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    Wooden rosary with Our Lady of Lourdes engraved

    This rosary consists of a brown string with wooden beads on it. The heart of the rosary is engraved with the image of Our Lady of Lourdes and the cross is made of wood and has a shamrock tip. Take this rosary with you every day to feel the protection of the Saints and the Virgin Mary.

    Red varnished wooden rosary of the Apparition

    This rosary consists of a brown string with red varnished wooden beads. The heart illustrates the Apparition and the cross is bevelled, made of gold metal and wood. This rosary of the Apparition is both original and discreet. Carry it with you everywhere to feel the Lord's powerful protection.

    Lourdes Rose-scented rosary with box and prayer

    This nice Lourdes rosary, made of rosewood and gently perfumed with the same flower, is sold in its presentation box with a prayer celebrating Our Lady. At the same time, this Lourdes rose-scented rosary will perfume your home with gentleness and guide you through your prayers.

    Saint Michael Cord rosary wood beads

    Cord rosary made of wood beads available in 2 colours, and of 2 silvery medallions portraying Saint Michael the Archangel. The leader of heaven's forces, Saint Michael is the defender of the Faith and Good. This Saint Michael rosary will protect you from evil.

    Saint Michael's rosary with wood beads

    Saint Michael Rosary measuring 37cm long made with oval wooden grains. This wooden rosary has a Saint Michael's medal and a center with the effigy of Lourdes. With this rosary, the Archangel Saint Michael will protect you. Pray to Saint Michael with this beautiful wooden rosary shipped from our shops in Lourdes and sold on our online catholic giftshop.

    Rope Rosary of Lourdes with paters image of the Apparition and St...

    This wooden and cord rosary depicts illustrations of the Apparition of Lourdes on each pater and on the cross. The beads are made of light wood. It measures 30 cm up to the center and 45 cm including the cross. It can only be worn around the neck by children. This rosary is an ideal Catholic object for every young Christian. It is sent from our Christian...

    Glow-in-the-dark rosary Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    This glow-in-the-dark rosary will shed light on your prayers at night. It features a nice detailed cross and a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition that you are bound to enjoy. Choose this glow-in-the-dark rosary as a guide for your night meditations.

    Hematite rosary and centerpiece Lourdes Apparition

    Lovely hematite rosary made of a centerpiece nicely representing Lourdes Apparition as well as a beautiful and meticulously detailed cross. Directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes, this hematite rosary will guide you in all your prayers.

    Saint Benedict Cord rosary wooden beads

    Cord rosary made of wood beads and silvery paters representing Saint Benedict. Follow the rules of Saint Benedict: silence, praying, work, brotherly love, poverty, obedience and hospitality. With this cord rosary, you are seeking his protection.

    Glow-in-the-dark rosary cube-shaped beads and Lourdes Apparition...

    Big glow-in-the-dark rosary to hang measuring 1.52 m, made of cube-shaped beads with several Lourdes pictures and a silver metal open centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. This glow-in-the-dark rosary to hang at home will be a source of light to say your prayers.

    Wooden rosary of the Miraculous Virgin

    This rosary has a circumference of 50cm with a clasp to put it around the neck. The rosary is made of red wooden beads mounted on a beige cord. The heart of the rosary is oval and illustrates the Miraculous Virgin. The rosary ends with a cross with a Christ in gold metal. This rosary will accompany you daily in your prayers and your faith.

    Silver metal rosary blue enamelled Lourdes Apparition beads

    Silver metal rosary made of beads decorated with a blue picture of Lourdes Apparition on the front and the portrait of Bernadette at the back. This metal rosary features a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition on the front and Our Lady portrait at the back. Say your prayers with this metal rosary.

    Lourdes rosary with coloured marbled glass beads

    This Lourdes rosary is made of 8mm marbled coloured glass beads and measures 57cm. It can be easily worn around the neck. This rosary has a centerpiece representing the Apparition of Lourdes and the portrait of the Holy Virgin Mary. For sale on our religious giftshop, this rosary is available in several colours. This is an original prayer companion...

    Resin rosary rose-shaped beads and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Resin rosary made of beautiful rose-shaped beads with silvery sidess. This resin rosary available in several colours is a nice representation of Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes in 1858. A sweet little item of devotion celebrating Our Lady and Bernadette.

