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Lourdes rosary in 9 carat gold 38.5cm long. This gold rosary is made with 4mm Swarovski crystal beads. It is provided with a gold cross engraved Lourdes and a centerpiece of the portrait of Mother Mary. You will easily wear this beautiful gold and Swarovski Lourdes rosary thanks to its clasp. Buy your Gold Rosary on our online shop in Lourdes.

9carat gold rosary,34.5cm long composed of genuine Swarovski crystal beads, this Gold Lourdes rosary is a magnificent object of devotion. This rosary is provided with a Gold centerpiece of Our Lady of Lourdes. With its clasp, this Gold and Swarovski rosary will become your favourite prayer companion. Buy this Gold rosary on our religious online shop.

Gold-Plated Lourdes rosary made of 4mm beads, 34cm long and featuring a clasp. This wonderful Gold-Plated rosary is put together with a centerpiece showing Lourdes Apparition with the inscription Ave Maria. Have this precious Lourdes rosary shipped at home for your payers, to be worn or offered.

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375/1000 Gold Lourdes rosary presented in its jewellery box. This Lourdes rosary in gold features a centerpiece showing the portrait of Our Lady and Lourdes Apparition. With its clasp, wear easily this rosary around your neck. Order and receive this rosary in its case directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

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Gold-Plated Lourdes rosary made of 6mm Amber beads. The Amber stone is known for its anti-stress, anti-pain and relaxing properties. Much more than a worship object, this Gold-Plated and Amber Lourdes rosary will be your daily companion. This Lourdes rosary is shipped from our shops in Lourdes.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Gold and Gold-Plated Rosaries
Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts, offers a large selection of Gold and Gold-Plated rosaries. Share your religious devotion with these wonderful Gold or Gold-Plated rosaries of Lourdes. These rosaries are directly shipped from our shops in Lourdes.