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Our Lady of Grace Rosary

Our christian giftshops located in Lourdes, have selected for you in this category a multitude of rosaries with the effigy of Our Lady of Grace. All the rosaries are composed of a centerpiece with a Miraculous Medal. Available in different sizes, materials and styles, find here the rosary of Our Lady of Grace you dreamt of. Our Lady of Grace will accompany you in your battles and will help you benefit from her protection. Buy a rosary of Our Lady of Graces to say your prayers.

Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin - Christian objects

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Our Lady of Graces Rosary with a box

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    The Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin: A Divine Bond with Mary

    The Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin is not just an object of devotion, it is an invitation to forge a deep connection with the Blessed Mother. This rosary, dedicated to the Miraculous Virgin, is a powerful means of meditation and intercession, offered in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, silver, and even plated.

    Why pray with a Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin?

    The Rosary of the Miraculous Virgin is centred on the Miraculous Medal, which was revealed to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830. This medal is renowned for its abundant graces and associated miracles, promising assistance and protection to those who wear it with faith. Praying with this rosary enriches your spiritual practice by connecting you directly to Mary's intercession, strengthening faith, procuring peace, and promoting miracles in your daily life.

    Why pray to the Miraculous Virgin?

    Devotion to the Miraculous Virgin is a profound expression of the Catholic faith, which recognises the importance of Mary as the mediatrix of all graces. Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin is a quest for consolation, strength and protection. It is particularly relevant at times of great need or when we seek to deepen our Marian devotion.

    Rhapsods for Every Devotee

    Whether you prefer the rustic simplicity of wood, the enduring shine of metal, the finesse of silver, or the elegance of plated, each rosary in our collection is designed to be an enduring companion on your faith journey. These rosaries are not only tools of prayer but also works of art that inspire devotion and reflect deep love for the Mother of God.