    Cord Saint Benedict Battle rosary with a forgiveness cross

    Cord Saint Benedict Battle rosary with a forgiveness cross and silvery beads measuring 23cm to the centre and 37cm in its entirety. This Saint Benedict Battle rosary has a center with a Miraculous Medal and a St Benedict medal with a Cross of Forgiveness. This is a powerful prayer companion. Buy this new Battle rosary shipped from Lourdes from our...

    Cord rosary translucent beads and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Cord rosary with a beautiful picture of Lourdes Apparition and kneeling Bernadette on the centerpiece. This cord rosary is made of translucent blue or pink beads. The clasper clip of our translucent cord rosary chapelet will allow you to attach eat easily around your neck.

    Cord rosary heart-shaped wood beads and Lourdes Apparition and...

    Cord rosary made of heart-shaped wood beads all decorated with Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes and Saint Bernadette colour picture. This cord rosary and its wood beads will be a beautiful Lourdes Souvenir to say your prayers.

    Resin rosary colour beads and centerpieces Loudes Apparition

    Resin rosary made of colour beads tied with a golden metal chain and a centerpiece representing Lourdes Apparition. This resin rosary is available in different colours and will be a discrete guide for your prayers. This resin rosary is a subtle and stylish souvenir from the Sanctuary.

    Saint Benedict One decade rosary ring

    3cm metal Saint Benedict One decade rosary ring. This rosary ring is composed of a Saint Benedict medal and 10 beads to recite your prayers. Slip this one decady metal rosary in your pocket and pray any time. This Saint Benedict one decade finger rosary will be an ideal prayer companion and will help you benefit from Saint Benedict's protection . Buy it...

    Luminous Lourdes rosary rose scented in a blister with prayer

    Luminous Lourdes rosary with rose scent 42cm. Once passed around the neck, enjoy the sweet scent of roses from this Lourdes rosary with a heart representing the Apparition of Lourdes. Delivered in a prayer case available in several languages, find the list of the Mysteries of the Rosary. A beautiful rosary on sale in our religious shop just a stone's...

    Lourdes water rosary, glass beads and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Rosary made of a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition and a vial containing graciously offered Lourdes water. Its beads with nice degraded colours, its stylish paters turn this Lourdes water rosary into a lovely guide for your prayers.

    3 materials Lourdes rosary, hematite, wood and metal beads

    Lourdes 3-material rosary made of hematite, wood and metal beads. Measuring 44cm long, this rosary displays a center of the Apparition of Lourdes. Say your prayers with this rosary to be worn around the neck. For sale on our religious giftshop, and now available online order this Lourdes rosary at a low price shipped from our 100 year old shops in Lourdes.

    Lourdes water rosary, The 20 Rosary mysteries,wood beads

    This wooden rosary refers to the 20 Rosary mysteries.Comprised of a centerpiece with a Lourdes Apparition picture. The centerpiece of this wooden rosary contains graciously offered Lourdes water. Thanks to its 5 decades, it will make you meditate on the mysteries linked to Mary and Jesus.

    Rose-scented rosary and Lourdes Apparition in a box

    This scented rosary is made of rosewood, which gives it a sweet rose scent. Our scented-rosary is sold in a nice box featuring a golden picture of Lourdes Apparition. The rose-scented rosaries are a symbol of wreaths of flowers once worn by young girls at religious celebrations.

    Wood rosary, Pope Francis and Vatican

    This genuine wood rosary with oval-shaped beads of dark wood features a beautiful portrait of Pope Francis in its centerpiece and a picture of Vatican at the back. The cross shows Jesus as a protective shepherd and accompanied by the Holy Spirit.

    Glow-in-the-dark Saint Benedict rosary

    53cm long glow-in-the-dark rosary of Saint Benedict. Rosary made of phosphorescent beads and a protective centerpiece representing the medallion of Saint Benedict. This rosary with its medallion of Saint Benedict will protect you against evil forces and bad spirits. Here is the perfect rosary to say your prayers at night. Order your rosaries online with...

    Genuine crystal rosary, Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Genuine crystal rosary available in several colors featuring a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition on the front and Our Lady's portrait at the back. This crystal rosary sent in its presentation box will make a perfect companion for your prayers.

