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    Bangle bracelet of the Lourdes brand Léo&Geo made of stainless steel. This amazing golden bangle bracelet features a nice cross and a lovely bead at its ends. Thanks to its flexibility, you can easily wear this religious bracelet on your wrist. It will therefore suit all wrist sizes. Here is a lovely religious jewel.

    Stainless steel bracelet of the brand Léo&Geo from Lourdes.This fancy stretch bracelet is decorated with several religious pendants depicting Our Lady, the Miraculous Lady, a cross with Christ and nice little colour rhinestones. Here is a fancy religious bracelet that will most likely be appreciated as a Christmas present or for a special occasion.

    Steel religious bracelet made of a chain scattered with silvery beads and adorned with a nice zirconium Ankh cross also called Egyptian cross. You will wear this religious bracelet with its nice Ankh cross and its discreet style to assert your faith. Shop online with Palais du Rosaire, the hundred-year-old Lourdes store.

    Steel religious bracelet, featuring a chain scattered with silvery pearls and adorned with a beautiful zirconium winged heart. With this true religious jewel contemporary in style, you will assert your faith in all discretion. Offer it as a religious gift to one of your friends. Order your religious jewels online with Palais du Rosaire.

    Religious Bracelet made of several Miraculous medallions and several enamelled colour crosses. This religious bracelet with its Miraculous medallions will bringthe graces of Our Lady on you. Easy to wear in every occasion, this lovely religious fancy bracelet is shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    Religious Bracelet featuring golden pearls alternating with pearls made of genuine colour stones. Elastically mounted, this religious bracelet is very easy to wear. The different shades of the stones bring a contrast of beautiful colours enhanced by the golden pearls. Order and receive at home this lovely religious bracelet directly shipped from our shops...

    The Léo&Geo bracelets designed in Lourdes are now on sale on our website. This fancy bracelet in stranded stainless steel is made of a charm of rhinestone cross with a nice cross and a wonderful blue pearl at the end. This religious bracelet is fully customizable. You will have the possibility to change the blue pearl and the charm of rhinestone cross...

    The Léo&Geo bracelets designed in Lourdes now on sale on our website. Fancy bracelet in smooth stainless steel. This wonderful bracelet features a strass charm with the inscription Lourdes. You can find a nice cross and a delicate pink pearl at the end of this religious bracelet. This Lourdes bracelet is customizable. Change the charm and the pink...

    The Léo&Geo bracelets designed in Lourdes now on sale on our website.This flexible bracelet in stainless steel is made of a nice medallion in the shape of the silhouette of Our Lady of Lourdes. This bracelet also features beautiful decorative pearls. Wear this bracelet with Our Lady every day and the spirit of Lourdes will always be with you.

    The Léo&Geo bracelets are designed in Lourdes and are now on sale on our website. Here is a beautiful large bracelet in solid stainless steel. This Lourdes bracelet is decorated with Our Lady and nice blue details. This religious bracelet will be perfect for your daily life and the spirit of Lourdes will follow you everywhere.

    The Léo&Geo bracelets designed in Lourdes now on sale on our website. Stretch Bracelet in golden stainless steel featuring enamelled mulicolor facets as well as a cross pendant. Easy to wear, this wonderful religious bracelet will be ideal for your daily life to always keep the spirit of Lourdes with you.

    Religious Bracelet entirely made of colour pictures of Saints, mounted on varnished wood beads. You will find religious pictures on this bracelet like Lourdes Apparition, Saint Bernadette, Pope John Paul II, Our Lady of Grace...Wear every day this nice religious bracelet that will make a powerful protector. Shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

    Fancy Stretch Bracelet made of square wood beads decorated with pictures of religious icons and alternating small wooden beads. You will find the picture of Our Lady, of Our Lady of Grace, of Pope and many others. This fancy religious bracelet will make a true protector. Wear every day this fancy religious bracelet for your complete well-being.

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    Metal religious fancy Stretch Bracelet nicely decorated with several pictures of religious icons. This bracelet features pictures of Our Lady, of the Holy Pope John Paul II, of Saint Anthony and many others. A very protecting religious bracelet that will serve your daily life. Have this nice fancy religious bracelet shipped at home.

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    Hematite religious bracelet mounted on elastic. This religious bracelet is made of small square beads decorated with pictures of religious icons like Our Lady, Our Lady of Grace, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and many others. Wear on your wrist this beautiful hematite religious bracelet and benefit from the protection of the Saints. A bracelet that is very...

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    Fancy religious Bracelet with lovely tassels and nice religious pendants. You will find on this bracelet a medallion of Lourdes Apparition, a pendant of Our Lady of Grace, an Angel and many others.Supplied in a packet, where you will find a prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes, this fancy religious bracelet will be perfect for a nice religious present.

    Fancy bracelet open bead with a lovely 1.5 cm cross and a bead at the end that nicely finish this religious item. With the cross, this charming silvery open religious bracelet is subtle. It perfectly mixes aesthetic and religion. It will fit with any wardrobe.

    Religious fancy bracelet made of beautiful blue and silvery pearls as well as a medal portraying Our Lady. Here is a little religious fancy bracelet of great elegance. Wear this francy bracelet of Our Lady and get her protection.

    Silvery fancy bracelet with the essential phrase "I love Lourdes". A very modern and convenient fancy bracelet thanks to the adjustable cord. Proving your love for the ciry of Lourdes, it is also very easy to wear. This Lourdes fancy bracelet is a lovely souvenir.

    Child fancy bracelet with beautiful colour blue or pink pearls and featuring nice medals showing Lourdes Apparition, an Angel and the Holy Spirit. This religious fancy bracelet will bring all the necessary protection to your child thanks to Our Lady, the Angels and the Holy Spirit.

    Cord fancy bracelet featuring 5 religious medals. On this lovely fancy bracelet, each medal is a sweet symbol of protection. Lourdes Apparition, an Angel, a Heart, the Cross of Jesus and a beautiful ladybug turn this religious fancy bracelet into true protection jewellery.

    Showing 1 - 21 of 26 items