Palais du Rosaire, the online store of Lourdes souvenirs, offers you a wide selection of souvenirs with the effigy of Our Lady or of the city of Lourdes. For those who cannot make a pilgrimage to Lourdes or who would like to acquire new souvenirs of Lourdes, Palais du Rosaire, with its online site, will give a chance to find a wide choice of souvenirs like Lourdes Water, Malespine mints, prayer cards with the effigy of Lourdes and much more. Thanks to our catholic gifts, keep a souvenir of Lourdes close to you. The Palais du Rosaire hundred-year-old shops in Lourdes send their catholic gifts of Lourdes to you.

Gifts from Lourdes - Pilgrimage souvenirs


  • Lourdes Water

    Have the genuine water from the Grotto of Lourdes shipped at home, thanks to Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store. Located right next to the Grotto of Lourdes, the Palais du Rosaire stores offer you to collect Lourdes water at the source for you. Lourdes water is world-renowned for its virtues and benefits. Indeed, since 1884, the Church has acknowledged a total of 69 miraculous healings notably thanks to the use of the water of the Grotto of Lourdes. Whether for drinking of for keeping for yourself, order Lourdes water with our online store of catholic gifts.

  • Delicacy

    Feast on our fine foods from South West France! Discover our different treats made in France and in Lourdes. Discover Malespine mints with Lourdes water, artisan biscuits and the Gave pebbles candy. All those treats have been made with care by local artisans. Transport yourself to Lourdes for a tasting session. Order your favourite fine foods for your loved ones or yourself and enjoy the local treats from Hautes-Pyrénées.

  • Stationery

    Our Lourdes souvenirs online shop offers you a selection of Lourdes souvenirs. Discover a wide selection of Lourdes souvenirs such as books, postcards, mugstasty presents and many more souvenirs that will charm you and your relatives. Remember those moments spent in Lourdes or get carried away with our souvenirs bearing the effigy of the city and its symbols. All our gifts are shipped from our stores located in Lourdes, right next to the Sanctuaries. Please your loved ones, offer them a souvenir of Lourdes to make them want to come and see the wonders of Lourdes for themselves.

  • Leather goods

    From wallets and purses to bags and rosary cases decorated with religious motifs, each product is designed to carry a piece of faith and devotion with you, while keeping your personal belongings safe.

  • Clothing and textile...

    Discover our selection of children's and adult t-shirts as well as our adult sweatshirts from Lourdes on our online religious articles shop! We offer you a set of clothes with the effigy of Lourdes. You can also find our mantillas and handkerchiefs of Lourdes. Stay close to the Sanctuaries of Lourdes and the Grotto of Massabielle with our Lourdes clothing and textiles which are shipped directly from our shops located in Lourdes.

  • Home decoration

    In this category, you will find a wide range of household and decorative items with a motive of Lourdes. We have selected among our shops located close to the Shrine of Lourdes religious household articles to decorate your home. Discover our household linen illustrated with images of Lourdes, decorative items and even cooking utensils. With these everyday items, keep the spirit of Lourdes close to you. Buy online on our religious giftshop these household items shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

  • Collection

    Discover our other Lourdes souvenirs. Palais du Rosaire offers you a range of original Lourdes souvenirs. You will find pins and magnets to decorate your home, key-rings, mugs and cups as well as decorative items with the effigy of Lourdes. These souvenirs are directly shipped from our shops located in Lourdes, right next to the Grotto. Please your relatives and make them want to come and see the treasures that abound in the Sanctuaries by giving them those Lourdes souvenirs. Discover all our Lourdes souvenirs on our online store of Lourdes.

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    Discovering Memories of Lourdes: A Complete Guide

    Lourdes is much more than a pilgrimage site; it is a place where faith, history and culture meet. Lourdes souvenirs offer visitors the chance to take home a piece of this unique spiritual experience. Here's what you need to know when choosing your souvenirs.

    Lourdes Water: More than Just Water

    Seeking to understand why Lourdes water is so special? This water, collected from the spring at the Grotto of Massabielle, is a symbol of purification and healing. The spiritual and historical benefits of Lourdes water are a fascinating subject, explored in our blog posts.

    Gourmandises de Lourdes : Flavours and Traditions

    The gourmandises of Lourdes reflect the region's rich culinary tradition. From mint pastilles to Lourdes water to gourmet gift boxes, each product offers a unique flavour of the holy city, perfect for sharing or giving as a gift.

    Inspired stationery: keep Lourdes within reach

    Lourdes-inspired stationery items, such as calendars and postcards, keep a tangible link with your spiritual journey. They serve not only as mementos but also as daily inspiration for prayer and meditation.

    Textiles and Accessories: Wear Your Faith

    Wearing a textile from Lourdes or using an accessory is an expressive way of showing your faith and devotion. Whether through a t-shirt, a bag or a rosary worn every day, each item reminds you of the graces received during your visit to Lourdes.

    Collecting Lourdes: Magnets, Keyrings and More

    Lourdes memory collections, such as magnets and keyrings, offer a joyful way to remember your pilgrimage. They embody the moments of peace and spirituality experienced and inspire a daily connection to your faith.