    Mother of pearl Lourdes cord rosary

    Lourdes rosary on cord with mother of pearl beads 46cm long easy to wear around the neck. This rosary is made with mother of pearl beads on a string. It also has a centerpiece representing the Holy Spirit symbolised by a Dove and on the other side the Apparition of Lourdes. Pray with this Lourdes Mother of Pearl rosary on sale on our online catholic...

    Genuine mother-of-pearl rosary and Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Genuine mother-of-pearl rosary made of round beads and nice Lourdes Apparition centerpiece. Made of mother-pearl, this rosary proves very stylish. With its beautiful details, this mother-of-pearl rosary will seduce you and become your companion to pray.

    Cord rosary carved wood beads and centerpiece Lourdes Apparition

    Lovely cord rosary made of carved wood beads, red wood paters and a centerpiece representing the Lourdes Apparition on the front and the embossed picture of Jesus Sacred Heart at the back. Attach easily this cord rosary with the clasper clip.

    Glass rosary of Lourdes with coloured mother of pearl paters

    Buy this beautiful Lourdes rosary made of coloured glass beads with matching mother-of-pearl paters. The centerpiece of this Lourdes rosary is stamped with the apparition of Lourdes, representing the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. This glass rosary ends with a detailed metal crucifix. The size of the rosary is 50 cm.

    Battle rosary, Miraculous Medal centerpiece and Saint Michael...

    "Combat" also called Battle rosary featuring a centerpiece with a Miraculous Medal , and another medal of Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Paratroopers and a Forgiveness Cross. Once given to soldiers during WW1, this devotionnal rosary is said to have saved lives of many. With this combat rosary, ask Jesus through Mary to overcome fear, addictions and...

    Mary Untier of Knots Glass rosary with Mater Dolorosa cross

    58cm long Mary Untier of Knots glass rosary.With this rosary, featuring a centerpiece showing Mary Untier of Knots and its Mater Dolorosa cross, you will recite your prayers so that Mary will help you untie the knots of your life by solving your problems. With Mater Dolorosa, reflect upon Mary's compassion at the time of the crucifixion of his son Jesus.

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    Genuine crystal rosary Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Beautiful genuine crystal rosary made of colour crystal beads. The golden chain of the chapelet turn it into a subtle and stylish item of devotion. A lovely meadllion and a nice cross make for a perfect finishing. Say your daily prayers with this great rosary.

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    Glass rosary rose drawings beads and Lourdes centerpiece

    Glass rosary made of white beads and drawings of beautiful roses. This rosary features a centerpiece picturing Lourdes. A true item of devotion, the rosary is the essential companion to say your prayers. With this glass rosary with nice details, you will be able to meditae.

    Glow-in-the-dark rosary round beads and Lourdes Apparition...

    A great glow-in-the-dark rosary that will guide your prayers at night. At the centerpiece, a beautiful medallion celebrating Lourdes Apparition on the front ant Saint Bernadette at the back. This glow-in-the-dark rosary will provide warmth and comfort in the dark night.

    Saint Michael Cord rosary with pictures on paters

    Cord rosary made of wood beads and paters portraying Saint Michael, the leader of heaven's forces. An Envoy of God and Archangel, Saint Michael on this cord rosary will protect you against evil forces and sin. Say your prayers guided by Saint Michael's spirit.

    Lourdes silver plated rosary with lapis lazuli and Turquoise stones

    Lourdes rosary made of beads of lapis lazuli stone and paters of Turquoise and mounted on a 44cm long Silver plated chain. The centerpiece and the cross are enamelled in blue. This Lourdes silver plated rosary will guide you in your prayers and help you find inner peace. Find all our rosaries on our online religious gift store of Lourdes items.

    Our Lady of Grace Silver rosary with glass beads and clasp

    Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin with glass beads and clasp. This rosary measures 37cm to 41cm and can be worn around the neck like a real religious jewel. With its Miraculous medal this rosary will bring you a powerful protection. Available in several colours, choose your favourite Miraculous Virgin rosary on our religious objects website.

    Large St Michael Wooden rosary to hang

    This large St Michael's rosary is made of 12mm wooden beads on a thick rope. This hanging rosary ends with a wooden cross with Christ detailed in gold metal. Hanging in a room or your prayer corner, this rosary will accompany you in your daily devotion to God and in your faith. A souvenir of Lourdes to display, useful for your daily prayers.

