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5cm angel statue in resin
  • 5cm angel statue in resin
  • 5cm angel statue in resin
  • 5cm angel statue in resin
  • 5cm angel statue in resin

5cm angel statue in resin

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The resin angel statuette measures 5cm and embodies heavenly grace and protection. Delicately sculpted, this symbolic work is ideal for daily prayer, meditation or as a spiritual gift. The angel, a divine messenger, brings a comforting presence and spiritual inspiration to your sacred space. Add this statuette to your altar, desk or bedroom for a constant reminder of divine guidance and inner peace.


Spiritual Elegance: The Maple Cross on String

The Maple Wood String and Cross Necklace measuring 2.5cm combines simplicity with spiritual depth. Designed for those seeking to express their faith in a subtle yet meaningful way, this necklace marries the natural beauty of maple wood with the rusticity of rope, creating a unique and inspiring accessory.

An everyday symbol of faith

This maple wood cross, with its discreet size, is perfect for everyday wear, reminding the wearer of the Christian values of faith, love and hope. Its simple yet elegant design makes it an ideal choice for all ages and occasions.

Artisan and natural

The natural finish of the maple wood highlights the beauty of divine creation, while the rope adds a touch of authenticity and connection with nature. It's an accessory that speaks to the soul as much as the eye.

This necklace is a constant reminder of God's presence in our daily lives and an elegant way to wear your faith close to your heart. A perfect gift for confirmations, baptisms or as a daily symbol of divine guidance.


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