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Saint Benedict rosary on cord 52cm long, featuring massive wooden beads and paters showing the medal of Saint Benedict. This medal recognized by Church is carrying great power of liberation against evil forces. This Saint Benedict rosary, a religious item of great protection, will help you every day. Rosary shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

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Cord rosary with a beautiful picture of Lourdes Apparition and kneeling Bernadette on the centerpiece. This cord rosary is made of translucent blue or pink beads. The clasper clip of our translucent cord rosary chapelet will allow you to attach eat easily around your neck.

This unique cord rosary is made of real stone beads. The 5 decades are nicely separated by cross-shaped paters and still in real stone. The cord and the stone turn this rosary into a very authentic religious companion.

Cord rosary made of beautiful iridescent and colour beads. This cord rosary is available in blue and pink. Its lovely cross as colourful gives some fantasy to the cord rosary. Thanks to the clasper clip, it will be easy to attach it around your neck. Pray guided with this original rosary.

Cord rosary made of heart-shaped wood beads all decorated with Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes and Saint Bernadette colour picture. This cord rosary and its wood beads will be a beautiful Lourdes Souvenir to say your prayers.

Cord rosary featuring wood beads and a cross with the word Lourdes on one side and the Pax sign on the other side. As an icon of the whole Order of Saint Benedict, the Pax cross is the symbole of Eternal Peace. This cord rosary with its wood beads will comfort you while you pray.

Genuine cord rosary made of cube-shaped wood beads with appealing details. The clasper clip will allow you to put on easily this traditional cord rosary. Say your prayers with this resilient rosary.

Lovely cord rosary made of carved wood beads, red wood paters and a centerpiece representing the Lourdes Apparition on the front and the embossed picture of Jesus Sacred Heart at the back. Attach easily this cord rosary with the clasper clip.

Cord rosary made of wood beads, paters and a centerpiece with pictures of Lourdes Apparition and Saint Bernadette. This cord rosary is a devotion item in the most authentic style. Say your prayers and remember Lourdes thanks to this cord rosary.

Wood rosary nicely featuring a centerpiece with a gold medallion of Saint Benedict. Saint Benedict will protect you against evil forces, accidents and diseases. Carry conscientiously this wood rosary of Saint Benedict and gain spiritual grace.

A charming Lourdes cord rosary with wooden grains whose heart offers a beautiful representation of the Lourdes Apparition. His cross with rounded edges bears the inscription Lourdes. A beautiful and subtle Lourdes cord rosary to keep a memory of the Sanctuaries and the Lourdes Grotto.

Cord rosary made of wood beads and silvery paters representing Saint Benedict. Follow the rules of Saint Benedict: silence, praying, work, brotherly love, poverty, obedience and hospitality. With this cord rosary, you are seeking his protection.

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items