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Statue of Saint Benedict

Palais du Rosaire, the destination of choice for devotional items on the internet, is proud to present its refined collection of Saint Benedict statues. This saint, founder of the Benedictine monastic order and patron saint of Europe, is widely venerated for his spiritual influence and the rule that shaped Christian monasticism. Our statues of Saint Benedict celebrate his legacy of prayer, work and devotion, embodying his commitment to peace and stability in the Christian community. Crafted with attention to detail and respect for tradition, these statues are available in a range of sizes and made from durable materials such as resin and metal, ensuring both beauty and longevity. Each statue represents Saint Benedict in a posture that evokes his wisdom and protection, often accompanied by the cross and the book of the Rule, symbols of his spirituality and teaching.

Statues of Saint Benedict - Palais du Rosaire

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Saint Benedict Resin statue 30cm

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