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    Lourdes magnets and pins 

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    Religious Magnets

    Decorate your home or your prayer corner with this decorative magnet of your choice,  Holy Family, Saint Benoit, Saint Christopher, Saint Michael, Our Lady of Grace or a Guardian Angel. Made with finesse, this magnet will be useful at home or in your vehicle. These religious magnets are shipped from our religious shop located in front of the Sanctuary of...

    Lourdes Apparition magnet

    Magnet picturing Lourdes Apparition. This magnet is cut in order to highlight the silhouette of Lourdes Apparition. Put this magnet on your fridge or some other places, this Lourdes magnet will make a useful souvenir from Lourdes.

    Lourdes Apparition Heart-shaped magnet

    Lovely heart-shaped magnet picturing Lourdes Apparition. This heart-shaped magnet reminds us of Our Lady's love for mankind. This magnet will be a small convenient item for your daily life and a beautiful souvenir from Lourdes.

    Embossed colour Magnet of Lourdes

    Coloured Lourdes magnet with details in relief. This Lourdes magnet represents the Crowned Virgin Mary, the Basilica of Lourdes and the Castle of Lourdes. Here is a souvenir of Lourdes par excellence to be magnetized on your fridge. Order this magnet with the effigy on Lourdes emblematic places on our Lourdes online store, specialized in Lourdes souvenirs.

    Colour dove pin badge

    Dove-shaped pin with colour details. A symbol for the Holy Spirit and peace, the dove will protect you every day. Wear this pin to get the protection of the Holy Spirit and customize your eveeryday outfits. Get this pin or offer it as a souvenir from Lourdes.

    Lourdes Apparition silvery pin

    Lourdes Apparition silver colour pin. This beautiful little religious silver pin picturing Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes will fit all your clothes and will stay close to your heart. Keep this pin with you and Lourdes spirit will guide you every day.

    Horizontal rectangular and Grotto of Lourdes

    Horizontal rectangular magnet showing the famous Grotto of Lourdes. Here is a magnet of the mythic place where Our Lady appeared to Saint Bernadette. A true place of worship of Our Lady, this Grotto of Lourdes still experiences wonders today. This magnet is a nice souvenir from Lourdes.

    Resin magnet with Apparition card

    By purchasing from our Lourdes based Christian shop, you will receive your large resin Apparition Magnet with Apparition card directly to your home or to your selected relay point. This Lourdes Magnet will be perfect to complete your collection of religious objects. In addition, we offer free delivery in France from 49€ of purchase.

    Lourdes Apparition Heart-shaped and sequined magnet

    A lovely heart-shaped sequined magnet showing Lourdes Apparition. With its sequined details, this Lourdes magnet will shimmer on your fridge and will be very convenient to hang your reminders and small notes. A magnet of Lourdes, an essential souvenir.

    Matchbox with illustration of the apparition of Lourdes

    This wooden matchbox is decorated with the inscription Lourdes and an illustration of the Holy Mary's apparition to Bernadette. This matchbox is also a magnet that you can put on your refrigerator. For you or your loved ones, a religious, practical and original souvenir from Lourdes.

    Lourdes Apparition Parchment-shaped pin badge

    Lovely parchment-shaped pin picturing Our Lady Apparition in front of Bernadette in Lourdes. The parchment shape gives an authentic and precious style to this pin. Hang it with discretion on your clothes near your heart and alway keep Lourdes spirit with you.

    Lourdes Apparition pin

    Lovely pin picturing Lourdes Apparition with meticulous details, picturing Our Lady Apparition to Saint Bernadette in the city of Lourdes. Wearing this religious pin, you will keep Lourdes spirit and Our Lady's protection close to you.

    Our Lady of Lourdes Magnetic Statue in metal

    This statue is made of silver metal and measures 6.5cm. It is an unusual statue, representing Our Lady of Lourdes in prayer. The base of this statue is magnetic, so it can be attached to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces. Receive this pretty souvenir of Lourdes, original with religious symbolism.

    Apparition silhouette and Basilica of Lourdes magnet

    This magnet shows Lourdes Apparition and the Basilica of Lourdes as well as a nice cross, cut following the silhouette of the Apparition and the Basilica of Lourdes. With this Lourdes magnet, hang your reminders on your fridge or on a board. A very convenient souvenir from Lourdes.

    Lourdes Holy Mary souvenir magnet

    This rectangular metallic magnet measures 8 cm. It is illustrated with the Holy Mary at the Grotto of Lourdes with the inscription Que soy era immaculada councepciou, and the inscription Lourdes. This magnet is finely crafted, the metal details underline the contours of the illustration, a religious and original souvenir from Lourdes, which you can hang...

