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Our Lady of Lourdes statues

Our catholic shop online offers a wide range of Our Lady statues. There are several representations of the Virgin Mary in statue. We select Our Lady statue in different materials such as resin, porcelain or wood. All our Virgin Mary statue are shipped with specific protections to guarantee a good delivery of your orders.

Sometimes named Immaculate Conception, Mary Mother of God or Holy Virgin, you will find here several representations of the Our Lady stautes. Our catholic shop is located in Lourdes, so you will find Our Lady of Lourdes statues and the Lourdes Apparition which is composed of Saint Bernadette and the Immaculate Conception. In the Catholic and Christian religion the Virgin Mary has a main place and especially in the city of Lourdes since her apparitions.

The Our Lady statue will allow you to invoke the graces and help of Our Lady. Recite the Ave Maria prayer while contemplating the Virgin Mary statue. The Virgin Mary was the first disciple of Christ and dedicated her life to the will of God and her son Jesus. The Virgin is also considered the Mother of Man and the protector of children. The Virgin Mary will be your comfort and will give you the necessary strength to face everyday life.

Available in various sizes and sometimes even luminous, the Our Lady statue has long been omnipresent in the prayer rooms of all Christians. The Virgin mary statue is the essential religious object for reciting your prayers. Present in Catholic and Christian churches, the Virgin Mary is very often represented by large stone or marble statues painted by hand. The Virgin Mary is also known as the Our Lady of Grace, referring to her Apparition in the Rue du Bac in Paris.

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