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Rosary case and box

Your rosary is precious to you and should be carried in a case or a box to be protected? Carry your rosary thanks to our boxes and cases decorated with the emblematic places and symbols of Lourdes. These rosary boxes and cases are available in different sizes, different colours and different materials to suit every taste. Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts, offers you to protect and carry your rosaries with ease during all your travels. Order these charming rosary cases and boxes online.

Rosary cases and boxes - Palais du Rosaire

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  • Rosary box

    In this category, you will find all our rosary boxes with the effigy of Lourdes to protect your rosary during all your travels. All our rosary boxes are shipped directly from our stores in Lourdes, located right next to the Grotto and the Shrine of Lourdes.

  • Rosary case

    Your rosary being a devotion item dear to your heart, Palais du Rosaire offers you a selection of rosary cases to carry your rosary while on the go without damaging it. Do not wait any longer, protect your rosary right now with our range of Lourdes rosary cases.

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Lourdes rosary case in leather

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    Why is it important to have a case or box for your rosary?

    A rosary is more than just a prayer object; it is a symbol of deep faith and a companion in spiritual moments. Having a dedicated case or box not only protects your rosary from physical damage, but it also underlines the respect and veneration you have for this instrument of prayer. What's more, it makes it easy to transport your rosary safely, allowing you to keep it close to you, ready for a moment of meditation, wherever you are.

    How to choose the ideal rosary case or box to protect and preserve your rosary


    The choice of the ideal rosary case or box depends on several factors. First, consider the material: leather, wood, metal or fabric offer different protection and aesthetics. Think about the size and shape of your rosary; some larger rosaries or rosaries with imposing crosses require more spacious cases. Next, think about use: for those who travel frequently, a robust case that's easy to open may be preferable. Finally, design and personalisation can also play a part, reflecting your personal style or specific devotion.