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Statue of Jesus

Statues of Jesus Christ - Buy Inspirational Sacred Art

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  • Merciful Jesus

    The Palais du Rosaire is proud to present our collection dedicated to the Merciful Jesus, a powerful expression of divine compassion and forgiveness. These statues captivate with their depiction of Jesus with his hands raised in blessing and the rays of light emanating from his heart, symbolising the grace that flows to all who ask for mercy. Carefully crafted from resin, metal or wood, our Merciful Jesus statues are available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any prayer environment, whether at home, in church or in a communal space. Each statue is an invitation to reflect on God's infinite mercy and to make it present in our daily lives. They are a constant reminder of the promise of peace and comfort for those who seek to deepen their faith and live in the hope of divine love.

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The Palais du Rosaire offers you a special selection of statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one of the most beloved and venerated representations of Jesus Christ. Each statue features the heart of Jesus, visible and surrounded by flames, symbolising his burning love for humanity and his offer of salvation to all who venerate him. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in resin, wood or metal, our Sacred Heart statues are designed to bring beauty and spiritual significance to your prayer space. Whether for a family altar, a meditation corner, or as a focal point in a church, these statues inspire devotion and contemplation. They remind the faithful of Jesus' commitment to be a constant source of compassion, forgiveness and spiritual guidance, making every room a sanctuary of faith and love.

  • Christ Child

    The Palais du Rosaire is delighted to present its collection of statues of the Infant Jesus, the embodiment of divine innocence and purity. Each statue is carefully designed to capture the gentleness and tranquillity of the Infant Jesus, offering a visual reminder of his importance in the life of the Holy Family and in the Christian faith. Made from high-quality materials such as resin, wood and metal, our statues vary in size and style, from traditional representations to modern interpretations. Perfect for placing in Nativity Scenes, on altars or as centrepieces in prayer spaces, these statues serve not only as decoration but also as focal points for meditation and prayer, inspiring worshippers of all ages. Embrace the blessing of the Christ Child in your home or church with these magnificent works of art, which promise to enrich your spiritual practice.

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Discover our Jesus Statues: Symbols of Devotion and Faith

The Jesus statue is more than just a representation; it is a powerful symbol of our faith and devotion. Whether you're looking to enrich your personal prayer space or give a spiritual gift, our diverse collection of Jesus statues offers profound beauty and meaning for every believer.

Choosing the Ideal Jesus Statue

Which posture of Jesus inspires you the most? From the Sacred Heart overflowing with love to the Merciful Jesus extending forgiveness, each statue captures an aspect of his divine mission. To understand the meaning behind each depiction, visit our article ‘The Meaning of Religious Statues’ and find the one that resonates most with your spiritual path.

Jesus Statues for All Spaces

Our Jesus statues come in a variety of sizes and materials, suitable for any environment, from intimate prayer corners to gardens and churches. Find out how to select the perfect statue for your space in ‘Choosing a Jesus Statue for Your Space’.

Maintaining your Jesus Statue

Maintaining your statue is crucial to preserving its beauty and spiritual significance over the years. Check out our practical tips for maintaining religious statues in ‘Maintaining Your Religious Statue’ and make sure your representation of Jesus remains as inspiring as it was on day one.

Pray with your Jesus Statue

Integrating a Jesus Statue into your spiritual practice can enrich your prayer experience. For ideas on how to use your statue in prayer and meditation, explore ‘Using Statues in Prayer and Meditation’.

We invite all believers to discover our collection of Jesus statues, designed to bring peace, comfort, and inspiration to your spiritual life. Each statue is a window into the depth of Jesus' love and mercy, inviting you into a more intimate and devoted relationship with Christ.