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  • Our Lady of Grace statues

    Palais du Rosaire, the online store of catholic gifts, gives you in this category a selection of Our Lady of Grace statues. Find these statues in different sizes and materials; resin and metal. These Our Lady of Grace statues represent the Apparition of Our Lady to Catherine Labouré in Paris, slaying the evil. A true symbol of protection against evil forces, these Our Lady of Grace statues will protect you in your Christian daily life. Discover our different models of Our Lady of Grace statues and have your statue sent directly at homefrom lourdes.

  • Statue of Our Lady of...

    Palais du Rosaire, your online reference for devotional objects, invites you to explore our exclusive collection of statues of the Virgin of Fatima. Each piece captures the essence of the holy apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, conveying a message of peace, prayer and penance. Available in various sizes and carefully crafted in resin or metal, these statues embody divine beauty and grace. The Virgin of Fatima is a symbol of hope and faith, a reminder of the importance of Marian devotion in the Christian life. Let these blessed statues enrich your spiritual space and bring the light of Fatima into your home. Choose your favourite model and benefit from direct home delivery to welcome this poignant testimony of faith into your home.

  • Statue of Our Lady of...

    Le Palais du Rosaire, your favourite shop for religious items, offers a magnificent selection of statues of Our Lady of Lourdes. These sacred representations capture the spirit of the Marian apparitions to Saint Bernadette Soubirous, offering hope, healing and spiritual renewal. Available in a variety of sizes and carefully crafted in resin or metal, our statues of Our Lady of Lourdes symbolise the purity and grace of the Virgin Mary, inviting prayer and meditation. Our Lady of Lourdes is venerated throughout the world as a powerful intercessor for miracles and graces. Enrich your personal shrine or give a gift of faith with one of these blessed statues, and let the consoling presence of the Mother of God illuminate your life. Explore our collection to find the perfect statue, and have it delivered straight to your home for a touch of spirituality and peace.

  • Other statue of the...

    Palais du Rosaire, the leading online shop for religious objects, offers you a varied selection in its "Other statues of the Virgin" category. This collection includes statues expressing different representations of the Virgin Mary, including the Virgin and Child, symbolising maternal love and divine tenderness, and the Virgin of the Rosary, recalling the importance of prayer and meditation. Each of our statues, available in a range of sizes and carefully crafted in resin or metal, is designed to inspire faith and adoration in the hearts of believers. These representations of the Virgin Mary, each with its own particular story and meaning, invite contemplation and recollection. They are a constant reminder of the presence of the Mother of God in our lives, guiding us towards her Son. Whether you are looking to enrich your personal devotional practice or to offer a meaningful gift to a loved one, our "Other statues of the Virgin" range offers a variety of options to meet your spiritual needs.

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