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    Rosary bracelet with a medallion of Our Lady of Grace from the brand Léo&Geo. This rosary bracelet is made of silvery, stretch stainless steel and decorated with 10 small golden balls and the Miraculous medallion enamelled in blue. This rosary bracelet with its medallion of Our Lady of Grace evoke the protection and the graces of Our Lady. Order...

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    Saint Christopher wood rosary bracelet with a beautiful box decorated with the picture of Saint Christopher. The medallion of Saint Christopher of this rosary bracelet features on the back the writing "Pray For us". Thanks to the sliding knot, adjust easily your religious bracelet. Wear this rosary bracelet while you are on the move and Saint Christopher...

    Lourdes religious rosary bracelet. A nice and original rosary bracelet with small ladybugs to bring you luck. A medal with Lourdes Apparition and a cross make a perfect finishing. Wear this Lourdes rosary bracelet around your wrist to say your prayers.

    Elastic religious rosary bracelet. A beautiful, discrete and subtle rosary bracelet featuring hematite beads and a nice dilver cross. This rosary bracelet is easy to wear thanks to the elastic. Wear this religious rosary bracelet to say your prayers.

    Rigid rosary bacelet featuring multicolor crystal effects, a cross with the Christ and a medal picturing Lourdes Apparition. The clasper whill help you wear it easily. Wear this Lourdes rosary bracelet to say all your prayers.

    Rigid rosary bracelet featuring silvery medals picturing Lourdes Apparition and Our Lady. This Lourdes rosary bracelet will help you get Our Lady's protection and always keep Lourdes spirit with you. Have this rosary bracely shipped at home.

    Rosary bracelet featuring rose-shaped and glowing beads as well as a medal picturing Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes and a nice cross. Wear this Lourdes glowing rosary bracelet every day and even say your night prayers with serenity.

    Multicolor cord rosary bracelet. Here is a convenient and original rosary bracelet. Entirely made of cord with amazing colours, it will guide your prayers all day long. Have this multicolor cord rosary bracelet shipped at home.

    Cord and wood rosary bracelet featuring a Tau cross, sign of the Franciscans and symbolof peace and blessing. People wearing a sign of Tau recognize being saved. So wear this rosary bracelet with the Tau crosses to say your saving prayers.

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    Rosary bracelet made of genuine stone with nice colours. A lovely rosary bracelet with many colours, beautiful genuine stone and cured details. This discrete rosary bracelet is easy to wear and will guide your prayers. Have this rosary bracelet shipped at home.

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    Rosary bracelet made of colour and spotted beads and Lourdes Apparition pictures. This rosary bracelet is a tribute to Lourdes Apparition. With this beautiful rosary bracelet, Our Lady and Saint Bernadette will protect you every day.

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    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items