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10 cm high olive wood crucifix of Saint Benedict. This nice crucifix adorned with the medallion of Saint Benedict can be mounted to the wall thanks to the fastening ring. Thanks to this crucifix of Saint Benedict, you will be protected against evil forces. A symbol of your Christian faith and of Christ crucified, this olive wood crucifix can be admired...

30 cm high wood crucifix of Saint Benedict. This beautiful crucifix made of natural wood is decorated with a medallion of Saint Benedict. With its silvery Christ, this wood crucifix with fine edges is the perfect devotion item. Hang this crucifix and Saint Benedict will protect you against evil forces and bad spirits. Palais du Rosaire, the online Lourdes...

19 cm high Saint Benedict olive wood crucifix. This beautiful light wood crucifix features the medallion of Saint Benedict with nice colours. Saint Benedict is known for his exorcism virtues and his power to ward off demonic influences. With this crucifix of Saint Benedict, get protected against the evil forces. Order your incense online with Palais du...

Light wood crucifix, set on a base, 11.5cm high in total. A beautiful silvery Christ brings a classical style to this crucifix. Thanks to its base, this light wood crucifix can be placed wherever you want, at home. With the online store of religious items of Palais du Rosaire, order this crucifix and have it directly shipped at home.

13 cm high dark wood crucifix. A true devotion item, this crucifix is reminiscent of the death of Christ on the cross, out of love, to save mankind. You will easily hang this wood crucifix on the wall thanks to the attachment ring. Show your faith by buying and displaying this crucifix. Also as a gift for a friend. Palais du Rosaire, online store of...

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16cm Bronze Glorious Christ olive wood crucifix with enamel colours .This Glorious Christ crucifix in wood portrays Christ during the Last Judgment,.This depiction of Christ is a particular subject of Christian iconography. This olive wood crucifix to hang will fit perfectly into your home.

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12.5 cm high olive wood crucifix. This crucifix, a silvery representation of 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, tells the Passion of Christ. These 14 stations are the story of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus out of love for mankind before his resurrection on Easter day. Have this beautiful olive wood crucifix of the Way of the Cross shipped at home.

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Dark wooden crucifix adorned with the crucified Christ in silver metal with cured details. This crucifix is 10.5 cm high and evokes the altruism and love of the Christ for humans through his sacrifice. A symbol for Christianism, the crucifix is an item of contemplation.

Wooden crucifix featuring a realistic resin representation of the crucifixion of Christ by the Romans measuring 44.5 cm high. This wooden crucifix shows Jesus's sacrifice out of love for humans. This wooden crucifix will lead you to meditation and to contemplation.

Wooden crucifix featuring a metal representation of the Christ and Lourdes Apparition with sublte details. As a tribute to Christ's action for his love for humans, this wooden crucifix will help you contemplate and meditate. This crucifix will also make a very nice souvenir from Lourdes.

Wooden crucifix featuring a silvery representation of Christ and Lourdes Apparition. This wooden crucifix with its subtle details will make a very nice decoration for your home and will help you meditate on Christ's sacrifice out of love for humans. This crucifix also makes a beautiful souvenir from Lourdes.

This wooden crucifix measuring 21 cm high will help you contemplate and will make a perfect souvenir from Lourdes. Our Lord, as well as Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette are shown in nice silvery colours. This wooden crucifix will guide your prayers and will be an essential holy item for your home.

This light wooden crucifix measuring 13.5 cm high in a simple style will bring you humility. The beautiful cross made of a lovely light wood and the silver metal Christ with nice cured details evoke Christ's big love. Get this wooden crucifix at home for you meditations and prayers.

Wooden crucifix measuring 15 cm high. A realistic Christ and a Saint Benedict medallion adorn this beautiful wood cross. With this wooden crucifix, the Lord will help you get free from evil influences. Get this original crucifix for your home and your prayers.

Olive wooden crucifix measuring 20 cm high and featuring a wonderful Saint Benedict silvery medallion. With this olive wood crucifiw, the Lord and Saint Benedict will help you avert all the spiritual and physical dangers. Put this crucifix in your home for your protection.

Wooden crucifix measuring 17cm high. A modern and discrete crucifix to adorn your home. The cross with irregular lines and the white Christ nicley carved in resin make it an exceptional item. Get this crucifix to beautify your home and protect yourself from bad influences.

Wooden crucifix measuring 21.5 cm high. Around a wonderful and kind Christ, this wooden crucifix features the stations of the Way of the Cross meticulously detailed. Perfect to help yoou enter into the mystery of the Christ's love, this wooden crucifix reminds us of the torture undergone by the Christ.

Light olive wooden crucifix measuring 10.5cm high. This olive wooden crucifix and his Christ with meticulous details will help you contemplate. This nice curicifix is a remider of the love of Jesus for humans. Get this wooden crucifix in a convenient pocket size.

Crucifix with a dark wood superimpose with a light wood measuring 16.5 cm high. This wooden crucifix is adorned with a silvery Christ delicately represented on a beautiful cross. The wood superposition gives a modern and original style to this crucifix, perfect for your home decoration.

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Dark wood crucifix measuring 16 cm high. This wooden crucifix will help you contemplate. With simplicity, this nice dark wood cross displays a Christ with cured details and a silver colour. Perfect to guide your prayers, this wooden crucifix will glorify your home.

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Wooden crucifix and silvery Christ measuring 17 cm high. A modern and elegant crucifix to adorn your home. The cross with irregular lines and the Christ with cured details make it a remarkable and unique item. Pray and meditate guided by this lovely wooden crucifix.

Showing 1 - 21 of 26 items

Wood crucifixes
As a symbol of the Christian religion, wood crucifixes make essential religious items. Choose among a wide selection of wood crucifixes available for sale on our catholic online store. Our wood crucifixes are shipped from our religious stores, right next to the Basilica of Lourdes.