    Mary Undoer of Knots Wood rosary

    52cm long wood rosary. This rosary is made of wood oval beads and a centerpiece portraying Mary Undoer of Knots. On the back, a picture of Our lady of Grace. Call upon Our Lady with this wood rosary to help you undo the knots of your life. Pray Mary Untdoer of Knots and find comfort you are seeking for.

    Glass rosary - "Precious Blood

    This religious rosary has red glass beads and white glass paters, all mounted on a gold metal chain. The beads meet in a gilded metal heart with a representation of Christ on it. The rosary ends with a gilded metal cross of Christ. The red glass symbolises the precious blood of Jesus, the times when Christ gave his blood for love.

    Saint Patrick's glass rosary with green beads

    49cm St Patrick's rosary in silver finish with green beads and Celtic cross. This rosary of St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, has a center depicting St Patrick surrounded by shamrocks,well known symbol of Ireland. With this rosary, pray to Saint Patrick, founder of Christianity in Ireland. Buy this rosary online on our religious giftshop.

    Saint Peregrin Rosary for cancer patients

    Saint Peregrin Rosary 48cm for cancer patients. Wear on your neck this rosary coming with a medal of Saint Peregrin and paters with the symbol of the fight against Cancer. With this rosary ask Saint Peregrin for his help and intercession in the fight against cancer. Shipped from our shops located close to the Shrine of Lourdes, buy this rosary on our...

    Wood rosary black beads, the five wounds of Christ

    This wood rosary portraying Jesus expresses the devotion to the passion of Christ and honors the mystery of his resurrection. This wood rosary features medallions with the picture of wounds inflicted to Christ by men.

    Divine Mercy Glass rosary with box

    Divine Mercy glass rosary. Made of red and white beads, this glass rosary features a centerpiece with the picture of Divine Mercy on the front and of Our Lady on the back. A symbol of the mercy of God, this glass rosary will prove your trust in Jesus and your faith. Rosary available on our catholic giftshop and shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    Golden Rosary of Lourdes with Lourdes Apparition centerpiece

    Golden brass Lourdes rosary. This beautiful rosary features a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition on the front and Our Lady Crowned and baby Jesus also known as Our Lady of Wisdom on the back. This golden brass rosary is nicely adorned with a cross and an embossed Christ. This golden brass rosary has the particularity to feature a carabiner to hang...

    Saint Joseph rosary with wood and amethyst beads

    St Joseph rosary with wood beads and 8mm amethyst stone beads. 57cm long, this rosary can easily be worn around the neck. This rosary is made up of a centerpiece representing the Dream of Saint Joseph and paters illustrating the important stages of the life of Saint Joseph. You can buy it on our online religious giftshop, this wood and amethyst rosary is...

    Precious Blood Rosary with a prayer booklet

    Precious Blood Rosary measuring 39cm long. This red beads rosary is sent with an explanatory booklet and the prayer of the Precious Blood of Jesus. The Rosary of the Precious Blood of Jesus was created to give thanks for Christ's sacrifice. Featuring a centerpiece showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, buy the Precious Blood of Jesus...

    Saint Benedict Wooden rosary with special booklet centerpiece

    56cm long Saint Benedict wooden rosary.This wooden rosary with a antique silver plated finish centerpiece shaped as an opening booklet with inside the meanings of the acronyms of Saint Benedict and the medallion of Saint Benedictand his prayer. Pray and wear this rosary of Saint Benedict, great patron against evil forces and dark spirits. Order online...

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    Find here all kind of rosaries of devotion. These christian gifts are classified by Saints or religious specificity. These unique rosaries will allow you to say specific prayers such as the precious blood of Jesus, the souls in Purgatory or the battle rosary. Invoke the Saints and their precious help. Always shipped from our christian giftstore ...

    Find here all kind of rosaries of devotion. These christian gifts are classified by Saints or religious specificity. These unique rosaries will allow you to say specific prayers such as the precious blood of Jesus, the souls in Purgatory or the battle rosary. Invoke the Saints and their precious help. Always shipped from our christian giftstore in Lourdes,our devotion rosaries will be a precious prayer companion and a protection.