lourdes book for children

Children's book of 31 pages telling the Bernadette of Lourdes story. Beautifully illustrated, this book tells the famous story of little Bernadette who received the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes. With this book your children will be able to learn the story of Saint Bernadette and leaf through her illustrations. Available in several languages,...

Religious incense of Saint Joseph, 20 sticks

Incense of St. Joseph Jasmine perfume packaged in packs of 20 sticks. With this incense create the right atmosphere to pray to Saint Joseph, patron saint of families and father of Jesus Christ. Burn this incense of St. Joseph and create an atmosphere with the delicate scent of Jasmine. Buy this incense of Saint Joseph, on sale on our religious online gift...

Wood cross with the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross 30 cm

30 cm high wood cross. This cross is nicely adorned with the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, beautiful colours and golden reflects. In the center, the last station, the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Day. With this cross, reflect on his suffering and discover how deep his love for us is.

Lourdes Apparition prayer card in Thick plastic with a Miraculous...

Laminated prayer card picturing Our Lady Apparition in front of Bernadette in Lourdes. This prayer card also features the famous Miraculous Lady medal that will bring to you Our Lady's graces and protection. Have this prayer card and its miraculous medal shipped at home.

Our Lady of Lourdes religious essential oil, 10ml

Our Lady of Lourdes religious essential oil in 10ml bottle. This oil is made from natural plants and will diffuse a sweet scent of lavender in your home. A symbol of purity and calm, the smell of lavender will remind you of Our Lady of Lourdes. Pour a few drops into a diffuser and enjoy the sweet smell of this religious essential oil available on our...

Palo Santo religious purifying incense, 20 sticks

Palo Santo religious purifying incense fragrance. This incense is made from a South American tree called Palo Santo or "Sacred Wood" by the Incas. This religious incense has powerful purifying virtues and will help you to cleanse your interior of bad vibes. Shipped from Lourdes, receive at home this incense to buy on our online religious gift shop.

Saint Rita Prayer card with a medal

Laminated religious Saint Rita Prayer card. This Prayer card in credit card size comes with a medal of Saint Rita. This beautiful Prayer card represents Saint Rita, Patron Saint of desperate causes. With this Prayer card you can ask Saint Rita for help with your cause. Order online on our religious shop and receive this Prayer card at home.Shipped from...

Lourdes book "Bernadette recounts her Apparitions"

Lourdes book "Bernadette recounts her Apparitions". This book, written by Antonio Bernardo, relates Bernadette's life and tells us about  her Apparitions. Nicely illustrated, it is based on authentic texts by Bernadette Soubirous.This book aims at producing Bernadette's accounts in the way she left them for us. With this book, re-experience these...

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Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and Lourdes souvenirs, offers you in the religious items section a multitude of catholic gifts like religious candles, religious frames, crucifixes, religious incense and many other things. In this category, you will find essential religious items for your Christian life. These catholic gifts...

Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts and Lourdes souvenirs, offers you in the religious items section a multitude of catholic gifts like religious candles, religious frames, crucifixes, religious incense and many other things. In this category, you will find essential religious items for your Christian life. These catholic gifts will help you to show your faith every day and will guide you in your prayers. All our catholic gifts are shipped from our shops in Lourdes. Order and have your much-needed catholic gifts sent at home.