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Scapular religious necklace of cord, 41cm long,composed of a medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Wear this scapular necklace and join the Carmelite family. The scapular necklace is a sign of alliance with Mary. Order this scapular shipped from Lourdes on our Christian online store, specialised in sale of religious items.

Necklace with Saint Benedict medallions. This necklace features Saint Benedict medallions and golden or silver or pink colour pearls ,This religious jewel bearing the effigy of Saint Benedict will be a daily protection against evil. The medallions of Saint Benedict will protect you. Order this lovely necklace of Saint Benedict on our online site of...

Here is a beautiful 50 cm long golden metal chain made of alternated meshes. With this chain, create your own set of jewellery by completing your purchase with a medal or a cross. Take advantage of this low cost golden metal chain. Order and receive at home this religious jewel. Palais du Rosaire, the Lourdes online store.

50 cm long silvery metal chain. This silvery metal chain is made of an alternate mesh. Order and receive this metal chain to make a set of jewelry with a medallion and a cross pendant. The classic style of this silvery metal chain will fit all medallion and pendant types.

Lourdes fancy necklace made of a heart-shaped pendant featuring a small vial containing genuine and graciously offered Lourdes water. This fancy necklace is sent in a case with a picture of Lourdes. This Lourdes fancy necklace will protect you every day.

Fancy necklace featuring a small Lourdes water vial as a pendant. Nicely presented in its box decorated with a picture of Lourdes Apparition, this fancy necklace can be worn every day. On the reverse of the box, you will find the words "Always keep Lourdes water with you". This fancy necklace will make the perfect gift.

Gold metal chain measuring 50 cm long. This gold metal chain has forçat-link. With this metal chain wear all yours religious medals and pendants. This chain will be an essential element to make a beautilful jewellery. Receive directly to your home this religious jewellery come from our shops.

Gold metal chain measuring 50 cm long. This gold metal chain fits with any type of religious medal or pendant. The low price will charm you and allow you to collect jewellery et minimal cost. Have this chain shipped at home directly from our shops in Lourdes.

Religious fancy necklace made of a rubber necklace and a cross-shaped pendant. This beautiful cross, modern and discrete, is made of hematite stone, which gives it all its charm. A religious fancy necklace that will prove your faith with subtlety.

Rosary necklace made of colour beads and a centerpiece showing Lourdes. A lovely religious rosary necklace, mixing the aesthetic of a necklace with the authenticity of a rosary. Beautiful and discrete, here is jewellery that will charm you and will be easy to wear.

Birth genuine crystal fancy necklace. A beautiful fancy necklace showing a precious and subtle little angel that will look upon you. The colour of the wings refer to each birth month. Offer this nice birth fancy necklace.

Genuine crystal rosary necklace featuring a centerpiece with a Miraculous Lady medallion and a lying cross with the Christ. This elegant rosary necklace of 59 crystal pearls will be the perfect piece of jewellery for your everyday outfits. Have this rosary necklace shipped at home.

Silver metal chain measuring 45cm long. Classical metal chain that can fit with any kind of religious medallion or pendant. Thanks to the low price, complete your jewellery with this silver metal chain and a beautiful religious medallion or pendant.

Fancy rosary necklace featuring a lying cross. This fancy rosary necklace is directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes. Its fineness turns it into discrete religious jewellery that will be perfect for your daily outfits. With this fancy rosary necklace, sublimate your faith.

Religious fancy necklace featuring a sliding lace to adjust the necklace length at will.It also has a cross with nice strass. This shimmering fancy necklace is directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes. This religious fancy necklace is easy to wear every day.

Religious fancy necklace featuring a colored lace and a lovely natural wood cross with nice colored edges. You can wear this fancy necklace easily in any situation thanks to its solidity. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes. Get this religious fancy necklace.

Silver metal chain measuring 60 cm long. An essential and universal silver metal chain that can accompany a medallion or a religious pendant. Use this low cost chain to make an elegant set with a medallion or a religious pendant.

Silver metal chain measuring 50 cm long. To make a nice set, buy this low cost silver metal chain and add a beautiful medallion or a religious pendant. This very convenient metal chain is suitable for any kind of medallion or pendant.

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

Fancy Necklaces and Chains
Our religious necklaces and our fancy chains bear the effigy of Catholic symbols. These fancy religious jewels will help you to show your catholic faith. Order your religious fancy necklace of Lourdes or your favourite fancy chain. Our Lourdes online store offers you its fancy catholic jewellery of Lourdes.