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Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store, offers a wide range of religious crosses and crucifixes. Crucifixes are the representaion of Christ crucified on the cross. Discover our crosses and crucifixes in different materials, colours and sizes to suit all tastes. Our catholic online store offers religious crucifixes and crosses made of wood, metal or resin. As a symbol of crucifixion and religious devotion, crucifixes often hang on walls of houses. You can also get a crucifix or a cross and benefit from God's grace in your home.

Religious crucifixes and crosses - Palais du Rosaire


  • Metal crucifixes

    Discover a selection of metal crucifixes to put on a surface or to hang on our Catholic store of Lourdes religious items. Choose the metal crucifix that best suits you. All our metal crucifixes are shipped from Lourdes. Order your catholic gifts thanks to our Lourdes online store.

  • Wood crucifixes

    As a symbol of the Christian religion, wood crucifixes make essential religious items. Choose among a wide selection of wood crucifixes available for sale on our catholic online store. Our wood crucifixes are shipped from our religious stores, right next to the Basilica of Lourdes.

  • Religious crosses

    As a symbol of Catholic religion, crosses are omnipresent in life of a Christian. Our Lourdes religious crosses will guide you in your prayers. Choose among a wide range of crosses for children or adults. Order our Lourdes religious crosses with our online store of catholic gifts.

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