Patron Saint Rosary

Find here all kind of rosaries of devotion. These christian gifts are classified by Saints or religious specificity. These unique rosaries will allow you to say specific prayers such as the precious blood of Jesus, the souls in Purgatory or the battle rosary. Invoke the Saints and their precious help. Always shipped from our christian giftstore in Lourdes,our devotion rosaries will be a precious prayer companion and a protection.

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Patron Saint Rosary, Subcategories

  • Lourdes Rosary

    Visit our wide range of Lourdes rosaries. Expert and leader in religious gifts of Lourdes, our christian stores propose all kind of rosaries with the éffigie of Lourdes. Whether they are made with cord, wood, metal or precious metal, these rosaries will allow you to pray to the Virgin Mary of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette. With these rosaries prepared and shipped from our shops located 100 from the Shrine, keep the spirit of Lourdes with you.

  • Our Lady of Grace Rosary

    Our christian giftshops located in Lourdes, have selected for you in this category a multitude of rosaries with the effigy of Our Lady of Grace. All the rosaries are composed of a centerpiece with a Miraculous Medal. Available in different sizes, materials and styles, find here the rosary of Our Lady of Grace you dreamt of. Our Lady of Grace will accompany you in your battles and will help you benefit from her protection. Buy a rosary of Our Lady of Graces to say your prayers.

  • Our Lady undoer of...

    Our Lady undoer of knots Rosary is especially invoked or prayed for help in troubled moments of life. Discover here our selection of Our Lady undoer of knots Rosary with beads in various sizes, materials and styles. Ask for Our Lady's help and resolution of your problems with this Our Lady undoer of knots devotion rosary. Use the power of this rosary shipped from our christian giftshops in Lourdes for your daily Christian life.

  • Lourdes water rosary

    The water from the Grotto's spring is known worldwide for its benefactor properties. Wear your rosary featuring a centerpiece with Lourdes water and get the graces of Our Lady. All our rosaries with Lourdes water are shipped from our stores located in Lourdes.

  • Divine Mercy Rosary

    A symbol of Divine Mercy, the Divine Mercy rosary will allow you to communicate your trust and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. Find on this page of our christian giftshop a range of rosaries dedicated to Divine Mercy. All coming with the representation of Merciful Jesus these rosaries are prepared and shipped from our shops in Lourdes. Share your devotion to Divine Mercy with our dedicated rosaries.

  • Saint Benedict Rosary

    Our catholic gifstores in Lourdes offers a large selection of tSaint Benedict's famous rosary .Made with Saint Benedict medal , these rosaries will accompany you in all your spiritual battles. Invoke and ask for the protection of Saint Benedict with these rosaries prepared and shipped from our shops located at 100m from the Shrine of Lourdes. Find the rosary of Saint Benedict in many sizes, colours and materials.

  • Saint Michael Rosary

    Find here our selection of Saint Michael's rosaries. The Archangel Michael is often invoked in times of loneliness, despair, fear and need for courage and protection. When you have finished praying the rosary of St. Michael, do not forget to thank him. Saint Michael will be your protection against wickedness and evil. Buy on our online shop of religious gifts all your Saint Michael's rosaries available in many materials and sizes.

  • Communion rosary

    Discover a wide range of Lourdes communion rosaries. Our online store of catholic gifts offers a selection of communion rosaries for that very special occasion. All our communion rosaries are directly shipped from our religious stores in Lourdes.

  • Saint Joseph Rosary

    In this category you will find all the rosaries dedicated to Saint Joseph, symbol of purity. He is the patron saint of families and workers. With these rosaries entrust Saint Joseph with the protection of your family and your loved ones. Saint Joseph will also help you find a job and your soul mate. You can find these rosaries in our catholic giftshops located 100m from the Shrine of Lourdes. You can choose from a wide range of rosaries available in different colours, materials and sizes.

  • Saint Bernadette Rosary

    Our catholic giftshop located in Lourdes offers rosaries of Saint Bernadette Soubirous. With Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, obtain graces for the poor and suffering. Pray and confide in Saint Bernadette with her special rosary to obtain her protection and to transmit a message to the Holy Virgin Mary. Made of wood,or rope, or resin, metal or glass, these rosaries will allow you to pray to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes with confidence.

  • Other Patron Saint Rosary

    Visit in our religious shop located 100m from the Shrine of Lourdes more Patron Saint rosaries. These rosaries also available online, will allow you to pray to your favorite Saint and ask him for protection, grace, forgiveness or support. So you can focus on an aspect of the Christian life. Shipped from our religious giftshops located in Lourdes, you will receive these Patron Saint rosaries at home.

  • Combat Rosary

    Explore our exclusive collection of Combat Rosaries, designed for the faithful seeking strength and protection in their spiritual and daily lives. As experts and leaders in the field of religious articles, our shop offers you a unique selection of combat rosaries, combining durability and spirituality. Available in a range of robust materials such as reinforced metal, solid wood and strong rope, these rosaries are perfect for accompanying you in your most intense prayers and moments of meditation. Inspired by faith traditions and designed to endure, our combat rosaries are a symbol of your spiritual commitment, ready to be shipped from our shops near holy sites. Carry a symbol of resilience and faith with you wherever you go.

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        What distinguishes a devotional rosary from other types of rosary?

        In contrast to traditional rosaries, devotional rosaries are often associated with Marian apparitions, specific saints, or particular prayer intentions. They may contain special beads or medals, and some are blessed with sacred waters or designed to support dedicated prayers, such as the Divine Mercy Rosary or the Lourdes Rosary.

        How do I choose a devotional rosary suited to my spiritual needs?

        The choice of a devotional rosary depends on your prayer intentions and your personal connection to the story or holiness it represents. For example, if you are seeking inner peace and protection, the Mary's Rosary that Unties Knots may be particularly appropriate. For those wishing to deepen their devotion to Divine Mercy, the Divine Mercy Rosary is an ideal choice. Consider what resonates most with your spiritual aspirations to make the best choice.