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    Padre Pio wood rosary with a sweet violet perfume presented in a nice box with the image of Padre Pio. This wonderful rosary made of 5 decades features a centerpiece representing the face of Padre Pio. With this wood rosary, pray while thinking of Padre Pio's life. Order and receive at home this nice rosary sent in its beautiful box and shipped from our...

    Saint Bernadette wood rosary featuring 6 decades with its burlap bag. This Saint Bernadette rosary is made of multi-tone wood beads as well as a centerpiece showing Saint Bernadette on the front and at the back the inscription "Ex Indumentis". Here is a wonderful rosary sent in its burlap case and shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    A lovely Lourdes rosary made of rosewood beads put together on a silver-plated chain. Finished with a cross, the centerpiece of this Lourdes rosary is a small medallion portraying Our Lady. Made in France, this wonderful rosewood Lourdes rosary will be perfect to recite all your prayers. Order and have this Lourdes rosary directly shipped at home.

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    A rosary like that of Saint Bernadette with 6 decades, made of wood beads and silver-coloured mesh. The centerpiece of this rosary is a representation of Saint Bernadette. This wood rosary is sold in a box, also decorated with the image of Bernadette. As a religious gift or for daily use, this wood rosary will make the ideal companion.

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    This wood rosary portraying Jesus expresses the devotion to the passion of Christ and honors the mystery of his resurrection. This wood rosary features medallions with the picture of wounds inflicted to Christ by men.

    This wood rosary perfectly highlights Lourdes Apparition with its centerpiece and a picture of Saint Bernadette at the back. Its wooden beads completed with a sliver finish gives a very refined style to it. This rosary is available in two colours.

    This beautiful wood rosary specially designed to recite the Way of the Cross is perfect to meditate on the hard way that led Christ to his place of pain. This wood rosary features realistic silvery pictures on each station.

    This genuine wood rosary with oval-shaped beads of dark wood features a beautiful portrait of Pope Francis in its centerpiece and a picture of Vatican at the back. The cross shows Jesus as a protective shepherd and accompanied by the Holy Spirit.

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    This rosary is available in two colours, dark red and navy blue, made of wood beads all tied together by a silver metal chain. This wood rosary features a centerpiece picturing Lourdes Apparition with nice colours. A stylish metal cross makes for a beautiful finishing for this rosary.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items