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    Fancy bracelet open bead with a lovely 1.5 cm cross and a bead at the end that nicely finish this religious item. With the cross, this charming silvery open religious bracelet is subtle. It perfectly mixes aesthetic and religion. It will fit with any wardrobe.

    Religious fancy bracelet made of beautiful blue and silvery pearls as well as a medal portraying Our Lady. Here is a little religious fancy bracelet of great elegance. Wear this francy bracelet of Our Lady and get her protection.

    Silvery fancy bracelet with the essential phrase "I love Lourdes". A very modern and convenient fancy bracelet thanks to the adjustable cord. Proving your love for the ciry of Lourdes, it is also very easy to wear. This Lourdes fancy bracelet is a lovely souvenir.

    Child fancy bracelet with beautiful colour blue or pink pearls and featuring nice medals showing Lourdes Apparition, an Angel and the Holy Spirit. This religious fancy bracelet will bring all the necessary protection to your child thanks to Our Lady, the Angels and the Holy Spirit.

    Cord fancy bracelet featuring 5 religious medals. On this lovely fancy bracelet, each medal is a sweet symbol of protection. Lourdes Apparition, an Angel, a Heart, the Cross of Jesus and a beautiful ladybug turn this religious fancy bracelet into true protection jewellery.

    Batch of 5 colour silicon fancy bracelets decorated with the religious phrase "Our Lady of Lourdes, protect me". Five Lourdes silicon fancy bracelets that will please the whole family. This batch of Lourdes bracelets will make a perefect souvenir and will follow you anywhere.

    Batch of 5 child colour silicon fancy bracelets nicely featuring the phrase "Our Lady of Lourdes protect me". These 5 Lourdes silicon fancy bracelets will charm your children. This batch of fancy bracelets will make a perfect gift or souvenir from Lourdes.

    Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items