    Our Lady and Basilica of Lourdes slipper-shaped magnet

    Here is an original slipper-shaped magnet showing Our Lady and the Basilica of Lourdes. With this magnet showing famous Lourdes pictures, you will be able to decorate your fridge and hang your reminders. As a tribute to Our Lady of Lourdes, this magnet makes a perfect souvenir from Lourdes.

    Vertical rectangular magnet and Grotto of Lourdes

    Vertical rectangular magnet showing a famous picture of the Grotto of Lourdes, the place where Our Lady appeared to Saint Bernadette in 1858. Now one of the world most famous religious places, the Grotto of Lourdes is a site not to be missed in Lourdes. With this magnet, remember this place.

    Angel pin and Lourdes Apparition medallion

    Pin showing an Angel and Lourdes Apparition. With this pin, get the double protection from Angels and Our Lady. Discrete, it will adorn any of your daily outfits. This pin with an Angel and Lourdes Apparition is a true protection accessory.

    Cross-shaped pin with a blue dove

    Religious pin in the shape of a cross measuring 1.5cm high with a beautiful blue dove in the center. Pray daily with this pretty pin with a dove symbolising Holy Spirit, and ask for His powerful protection. Order this cross-shaped pin with a dove on our religious online shop, shipped from our catholic stores located in Lourdes.

    Holy Spirit Dove Lapel Pin

    Holy Spirit Dove Lapel Pin 2,3cm. This small pin represents a white dove holding an olive tree branch in its beak. Symbol of the Holy Spirit, the dove conveys a message of peace. Wear this lapel pin on sale on our online religious giftshop and keep the Holy Spirit close to you. All our religious articles are prepared and shipped from Lourdes.

    Nativity Wood magnet in relief

    Wooden magnet representing the Nativity. This magnet is cut out to show the images of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Put this magnet on your fridge, or use it as a christmas decoration, this Lourdes magnet will be a very useful souvenir of Lourdes.Available from our religious gifts website in Lourdes.

    Magnet Basilica of Lourdes in metal

    This metal magnet follows the shape of the Basilica of Lourdes. The Basilica of Lourdes has many finely crafted metal details, as well as the inscription Lourdes written on a banner at the foot of the Basilica. This is a detailed magnet, ideal for displaying on your refrigerator. This magnet is an original and religious souvenir from Lourdes.

    Apparition and Basilica of Lourdes rectangular magnet

    Rectangular magnet picturing Our Lady Apparition in front of Saint Bernadette in Lourdes and the Basilica of Lourdes. This nice magnet will be by your side every day and will prove very convenient to hang your reminders on your fridge. This magnet is a very useful souvenir from Lourdes.

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    Apparition, Basilica and Grotto of Lourdes rectangular magnet

    Rectangular magnet showing the famous places in Lourdes. This magnet pictures Our Lady Apparition in front of Saint Bernadette in the Grotto of Lourdes and with the Basilica of Lourdes in the background. With this souvenir magnet from Lourdes, you will nicely decorate your fridge.

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    Lourdes Apparition magnet and rose-scented rosary

    Magnet showing Our Lady Apparition in Lourdes. This magnet has something special: it is sold with a sweet rose-scented rosary. Besides the Lourdes Apparition magnet very useful every day, you will get a nice little rosary to pray. A nice souvenir from Lourdes.

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    Child Jesus magnet with perfect prayer for Advent and Christmas

    11 cm high magnet of Child Christmas, featuring a prayer evoking Advent and Christmas time. This magnet shows Jesus the day he was born in the stable. This symbol of Nativity through the Birth of the holy Child Jesus is a fundamental event of the Christian religion. Recite this Christmas prayer by watching this Christmas magnet and get ready for this...

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    Saint Michael's magnet

    7 cm high magnet of Saint Michael. This magnet portrays Saint Michael the Archangel, the most powerful Angel of Catholic Church. Saint Michael was the Angel who fought against the rebellion of the fallen Angels. As a great advocate of God and the Church, Saint Michael will protect you. Place on your fridge this nice colour magnet of Saint Michael. Shop...

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    Lourdes magnets and pins

    Pins and magnets make essential souvenirs. Here you will find pins and magnets decorated with Lourdes Apparition or emblematic places of the city. Order your pins and magnets shipped from Lourdes on our catholic store of Lourdes souvenirs.